How to Wear Denim Romper: 15 Amazing Outfit Ideas

A romper is a lovely looking item that is quite easy to wear because it is usually loosely fit yet it is subtly gathered at the waist for a slim fit effect. For this blog post, I will particularly talk about the denim romper. It is very natural looking and you simple have to wear it as part of a minimal outfit to look good. To explore different possibilities with you, I have gathered a list of some of the best denim romper outfit ideas and I am going to share with you right now.

Long Sleeve Denim Romper with Open Toe Platform Heels


To start off the list, I am going to talk about a very typical long sleeve denim romper. For a romper that has such beautiful details, you really don’t have to do much with it. Simply wear the denim romper with a pair of brown open toe platform heels. This stylish outfit can very easily make you stand out from the rest.

Off The Shoulder Unwashed Denim Romper

off the shoulder unwashed denim romper heeled sandals

This outfit is a feminine and low key sexy one. Wear the off the shoulder unwashed denim romper with nude strappy heeled sandals. Wear a white purse to add an extra touch of elegance to the outfit.

Sleeveless Open Back Denim Romper

sleeveless open back denim romper white sneakers

If you don’t mind showing some skin, this open back denim romper can make a pretty refreshing and sexy summer outfit. You can simply wear this romper with either white sneakers for a really casual look for black strappy sandals for a more chic look.

Wear with White Blazer & Pale Pink Ballet Heels

denim romper white blazer nude ballet heels

This outfit is a pretty unique and creative business casual outfit. For some workplace, that may be an underdressed outfit, but this should be professional looking enough as a business casual outfit for most workplace. To achieve this look, wear a long sleeve button up denim romper. Layer a white blazer over it. Then pair these pieces with pale pink ballet heels and a pink purse.

Off The Shoulder Romper with Open Toe Heels

off shoulder romper brown open toe heels

This is an off-shoulder, unwashed, tie-waist romper. Again, it is such a beautiful romper with so many details that you just need to keep the outfit minimal to look good. As an example, pair the romper with a pair of brown open toe heels and a classy brown purse to complete this breezy and chic look.

Button Up Denim Romper with Pale Pink Heels

button up denim romper pink heels

This romper is a heavily washed, button up, elastic tie-waist denim romper. You can wear this unique looking romper with pale pink heels and a white purse. This casual and comfortable looking outfit is perfect for casual hangouts.

Wear with Gladiator Sandals & Black Felt Hat

denim romper gladiator sandals black felt hat

This outfit is a unique one that has an intense artistic feel. If you have that kind of character in you, you should be able pull off this outfit. Simply wear the sleeveless denim romper with a pair of black gladiator sandals and a black felt hat. If you want to see more outfit ideas on how to wear a similar hat, you may want to check out our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Wide Leg Denim Romper with Ankle Boots

wide leg denim romper ankle boots

A wide leg denim romper can make you look like you are wearing a skirt. The look is pretty causal and lovely indeed. Simple wear the denim romper with brown leather ankle boots to achieve this look that is going to make you stand out from the crowd in the summer while everyone else is wearing a t shirt and denim shorts.

Romper with Cheetah Flats

denim romper cheetah flats

This denim romper is very similar to those that I have already mentioned. I really want to put this outfit here on the list because I want to show you how cheetah flats can match the denim romper pretty well. In fact, I want to make a point that although cheetah items are generally hard to style, cheetah flats are some small and subtle that they can be blend in with a lot of outfits. For more, you may want to take a look at our blog post on cheetah flats outfit ideas.

Wear with Black & White Striped Maxi Cardigan

denim romper black and white striped long cardigan

This is such a beautiful breezy outfit. It consists of the tie waist denim romper, the maxi black and white striped cardigan and white sneakers. I just love the way these three simple pieces work together to create such an amazing look. The long cardigan and romper combination simply make the legs look more attractive. This outfit is definitely my favorite one among the list.

Strapless Denim Romper with White Open Toe Heels

strapless denim romper open toe heels

This strapless unwashed denim romper looks really stylish and sexy. It can be wore as a surprise outfit for a cocktail party. To style it, simply wear it with white open toe heels and a statement necklace.

Wear Romper Over Black and White Half Sleeve Striped T Shirt

romper half sleeve striped t shirt

For a girl-next-door casual look, you are play around with layers by wearing a denim romper over a half sleeve, black and white striped t shirt. Roll the sleeves of the romper to allow the t shirt’s sleeves to peek out to create the cool layered look.

Zip Front White Denim Romper

zip front white denim romper

All the denim rompers I have mentioned so far are blue denim rompers. I didn’t even have to mention that it is blue since it is the assumed default color for denim. For this outfit, let’s talk about a slightly less popular color in the world of denim. Let’s talk about a white denim romper. This one is a white zip front denim romper. You can simply pair it with white sneakers to create a beautiful all-white outfit.

Lace Up White Denim Belted Romper

lace up white denim belted romper

This white romper is another unique looking one with a tie-chest design. It also has a attached ribbon to be used as a belt.

Grey Denim Romper with White Sneakers

grey denim romper white sneakers

Other than blue and white, grey is another color that works pretty well for a romper. You can achieve a stylish and casual look by wearing the grey denim romper with white sneakers.

Here are the denim romper outfit ideas that I wanted to share with you. Make sure you go ahead and try some those outfits if you are interested. You will miss your chance to get out of your comfort zone if you give yourself too much time to think.