12 Amazing Ways To Wear Coral Prom Dress

coral prom dress casual

Before the wedding, prom is one of the most important days in one girl’s life. She wants to show off, and that is why she has a big assignment to do, and that is picking the prom dress. For some, this can be tough, hard choice. But other girls ho knows what they want, picking the prom dress is a piece of cake. What about you? If you are in this first group, let me tell you something. Don’t worry, because I have prepared some lovely outfit ideas on how to style coral prom dress.

Coral is amazing and very youthful looking color. Bright colors should be your choice. They make a statement, and you will for sure be unique. That is why today we will see how to style different coral prom dresses. Scroll down for more. I hope that you will find something that you like and recreate it.

Cutouts in Sequins

coral prom dress cutout bodice
Tulle or chiffon is a flattering and very girly material. If you plan to choose it for your dress, I am with you, girl! Before that, take a look at this bodice.
The dress is pretty and not so glamorous. However, the bodice sings a song. It is made of sequins and has side cutouts. You won’t need any jewelry because this bodice will definitely make you a queen of the night.

White Floral Appliques

coral prom dress floral appliques
If you are into something even more interesting, let me show you this lovely coral prom dress. It is long and made of same tulle material. However, there is a detail that will make you stand out from the crowd.
The strapless bodice has white floral appliques that cascade down to the lower part of the dress. With sparkly silver waistband, this dress looks flattering and very sophisticated. You can add a sparkly necklace or bracelet to complete the look.

Strapless Embellished Coral Prom Dress

coral prom dress embellished hem
Corset dresses might not be for everyone. They are specific; there is a lot of skin showing. But, one thing is clear though. They are very glamorous and sophisticated.
This dress has embellished corset hem, which looks very nice. It is also crisscrossed and makes one big ruffle that cascades. When choosing jewelry, make sure to be sparkly and silver. My suggestion is to go with bracelet or earrings.

Embroidered Short Coral Dress

coral prom dress embroidered
If you are more into something short, here is a fantastic dress for you. It is classy, elegant and very flattering. The dress is knee high with delicate ruffle hem. However, the bodice looks exciting and bit sexy. It is embroidered with pearls and looks very beautiful. You can opt for gold jewelry like this, or silver one, which I think will be better.

Two Piece Dress

coral prom dress two pieced
In the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of these kinds of dresses. They are practically made of two pieces. The bodice is always the more interesting part, while the lower part of the dress is left low-key.
The bodice is sequined, with red and silver sparkles. This dress will make you stand out from the crowd. It seems very attractive and sophisticated, while on the other side it appears very modern.

Beaded Halter Dress

coral prom dress halter
While the lower part of this dress looks pretty usual and classic, the bodice is here on point. It is beaded v-neck bodice that looks fantastic.
If you like these kinds of dresses, you should definitely go for this. The coral shade is flattering, while the beaded halter neckline looks very interesting. Add some interesting earrings or bracelet. It is perfect for your prom night!

Off the One Shoulder Dress

coral prom dress one shoulder
It is a short dress again, and again an interesting model for you. It has the one shoulder neckline. However, it is not simple and casual. On the contrary. The strap is made of sequins, while the bodice is crisscrossed. It has delicate ruffles on the hem and sparkly belt.
You should opt for strappy high heels or classy pointy-toe nude heels.

Glamorous Long Dress

coral prom dress lace bodice
Combination of lace and satin always make a perfect mix. You get a charming and romantic look at the same time. Isn’t that amazing?
The coral prom dress is made of satin. However, the bodice is made of delicate soft lace. It also has a high neckline. The waistband is sparkly and flattering. The lower part of the dress has delicate plaids. Combine it with some sparkly earrings and finish everything off with nude sandals or pointy-toe high heels.

Cool Two Piece Dress

coral prom dress geometric
If you are not into something glamorous and sophisticated like these previous dresses that I have shown to you, don’t worry.
This modern two-piece dress is made of this lovely coral-orange shade. The halter neckline crop top is embroidered with many different colors and motifs. They are geometric, lines, triangles that will make you unique and very beautiful.

V-Neck Coral Prom Dress

coral prom dress casual
Some girls look at prom night like some celebration, where they need to show off. The others look at that like some typical night out. With that on the mind, they dress elegantly, but not over-the-line.
This short coral prom dress looks flattering and flowy. It is made of fine tulle while the bodice is crisscrossed with lace. The thin belt gives this look a retro vibe. You can add little necklace or earrings.

Flowy and Sparkly

coral prom dress short
Some of the dresses are short, but even though they are equally attractive as long and glamorous ones. This one is an excellent example of how you can be unique and sparkly in short flowy dress.
The upper part of the dress has sequins and beads. It looks lovely. The rest of the dress is let classy.

Asymmetric Coral Dress

coral prom dress asymmetric
I am a huge fan of asymmetric dresses, skirts, and blouses. I hope you are too, because this dress might be your new favorite.
It has the shorter front part and long back tulle ruffle. It is strapless and in the bright coral shade. Opt for some nude sandals, put on sparkly jewelry to make this outfit even more interesting and you are ready to go!

I hope you liked this style guide! Make sure to read all others that we have prepared.