How to Wear Embroidered Jeans like a Pro: Outfit Ideas

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Whether you are into flowers, fauna or just abstract ornaments on your clothes, you have to try out the embroidery trend. And I can guarantee you one thing – you will love it.

As a trend, Embroidery has appeared last year and all the influencers from the fashion world lost their mind about it. It appeared everywhere – on jackets, jeans, shoes and even on the bags. While its popularity peaked last year it also remained as popular this fashion season. You just need to take a look at the street style photos and everything will be clear to you.

In this post, I will try to show you the best ways on how to style the embroidered jeans like a pro! You will see, it is very easy to do that and it can look casual as much as elegant.

Embroidered Jeans and Beige Blazer

embroidered jeans blazer beige
This is a perfect way to style your embroidered jeans to look casual. Team it up with the beige blazer and the shirt in the same color, and you can’t make it wrong. This is a great floral embroidery that you can wear every day.

Embroidered Jeans and Mustard Yellow Sweater

embroidered jeans mustard yellow sweater
It is just great looking when you pair your embroidery with the other staples that you are wearing. In the photo above, you can see the embroidered flowers and sweater in the same shade and it is just amazing.
Wear this outfit with the mules in the same color as the sweater.

Embroidered Jeans and Grey Coat

embroidered jeans grey coat
Whether you are into floral or orient embroidery on your jeans, one thing is sure: you can’t be wrong in choosing either one of these two! Wear your embroidery jeans with the long grey coat and pink Superstar sneakers. You can also choose the second combination which includes pairing your jeans with super modern mules.

Embroidery Jeans and Black Short Jacket

embroidered jeans black jacket
The easiest way to pair your embroidered jeans with the rest of the pieces that you already have is if you pair it with the black staples. It’s one of those “safe bet” outfit combos. Try these jeans with the cut hem, because they are a huge trend of the fall season!

Embroidery Jeans and White Ruffle Sweater

embroidered jeans white ruffle sweater
Embroidery is equally beautiful when it is bright and small and when the flowers and ornaments are big. In the photo above you can see the small and pretty yellow and orange floral embroidery paired with the white sweater. The ruffles on the sleeves are a great and romantic detail.

Embroidered Jeans and Faux Fur Coat

embroidered jeans fur coat
A great way to style your ornament embroidered jeans is with the warm faux fur coat. It looks very modern and chic. The coat will give you all the coziness that you need and the jeans will give your outfit that rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

Embroidered Jeans and Ornament Hem

embroidered jeans hem
If you ask me what jeans you should wear in the summer (if you must), I would show you this photo above. The cut hem of the jeans is embroidered with the ethno ornaments. They look amazing: bohemian and chic at the same time! Wear it with the platform sandals.

Embroidered Jeans and Tulle Hem

embroidered jeans tulle hem
This is another fantastic way to style your jeans hem. It can be easily done at home, so if you are into DIY, try to make your own unique embroidered jeans.

Embroidered Jeans and Camisole Shirt

embroidered jeans camisole shirt
It’s great outfit combination for summer. Flattering camisole shirt in the blush pink color and jeans with embroidered flowers are making a perfect combo. It is perfect for summer days and going out. Wear it with the high heels or flat sandals.

Embroidered Jeans and Black Turtleneck

embroidered jeans black turtleneck
This is a very classic and chic combination. You can see in the photo above that wearing embroidery doesn’t mean that your outfit can’t look elegant. The black mules are a perfect detail that is giving the outfit a cool and modern vibe. The fedora hat is great for rounding off the whole look.

Embroidered Jeans and Soft Pink Sweater

embroidered jeans pink sweater
The blush pink sweater is a great choice to combine with the embroidered jeans. It is a perfect everyday outfit for coffee or drinks with your friends or just casual city stroll. Add mules with fur for a super modern look.

Embroidered Jeans and Striped Shirt

embroidered jeans striped shirt
If you are a fan of jeans (like me) then you are probably wearing it even when you are at home, just chilling. Striped shirt looks very casual and comfortable and jeans have very nice and delicate embroidered flowers.

White Embroidered Jeans and Denim Jacket

embroidered jeans white
Did you think I have forgotten about white jeans? Well, here it is. The perfect pair of the white embroidered jeans, mixed up with the dark denim shirt with a double denim effect.
It is perfect for everyday wear, with high heels or flats.

Embroidered Jeans and Black Blazer

embroidered jeans black
The embroidery on the jeans makes this casual outfit to look elegant. The blazer and lace-up high heels are taking this outfit to another level of chicness.
It is perfect work-wear outfit idea.

Embroidered Jeans and Two Colored Shoes

embroidered jeans shoes
The pair of embroidered mid denim is looking amazing and chic in the combination with the two-colored kitten heels. Wear it with the classic male-looking tee, for a super casual look.

Embroidered Jeans and Ruffle Shirt

embroidered jeans red roses
This is a perfect night out outfit. It consists of the belt, embroidered jeans, and the ruffled off-the-one shoulder shirt. It is very summerish and comfortable to wear. Pair it with your favorite black high heel sandals. The red rose’s embroidery makes this outfit elegant and very chic looking.

Embroidered Jeans and Navy-Blue Sweater

embroidered jeans blue stars
This post is not only about flowers embroidery. You can also choose your embroidery to be in form of prints or other abstract ornaments. In the photo above, you can see the stars motifs that look very interesting paired with the sweater in beautiful navy blue color.

These were some of the great outfits that you can recreate. As you can see, the key is to be creative and to try to do something by yourself. Don’t be afraid, embroidery can’t make an outfit to look silly. On the contrary, the embroidery makes outfits to appear more modern and chic while giving them a pinch of a traditional vibe at the same time.