How to Wear Cashmere Wrap: Top 15 Outfit Ideas

best cashmere wrap outfit ideas

I love items that you can simply layer on top of any casual outfit and would likely turn it into a more beautiful one. These items include a long list such as the cardigan, the shrug, the scarf and a lot more. Today, I am going to specifically talk about another one of those magically item, namely the cashmere wrap. It may not sound that familiar to you but you can actually see them all the time. Let’s check out the following cashmere wrap outfit ideas to see if any of these outfits fits you.

Light Blue Cashmere Wrap with White Tee & Jeans


As mentioned earlier, a cashmere wrap is something that you can simply layer on top of whatever casual outfit you are wearing and expect a good result. For example, here is a very typical casual outfit that consists of a white t shirt, blue skinny jeans and a pair of pale pink leather ankle boots. Add a light blue cashmere wrap into the mix to make the outfit look beautiful and feminine.

Camel Cashmere Wrap with White button Up Shirt

camel cashmere wrap white button up shirt

Here is a slightly more formal outfit that you can actually wear to the office as a business casual outfit. To achieve this look, you can simply layer a camel cashmere wrap on top of a white button up shirt. Complete the outfit with dark blue skinny jeans and pale pink pointed toe heels.

Grey Cashmere Wrap with Navy Maxi Dress

grey cashmere wrap navy maxi dress

Not only that you can pair a cashmere wrap with jeans and pants, it can look really good with dresses too. For example, to achieve a refreshing and breezy look, you can pair a grey cashmere wrap with a navy maxi shift dress. Pair them with nude heeled sandals to look even more ladylike.

White Wrap with Black Pencil Skirt

white wrap black pencil skirt

For those of you who like to wear simple black and white outfit for work, here is one that has a little twist in it. You can achieve this look by wearing a white blouse, a black pencil skirt and pale pink pointed toe heels like you would normally do. Now, wear a white cashmere wrap that make this uninteresting outfit more interesting and unique.

Wear with Grey V Neck Sweater & Blue Skinny Jeans

grey v neck sweater blue skinny jeans

For a youthful and casual look, you can choose a white long cashmere wrap. Pair it with a grey fitted v neck sweater and blue skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with white sneakers or black and white high top converse to look refreshing and energetic.

Grey Cashmere Wrap with Buttons

grey cashmere wrap with buttons

This is a very beautiful grey cashmere wrap that comes with buttons to prevent it from slipping off your shoulders. The buttons are not only functional, they also provide that nifty little details that make the outfit more attractive. Simply pair the wrap with a white t shirt, black skinny jeans and black ballet heels to complete this super chic look.

Crepe Cashmere Fringe Wrap with White Blouse & Denim Shorts

crepe cashmere fringe wrap white blouse denim shorts

One way to make your legs look long and beautiful is to wear a longline cardigan with a pair of mini shorts. This time, the long cardigan is replaced with a crepe cashmere fringe wrap to achieve the same effect. Pair it with a white blouse and a pair of blue mini denim shorts. Wear nude sandals to complete the outfit in a refreshing way.

Wear Navy and Pale Pink Cashmere Wrap as Dress

navy and pale pink cashmere wrap as dress

This is a very interesting attempt to wear a navy and pink cashmere wrap as a mini dress. You can actually wear a black slip mini dress inside the wrap. Pair the wrap with a pair of brown thigh high suede boots to look feminine and elegant.

Grey Wrap with Black Top & Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

grey wrap black top dark blue skinny jeans

For a very low profile yet decent looking outfit, you can simply wear a black sweater with a grey cashmere wrap for the top. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and black leather ankle boots to add a stylish touch to the look.

Grey Wrap with White Shirt Dress

grey wrap white shirt dress

To achieve a lovely and girly look, you can wear this white long sleeve gathered waist shirt dress. Pair it with a grey cashmere wrap to look more feminine and fragile. Complete the outfit with a pair of black suede loafers and a white clutch purse.

Color Block Long Cashmere Wrap with Grey Turtleneck Sweater

color block long cashmere wrap grey turtleneck sweater

For those of you who love wearing the turtleneck sweater, here is nice way to style it. You can simply wear a grey turtleneck form fitting sweater with cropped blue skinny jeans. Layer a long color block cashmere wrap over these pieces. For the shoes, wear a pair of black suede ankle boots to add some extra style to the outfit.

Long Wrap with White Tee & Blue Skinny Jeans

long wrap white tee blue skinny jeans

Here is an excellent example of how a cashmere wrap can turn a very typical and uninteresting casual outfit into a beautiful and unique one. With the wrap, this is basically a casual outfit that consists of a white t shirt, blue skinny jeans and white sneakers. With a long white cashmere wrap, the outfit looks beautiful and refreshing.

Cashmere Wrap with Grey Jogger Pants

cashmere wrap grey jogger pants

This is a very interesting attempt that tries to put together a pair of grey jogger pants with a grey cashmere wrap. This outfit may not look as beautiful as other outfits in this list, but this is certainly playful and creative. You can simply pair these pieces with a white t shirt and white sneakers to complete the outfit.

White Cashmere Wrap with Polo Shirt & Jeans

white cashmere wrap polo shirt jeans

Here is a slight variation to the casual and refreshing white tee and blue jeans combination. This time, the white cashmere wrap is paired with a white polo shirt instead. Wear white sneakers to complete the youthful and refreshing outfit.

Grey Cashmere Wrap with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans & Heels

grey cashmere wrap dark blue skinny jeans heels

For a beautiful yet low profile look, you can wear a dark grey cashmere wrap with a light grey t shirt for the top. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and burgundy suede heels to add a feminine touch to the look.

I hope you like the cashmere wrap outfit ideas I have just shared with you above. If you like this type of blog posts, you may also want to check out other similar ones you can find it this website. Have fun styling.