How To Wear Boat Shoes for Women: 14 Great Outfit Ideas

Some shoes just never go out of style. They are always available in stores. But what’s most important is that you can wear them all the time because they are super chic. Yes, I am talking about the boat shoes.

Boat shoes have been a part of the fashion scene since 1930. Both men and women can wear them. They look like loafers, but the main difference is that they appear a bit sportier.
Boat shoes are usually made of leather, but nowadays, they are also made of many other materials, such as suede, rubber and even satin.
They can go with any style and any staple. It is easy to wear them with jeans, leggings or chino pants. That way you will achieve a perfect casual style.

Let’s see, how you can style boat shoes, on different occasions.

With Leggings

boat shoes chunky sweater
If you need that perfect casual look that will make you feel comfy all the time, choose this beige sweater and pretty soft leggings. Pair them with your boat shoes made of leather.
Wear this outfit for everyday occasions – lunch with friends, or when you take your dog out for a walk.

Superstars love boat shoes!

boat shoes Keira
Boat shoes are favorite Keira Knightley’s shoe wear. You can see her wearing boat shoes, on many occasions. Wear them like Keira with the sleeveless button-down, and cut pants with the ribbon on the waist.
It is perfect outfit combination for riding a bike, for taking your coffee to go or for a casual park walk in the summer afternoon.

Boat Elegant Attire

boat shoes elegant
When you are heading to some boat, you should dress appropriately, even though it is not required. The elegant attire like this in the photo above can also be worn for some outdoor or cocktail party.
Pair your brown boat shoes with the navy-blue blazer, cable knit sweater and white pants. The sweater’s red color will make a statement and you will look stunning.

Print Shirt and White Pants

boat shoes print shirt
For another boat outfit look, this time you can choose the white jeans and print shirt combination. It looks elegant but still very casual for this occasion. Wear your brown leather boat shoes if you want to have a great dose of comfort.

Winter Staples

boat shoes green parka
One of the main don’ts about boat shoes that you can come across if you read online articles, is not to wear them in winter. But, we all know that rules are here to be broken.
Wear them on with the green parka, beige sweater, and dark jeans. This only applies if it is not wet outside. If that is the case, try not to wear boat shoes.

Grey Soft Knit

boat shoes grey knit
This outfit can be your workwear inspiration. It is very simple and classy. If you consider wearing this during the work hours, you should switch the jeans with some great chino or dress pants.
Round this outfit off with the blush pink bag and bright brown leather boat shoes.

High Waist Jeans and Two Colored Boat Shoes

boat shoes striped
This is a great way to style your dark high waist jeans. Give your outfit a little of Parisian chic look, by adding a striped shirt to this combination. Finish everything off with the two colored boat shoes and nice brown bag.

Sporty Elegance

boat shoes sporty elegance
This is a great example how to style your sports vest but still keep on looking chic and elegant. Ripped jeans paired with the striped shirt and beanie hat look awesome! It’s great outfit for a weekend getaway, or if you want to spend a day in forest, hiking.

Statement Boat Shoes

boat shoes red plaid
This is a perfect winter and cozy outfit combination. If you like plaid, you will adore this red button down shirt. For a simple yet chic look, combine your button down shirt with the navy-blue cardigan, beige pants, and red boat shoes. The shoes will make a statement, so you won’t need to put any jewelry.

Beach Style

boat shoes denim shorts
Pair your blue boat shoes with the simple white T-shirt and denim shorts. It can’t get any easier than that, right? It’s perfect if you want to spend your summer on the beach side, or just for a quick weekend. Boat shoes will keep you feeling comfortable, and the rest of the outfit will make you look very casual.

Simple yet Chic

boat shoes masculine
This is a masculine inspired look. You can wear your white oversized shirt with grey jeans and still not look boring at all. Pair that with the brown leather boat shoes and you get a killer combination.
It’s perfect outfit for every day: drink with friends or even evening cocktail party. Suggestion: for a more elegant look, just add a bit of jewelry.

Sailor Stripes

boat shoes striped straw hat
This is a pretty outfit combination that you can wear all the time, especially while you are at the seaside. It’s that perfect stripes-blue jeans combination. You know that those kinds of outfits are eternal. You can wear them with the boat shoes for the extra beach look. Round it off with the classy straw hat.

Black and White Combination

boat shoes striped sweater
Another beach outfit, that includes boat shoes. It looks very nice and super casual. This outfit consists of striped black and white long sweater, grey shorts and black boat shoes. Sure-enough this is a great outfit for days spent on the beach and your boat.

At Home, Chilling

boat shoes striped shirt pink
This look is a great option if you’ve decided to stay home and just chill with some good book or movie. Wear a striped white and soft pink tee, cut bell bottoms and pair that with the beige boat shoes.
All that is left is to enjoy in your outfit combination and rest in the comfort of your home.

The boat shoes styling tips

The main thing that you should know is that you can’t wear your boat shoes with socks. It looks awkward, so try to avoid that.
Some fashion gurus said that you shouldn’t wear your boat shoes with the dress pants. I can’t agree with that because we have seen that they look amazing paired with the chino or dress pants.

In the end, you are the one who makes your own outfits. I hope that you like these outfit ideas that I have shown you and that you will find a great inspo in them.