How to Wear Embroidered Jacket and be Chic All The Time

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If you are heading out to buy a new jacket for the coming colder days, there is definitely something you should know. The embroidery is a must have on your garments, if you want to follow all the latest fashion trends.

It is on you to choose what kind of pattern you are going to wear. Whether you pick flowers or maybe you find ethno embroidery more appealing on your garments, know that you are not making a mistake. The same goes if you are buying embroidery jacket for the fall or winter days.

You should definitely play with textures and patterns because the more there are, the more beautiful they are!
I will show you the ways that will make it easy for you to stylize the embroidered jacket, teach you how to combine the patterns, and the materials.
I’ve divided the patterns into two parts, flowers and ethno. They are the most seen on the streets and runway shows.

I hope you will find something interesting for yourself. Let’s start with the flowers.

Flowers embroidery

White Jacket

white jacket embroidered
A lot of patterns in one outfit, right? But let’s be honest, it looks amazing!
Striped pants and shirt combined with the embroidered jacket in white color will make all the people look at you. This combination is nothing but very chic, elegant and eccentric.
But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. On the contrary, you will look great by mixing a lot of patterns.

Leather Jacket

leather jacket embroidered
The perfect leather jacket is one that comes in black, and the one that is following the line of your body. But, maybe you didn’t think about how awesome it can look with the embroidery on it.
This outfit can be perfect for everyday activities like coffee, brunch or even for the night out in some fancy restaurant or a club.
Pair it with jeans and nice nude high heel sandals.

Green Parka Jacket

green parka embroidered
If you ask me, this piece of garment is one of the basic things you should have in your wardrobe.
Especially when it comes to embroidered parka jackets, which I adore, and even own one myself.
It goes perfectly with jeans, skirts, or black pants. You can also mix it up by wearing high heels, like in the photo above.
The more embroidery there is the better the results will be!

Denim Jacket

denim jacket embroidered
If you decide to do the double-denim look, then the embroidery is definitely the thing you should try out. It will highlight the colors and there will be no need for putting on too much jewelry.
A denim jacket is always a good idea, and with the flower pattern on it, you can wear it day or night. It also goes with pretty much everything that you decide to wear!

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket embroidered
Bomber jacket is a satin-made garment. It is quite elegant, yet it also comes with a sporty design. These two things make it so interesting and challenging to mix and wear.
When it has eye-catching embroidery on it, you won’t need to add anything more to attract people’s attention to your outfit. This outfit consists of a bomber jacket, simple pair of skinny jeans and classic white Chuck Taylors. Pretty cool, and chic.

Ethno embroidery

Leather Jacket

leather jacket ethno
With this kind of embroidery, you will have all eyes on you!
Whenever you go, you will make a fabulous impression, because there are a lot of eye-catching and captivating colors as part of the embroidery.
You will look chic, but mostly just very, very cool! Pair it with simple black jeans.

Long Jacket

long jacket ethno
When the fashion girls say yes, then something is immediately becoming the trend of the season.
In a great number of urban photos, you can see the embroidered jackets, and I choose one of them.
It has a very rich and elegant looking embroidery, so it can easily be worn on some dress or high waist pants.
If you will rather wear it for everyday occasions, go ahead and pair it with a good pair of jeans and boots.

Denim Jacket

denim jacket ethno
If you want to bring out your inner hippie, you should definitely try this denim embroidered jacket. It gives to the rest of your outfit the real boho-hippie look. You can feel casual in this combination.
Imagine wearing this at some beach, listening to the sound of the ocean and the metal details from the back of your jacket. I believe I would enjoy that.

Green Parka Jacket

green parka ethno
This is one awesome parka jacket. The ethno embroidered details go perfectly with the color and the cut of this jacket.
If you are thinking that maybe it’s too much, don’t be afraid and try it out. I guarantee that you won’t make a mistake by choosing this kind of embroidery.

Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket ethno
When it comes to the bomber jackets, you will usually see the bombers with the flowers embroidery. But I found this one and I am going to put it in this category.
It is not over-the line with the embroidery, so you can mix it up with few more details if you want.
The burgundy color is very popular for sometime now, so don’t hesitate but go out and buy it!

As you can see, the embroidered trend has brought thousands of options that you can combine. The choice is completely up to you. Is it going to be flowers embroidery on a parka jacket? Are you planning to choose ethno embroidery on a leather jacket? It is a hard choice, right?

Whatever you choose, it won’t be bad anyway. You just need to incorporate the embroidered jacket into the garments you already have, and soon enough you will be able to combine truly breathtaking outfits.