15 Best Tips on How to Wear Flare Sleeve Top

best flare sleeve top outfit ideas

Flare sleeve tops, also known as bell sleeve blouse is something that can help you overcome your boredom of wearing t shirts and button up shirts all the time. As soon as you wear a flare sleeve top, you will instantly add a touch of boho style and feminine feel. It looks best when it is part of a minimal outfit. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to style bell sleeve tops with you.

White Flare Sleeve Blouse with Denim Shorts & Grey Ankle Boots


For a beautiful and refreshing summer look, you can wear a white flare sleeve blouse with denim shorts and grey ankle boots. Compared to a summer outfit of white t shirt and denim shorts, this is a lot more elegant and ladylike.

Bell Sleeve White Top with Ripped Skinny Jeans

bell sleeve white top ripped skinny jeans

Bell sleeve top looks good too when put together with skinny jeans. As a spring or fall outfit, you can simply wear a boho white top with ripped skinny jeans and pale pink flats.

White Bell Sleeve Blouse with Flare Jeans

white bell sleeve blouse flare jeans outfit

This outfit does not exactly align with the current fashion trend, but there are people who have the confidence and charisma that can pull off a beautiful outfit without worrying about what the current trend is. The outfit consists of a white belle sleeve blouse and flare jeans. This is indeed a very iconic outfit idea. It’s just that you need to have to confidence to pull it off in a world which skinny jeans is the poster boy.

Black and White Striped Off The Shoulder Blouse

striped off shoulder top bell sleeve outfit

If you want something a little less plain than a solid white top, you can try this black and white striped, off the shoulder white blouse. You can wear it with leggings and open-toe heels. By the way, if you are interested in knowing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, please check out our blog post on open toe boots outfit ideas.

Tiffany Blue Flare Sleeve Blouse with White Skinny Jeans

tiffany blue flare sleeve blouse white jeans

If you are looking for a top with beautiful color that can make you look feminine and elegant, this outfit idea is for you. Choose a tiffany blue flare sleeve blouse and pair it with white skinny jeans and pale pink heels.

White Bell Sleeve Top with Suede Skirt

white bell sleeve top suede skirt

I like this particular outfit idea so much because it is a rare example of how to style a suede skirt. You just don’t see a skirt like this very often and the way it is put together with the rest of the outfit is amazingly beautiful. For this outfit, you can were a white bell sleeve top with a grey suede skirt. Wear leather ankle boots to complete this chic outfit.

White Blouse with Leather Leggings & Open-toe Shoes

white bell sleeve top leather leggings

Having seen a few outfit ideas that are ladylike. Here is one that looks darker and cooler. Pair the white blouse with leather leggings and open-toe-shoes.

White Top with Denim Skirt & Strappy Heels

white top denim skirt strappy heels

For a youthful yet elegant summer look, you can pair a bell sleeve white top with a ripped denim skirt and white strappy shoes.

Off The Shoulder White Top with Jeans & Red Heels

off shoulder white top jeans red heels

This is not the first outfit idea among this list that uses an off-the-shoulder white top, yet this is the sexist looking one mainly due to the clever use of colors. To achieve this sexy look, you can pair the off-shoulder bell sleeve top with cropped mom jeans and red heels. The red and white in the outfit is a color combination that creates the feminine and sexy feel.

White Bell Sleeve Top with Black Felt Hat

white bell sleeve top black felt hat

Since a flare sleeve top just has some unique and artistic feel in it, it is very logical to wear it as a part of an artistic outfit. One of the most popular item that has a touch of artistic feel is the felt hat. You can try wear the white top with a felt hat, black skinny jeans and heeled sandals. You should be able to achieve an artistic and elegant look.

Bell Sleeve White Top with High Waisted Printed Shorts

bell sleeve white blouse printed shorts

Wear a bell sleeve white top with high waisted shorts and skirt can make you look much taller by visually moving up your waistline. As an example, this outfit consists of a flare sleeve white blouse, a floral high waisted skirt and nude strappy shoes.

Black Slip Dress Over Striped Bell Sleeve Top

black slip dress over striped bell sleeve top

You can also play a little bit of layering tricks for a stylish and beautiful look. Layer a black midi slip dress over a flare sleeve striped t shirt. Complete the outfit with ankle boots.

Off The Shoulder Check-pattern Top with Black Skort

off shoulder checked bell sleeve top

This off-shoulder top is a very interest check pattern blouse that has multiple layers of bell sleeves. You can pair with a black skort and nude heeled sandals for a lovely and low key sexy look.

Black Flare Sleeve Blouse with Denim Shorts

black flare sleeve blouse

One of the simplest way to wear a a black flare sleeve blouse is to wear with washed denim shorts. You can complete the outfit with ballet flats. For outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to check our our blog post on ballet flats.

Oversized Bell Sleeve Top with Scalloped Hem Mini Skirt

oversized bell sleeve top scalloped hem skirt

Here is another display of beautiful color combination. Wear a slightly oversized bell sleeve blouse with a tiffany blue scalloped hem mini shirt. Complete the outfit with really intense contract with the red open-toe heels.

I hope you enjoy the list of some of my favorite ways to style the flare sleeve top the I have put together. I highly recommend you to try these ideas as the blouses are pretty easy to pull off, yet they open up a new and creative dimension of your outfit ideas. If you like this blog post, make sure that you also check out our thousands of outfit ideas that you can find in the website.