15 Top Outfit Ideas on How to Wear Black Strappy Dress

As a fan of the strappy heels, I notice that the decorative straps can really make the outfit more elegant. So I thought, what if the straps are part of the dress instead of part of the shoes. Of course, there is actually such an item and it is the black strappy dress. When I spent time doing research to put together this list of some of the best black strappy dress, I found that there are so few pictures and discussions about the strappy dress. I spent some extra time to eventually finish this blog post and I hope that this is something good and, most importantly, useful to you.

Black Bodycon Midi Dress with Strappy Shoulders


Unlike the strappy shoes, a strappy dress can be designed even more creatively as there are a lot of options for where to put the decorative straps. To start off the list, I am going to give you a small surprise by showing you this more unique black bodycon midi dress that has the straps near the shoulder area. To style a dress that looks so eye catching in its own right, you can simply wear it with a pair of black heels and a black purse.

Asymmetric Shoulder Black Strappy Dress

asymmetric shoulder black strappy dress

This black dress is a really stylish bodycon dress. It takes advantage of a tricky strap design to form an asymmetric cutting that makes the section around the two shoulders look different. For the shoes, you can either wear plain black heels or strappy black heels.

Black Open Back Strappy Dress

black open back strappy dress

This is a sexy open-back black fit and flare dress. A open back cutting often comes in the form of a cross strap design as shown in the picture. That would look more elegant than an open-back design without any straps. This outfit also consists of a great choice for the shoes that matches the dress perfect. It is a pair of open toe strappy ankle boots.

Black Cutout Bodycon Knee Length Dress

black cutout bodycon knee length dress

Depends on how you view it, this dress can be called a strappy dress or a cutout dress. As long as it looks great, how you call it doesn’t matter that much. You can simply style this black bodycon dress by wearing it with black suede ankle strap heels and you should have a minimal yet amazing looking outfit.

Black Backless Strappy Skater Dress

black backless strappy skater dress

A black skater dress is usually a good choice for a cocktail party especially if you want to look younger and more energetic. This black backless strappy skater dress is not only cute, but really sexy too. The back is barely covered by some sparsely spaced straps to reveal your beautiful back. This is going to be a stunning outfit if you don’t mind showing some skin.

Black Open Back Strappy Bodycon Dress

black open back strappy bodycon dress

Compared to the dress in the previous outfit, this black open back bodycon dress has some wider straps to cover the back. This outfit is a more feminine and mature one.

Turtleneck Bodycon Dress with Strappy Sides

turtleneck bodycon dress strappy sides

When you put the turtleneck cutting and a bodycon dress together, that would have made a very unique and elegant looking dress already. This dress even took one step further by having a strappy cutout design for the sides of the dress under the underarm area. Instead of the typical choice of wearing black heels, pink heels are chosen to make this outfit even more eye catching.

Black Skater Dress with Extra Straps on the Shoulders

black skater dress extra straps on shoulders

Compared to some of the mentioned strappy dress, this black skater dress has a more low key strappy design. It simply has two extra decorative straps to go along with the two functional straps at the shoulders. With a refreshing and natural looking dress like this one, I would recommend you to wear it with black ballet heels and a subtle silver necklace to keep the look minimal and beautiful.

Black V Neck Strappy Skater Dress

black v neck strappy skater dress

This black strappy skater dress is very similar to the previous one but it has a cut little v neck design and the cutting is a little more loose fit to make the dress look more causal and breezy. This dress is best for wearing as a part of a casual street outfit. You can simply wear it with white sneakers and that should make you stand out from the crowd. You can also drape a denim jacket over your shoulders for a super chic casual look.

Black Deep V Neck Strappy Dress with Blazer

black deep v neck strappy dress blazer

When you dress in a sexy way, you can still power dress. As an example, wear a black deep v neck dress that has a strappy design at the v neck area. Drape a black blazer over the shoulders to express some power and aggressiveness. Complete the outfit with leggings and black strappy heels.

Cross Strap Low Back Black Shift Dress

cross strap low back black shift dress

This simple cross strap design at the back of the black shift dress is a good demonstration of “less is more”. It is basically a plain shift dress with a little twist. And this time, the little twist really takes the outfit to another level. Keep the outfit minimal by wearing black heels.

Deep V Neck Black Bodycon Dress with Choker

deep v neck black bodycon dress choker

I am not sure when the black dress with choker trend has started, but I really like how that looks. As a example of an outfit that consists of a black dress and a choker, this outfit consists of a deep v neck black strappy bodycon dress and a gold choker. As an alternative, a black choker is a good choice that usually look great with the majority of black dresses.

Black Strappy Maxi Chiffon Dress

black strappy maxi chiffon dress

For a elegant and breezy look, you can wear a black deep v neck maxi chiffon dress. This dress is also a sexy one that has a strappy backless design. Very creatively, wear gold heels to add a touch of elegance to the already stunning outfit.

Black Bodycon Dress with Butterfly-shaped Cutting

black bodycon dress butterfly shaped cutting

For an adorable look, this is just cute bodycon dress with a butterfly-shaped cutting in the front. Black ballet heels would be the perfect choice to complete this minimal outfit.

Cross Strap Deep V Neck Black Skater Dress

cross strap deep v neck black skater dress

For a low key sexy and young look, you can choose a black deep v neck skater dress that has a creative cross strap design at the collar. I would recommend you to wear black ankle strap open toe heels. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out out blog post on how to wear ankle strap heels.

Here are the black strappy dress outfit ideas that I have put quite a lot of effort into researching. I hope that the list would help you to get inspired to come up with your own beautiful outfit ideas. To be good at something, you can always start by imitating the best work from others. You just need to add a twist here and there to make it eventually turn into your own thing.