How to Wear Cigarette Jeans: 13 Best Outfit Ideas

best cigarette jeans outfit ideas

It caught me by surprise when I saw the term “cigarette jeans” in a local store near me. This catchy term definitely grabbed my attention. Then when I take a closer look, I see the subtle difference between the cigarette jeans and the skinny jeans. The cigarette jeans are basically skinny jeans without the tapered leg cutting. So, they have skinny fit cutting all the way down to the knee area and then it has the straight leg cutting below. Even though the difference sounds subtle, you can actually see the difference. To explore deeper into this interesting topic, I have collected some of the best cigarette jeans outfit ideas and I am going to show you right now.

Black Bomber Jacket with Blue Cigarette Jeans

black bomber jacket blue cigarette jeans

To start off the interesting list, I am going to show you this casual and stylish street outfit. For the top, wear a green sweatshirt with a black bomber jacket. Pair them with a pair of blue cigarette jeans and a pair of black and white classic converse to complete the stylish look.

High Rise Washed Cigarette Jeans

high rise washed cigarette jeans

As you can see from this outfit, the cigarette jeans look very much like something inbetween the skinny jeans and the straight leg jeans. You can easily build a simple and clean outfit around the cigarette jeans. For example, wear them with a white t shirt and a black ballet flats to look casual and simple.

Wear with Off The Shoulder Striped Crop Top

off shoulder striped crop top

This pair of light blue high rise cigarette jeans looks very much like a pair of mom jeans, but it slightly less chunky. You can build a chic and low-key sexy look around it by wearing an white and grey striped off the shoulder crop top. Pair the outfit with white sneakers to keep the look casual and lean.

Light Blue Washed High Waisted Cigarette Jeans

light blue washed high waisted cigarette jeans

The cigarette jeans often comes in the form of cropped jeans. It does look pretty unique. For example, here is a pair of light blue high rise cigarette jeans. Pair it with a black t shirt and white sneakers to achieve a simple and stylish look.

Black Print Tee with Ripped Blue Jeans

black print tee ripped blue jeans

Here is another stylish pair of cropped cigarette jeans. This time, it is a heavily ripped version. To build a stylish street outfit around the jeans, wear a black and gold printed t shirt with a pair of low top classic black and white converse.

Embroidered Cigarette Jeans with Leather Ankle Boots

embroidered cigarette jeans leather ankle boots

The cigarette jeans already look very nice and unique with its cutting alone. Now, if you want make them look even more unique and beautiful, you can pick this embroidered and cropped cigarette jeans. Pair the jeans with grey t shirt and a pair of black leather ankle boots to look stylish.

Dark Blue Jeans with Black Outfit

dark blue jeans black outfit

Like with other types of jeans, a nice way to dress in a cool and dark way is to pair jeans with other black pieces. As an example, you can wear this dark blue jeans and pair it with a black t shirt and black leather ankles boots.

Cigarette Jeans with Tee & Heeled Sandals

cigarette jeans tee heeled sandals

Not only sneaker or boots can look good with the cigarette jeans, sandals or heeled sandals work can work equally well. For example, you can wear dark blue high rise cigarette jeans with camel heeled sandals. For the top, wear a white t shirt to keep the outfit minimal.

Wear with Blush Pink Hoodie

blush pink hoodie outfit

Just like skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans, cigarette jeans look wonderful with hoodies. For example, here a blush pink hoodie that is paired with ripped blue cigarette jeans. Pair the with white sneakers to form a casual and sporty look. This is the type of outfit that you would wear for casual hangouts.

White Tee with High Waisted Cigarette Jeans

white tee high waisted cigarette jeans

If you like to dress as a minimalist, you can simply pair a white t shirt with a pair of dark blue high rise cigarette jeans. Pair the cropped jeans with black leather ankle boots to make your legs look longer.

Green Tee with Light Blue High Waisted Cigarette Jeans

green tee light blue high waisted cigarette jeans

I have always been a huge fan of low-top converse outfit as I just love that casual feel they bring to the table. Here a classic and timeless outfit that involves the black and white low top converse. Wear a green overized t shirt and tuck it in a pair of light blue high rise cigarette jeans. Pair them with the low-top converse the achieve this simple yet stylish look.

White Vest Top with Cigarette Jeans

white vest top with cigarette jeans

Here is a super chic summer or spring outfit. To achieve this look, wear a white chiffon deep v neck vest top with ripped skinny jeans.

Wear with Pink Printed Button Up Blouse

pink printed button up blouse

For a more playful and colorful look, you can wear a pink printed button up blouse to go along with your black cigarette jeans. Wear black ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the overall look. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to take a look at our blog post on how to style the black ankle strap heels.

Blush Pink Cigarette Jeans with Green Sweater

blush pink cigarette jeans green sweater

If you think the previous outfit is colorful, this particular is on another level in terms of the contrasting colors involved. To complete this outfit, wear a olive green ribbed knit sweater for the top. Pair it with blush pink cigarette jeans and that would already been a really eye catching outfit. Now, instead of wear a pair of low profile pale pink heels or black heels, wear a pair of hot red pointed toe ankle heeled boots to grab everyone’s attention.

Hopefully, you would find the above mentioned cigarette jeans outfit ideas interesting. Just wondering, is it the first time for you to hear the term “cigarette jeans”. If so, congratulations, that means that by reading this blog post, you are learning something new and that is a key for keeping yourself happy.