How to Wear Cargo Vest for Women: 15 Best Outfit Ideas

best cargo vest outfit ideas

The cargo vest is one of those interesting items that you can add your usual outfit and make it look very different in terms of the style. Unlike other kinds of vest, the cargo vest almost always make you look at least decent when put together with any casual outfit. It simply provides that extra tough touch to your look. Although the cargo vest is pretty easy to style, I still try to put together some of the best outfits that involves the cargo vest. They are really easy to pull off in general. Let’s go through them now and go ahead and try them for yourselves.

Cargo Vest Over Black and White Striped Tee

cargo vest black and white striped tee boots

A cargo vest matches perfectly with horizontal striped top such as this long sleeve black and white t shirt. For the bottom, you can wear black skinny jeans or leggings. Complete this comfortable looking outfit with leather ankle boots.

Wear with Striped T shirt Dress

horizontal striped t shirt dress cargo vest

As shown in the previous outfit idea, wear the cargo vest together with horizontal striped t shirt dress will works perfectly. I see this outfit as a perfect spring outfit as there are times when you just feel a little cold only wearing a t shirt. A cargo vest is function for those kinds of days in the spring.

Plaid Boyfriend Shirt with Cargo Vest

plaid boyfriend shirt cargo vest jeans

As a more unisex outfit idea, you can wear the cargo vest over a plaid boyfriend shirt. For the bottom, simply wear skinny jeans and nude flats.

Wear with Grey T Shirt and Black Skinny Jeans

grey t shirt black skinny jeans

Not only the cargo vest can give you the little bit of extra warmth, it can also give you the little bit of style, especially if you are wearing the overly common grey t shirt and skinny jeans outfit. The layering makes your outfit no longer look too sloppy.

White Tee, Black Pants & Knee High Boots

white t shirt knee high boots cargo vest

Here is another sample of how the cargo vest can turn your dull outfit into a stylish one. The white t shirt and black skinny pants combination does look good but a little too common. Having the cargo vest and the knee high boots really get this outfit to another level.

Wear with Blue Knee Length Dress

blue t shirt dress cargo vest

For an outfit with use of stronger color contrast. Try this one with the army green cargo vest over the blue knee length dress. For the shoes, wear black or grey ankle boots. Not only do the colors create a strong contrast, the toughness that comes with the dress and the feminine touch of the dress also create a very interesting, unique contrast.

Wear with Horizontal Striped Tee & White Sneakers

horizontal striped t shirt cargo vest white sneakers

Most of the striped-tee outfit ideas I have shown you involve ankle boots in an attempt to create a more stylish and beautiful look. I would like to show you that the cargo vest works flawlessly with white sneakers too as a casual outfit. This outfit is very easy to pull off regardless of your body type and the good news is that I bet most of you already have all the items needed for this outfit in your wardrobe already. So, go ahead and give it a try.

Wear with White Button Up Shirt & Cuffed Jeans

white button up shirt cuffed jeans cargo vest

For companies that has a startup-like spirit, this outfit is probably a good business casual outfit. Although I know that you can simply work t shirt and jeans to work in those types of company, dressing smarter is actually a good way to put yourself in the zone. Back to this outfit, you can simply wear a white button up shirt with cuffed jeans like many of you would normally do. Add that touch of style with the cargo vest to complete the outfit.

Wear Over Black and White Polka Dot Dress

cargo vest over black and white polka dot dress

This outfit combines the cuteness that comes with the black polka dot dress with the toughness that comes with the cargo vest in a very interesting, slightly contrasting way. I can see people that has a strong character can pull off this outfit with confidence.

Wear with Long Sleeve Form-fitting Grey Tee & Jeans

form fitting grey t shirt cargo vest

The key to looking sharp with this outfit is to make sure that the grey t shirt is form-fitting. That will make the layering of the cargo vest so much better and make the overall look much less bulky.

Wear over Black T Shirt Dress and Nude Heeled Sandals

t shirt dress nude heels cargo vest

The is such a minimal way to style the cargo vest yet the cutting and color combination of the pieces look just right. This outfit is probably my favorite one among the list. For the outfit, you simply wear a black t shirt dress with the army green cargo vest and nude heeled sandals.

Wear with T Shirt Dress and Felt Hat

t shirt dress felt hat vest outfit

For a creative and artistic look you can wear a black t shirt dress with a cargo vest and a felt hat. You may also want to check out my other blog post on how to wear felt hat.

Wear Over Denim Shirt

cargo pants over demin shirt

Denim shirt is such a popular item. So, I just want to mention this outfit idea of wearing a cargo vest over a denim shirt and let you know that these items match pretty decently.

Wear Over Black T Shirt and Striped Midi Skirt

black and white midi skirt cargo vest

This is a very different way to style a the stripe pattern from the previous ideas. Instead of having a striped top, the outfit consists of the horizontal striped midi skirt and the black top. This creative way to style the items make the look very refreshing and remarkable.

Cargo Vest Over Grey Vest Top & Denim Shorts

cargo vest denim shorts vest top

A cargo vest is usually a little long and it extends well below the waistline. Wearing it with a grey vest top and denim shorts create a very interesting layering effect.

I hope that you enjoy the list I have just shared with you regarding how to wear the cargo vest. Please check out our other blog posts for many more outfit ideas.