How to Wear Gold Platform Heels: Style Guide

best gold platform heels outfits

Wearing gold shoes used to be something that you only do for proms or cocktail parties. However, over the years, the fashion world and the styling techniques have just evolves so much to a point that people can easily integrate gold shoes into their everyday outfit. For this blog post, I am going to particularly talk about the gold platform heels. For those of you who are not familiar with wearing shoes that shiny, I have put together some beautiful and interesting gold platform heels outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out now.

Black Dress Pants with Gold Platform Open Toe Heels


Since a big part of styling the gold platform heels is to choose the right pants or right dress to pair it with, the first half of this piece of writing will focus on the bottom part of the outfit only. For those of you who want to see the full outfit, feel free to skip to the second half of this blog post. Anyway, back to this outfit idea, a simply way to style the gold platform open toe heels is to wear the with black dress pants. That works perfectly for both work outfits and formal outfits.

White Skinny Jeans with Gold Rose Platform Heels

white skinny jeans gold rose platform heels

I know so many people who resist wearing shiny bright gold shoes, dresses, anything. Now, with the color of rose gold getting more and more popular over the years, these people may start to try these rose gold items. To style the gold rose platform heels, the white skinny jeans would be a great choice for creating a chic casual outfit.

Ripped Flared Jeans with Gold Platform Heels

ripped flared jeans gold platform heels

There is a trick I found when it comes to wearing something so unique like the bright gold platform heels. The trick is to pair unique with unique. For example, pair the gold platform heels with ripped flared jeans, which is something you don’t see as often as skinny jeans, would often create a surprising result.

Dress Pants & Black Platform Heels with Gold Studs

dress pants black platform heels with gold studs

For those of you who like creative designs, instead of wear a pair of plain gold heels, you may want to consider wearing black platform heels with gold studs. Pair them with black dress pants to create a stylish outfit.

Black Chiffon Midi Dress with Gold Heels

black chiffon midi dress gold heels

For a elegant and classy look that can make you look great in a prom or a cocktail party, pair gold ankle strap open toe platform heels with a black chiffon midi dress. For top, there is a lot of good choices, with the black off the shoulder top being a good and low-key choice.

Wedding Dress with Gold Ankle Strap Platform Heels

wedding dress gold ankle strap platform heels

If you think that the shoes that you wear with a wedding dress doesn’t really matter because the shoes are covered all the time, there is just not correct. People can actually see what shoes you are wearing when you walk. A pair of silver ankle strap open toe heels would be a beautiful and safe choice. Alternatively, the gold ankle strap platform heels can be even more eye catching.

White Platform Heels with Gold Ankle Strap

white platform heels gold ankle strap

For those of you still avoid wearing something too shiny, you may want to start with a pair of white platform heels with some nifty gold details like the gold ankle straps. To pair with the elegant white and gold heels, a white lace dress would be a perfect choice.

Gold Gladiator Platform Heeled Sandals

gold gladiator platform heeled sandals

This gold gladiator platform sandals is also best for pairing with a white cocktail dress. It can definitely add some unique boho style to the rest of the outfit.

White Shirt Dress with Gold Platform Heels

white shirt dress with gold platform heels

Having focused on the bottom parts of outfits in the first half of the article, let’s now start the more interesting second half that explores full outfits. Here is a feminine outfit that is unique and can make you stand out in a cocktail party. The outfit consists of a rare white shirt dress that has a flared cutting. Pair it with gold platform heels to complete this beautiful outfit that features your long legs.

Wear with Black Off The Shoulder Shift Dress

black off shoulder shift dress

For a chic and minimal outfit, you can wear a black off the shoulder shift dress with a pair of gold platform heels. Add a boho style long necklace to the mix to make the overall look more stylish.

Red and Black Tribal Flare Mini Dress with Gold Platform Heels

red and black tribal flare mini dress gold platform heels

Usually, a boho style outfit looks very natural and breezy. This particular one, however, is really eye catching due to the red color. To achieve this look, you can wear a red and black tribal flared mini dress with pale pink strappy platform heels. If you think the pale pink shoes are a little too typical, you can instead wear the gold strappy platform heels. Red and gold would make a very attention demanding outfit.

White T Shirt with Black Maxi Skirt

white t shirt black maxi shirt

You can actually replace white sneakers with gold platform heeled sneakers for almost any casual outfit. Like the color of white, the color of gold is a color that can work with any other color. For example, a typical white-sneaker outfit would be one that consists of a white t shirt and a black maxi skirt. Pairing them with gold platform sneakers instantly turn this outfit into a casual yet eye catching outfit.

Beige and Blue Printed Trench Coat with Gold Platform Heels

beige and blue printed trench coat gold platform heels

This is such a unique biege and blue printed long trench coat. As mentioned a little early, there is a trick about pairing a unique item with another unique item. In this case, the unique trench coat is paired with a pair of gold printed platform heels.

Wear with White Knit Sweater & Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

white knit sweater ripped boyfriend jeans

Here is another casual outfit. Like you would typically do, wear a white knit sweater with ripped boyfriend jeans. Pair them with gold platform sneakers to complete the outfit stylishly and casually.

White Blazer with Black Skinny Pants & Gold Platform Heels

white blazer black skinny pants gold platform heels

For a unique work outfit, you can wear a tweed top with a white blazer for the top. Pair them with black skinny pant and gold platform heels to add some style to make the outfit look more interesting.

White Long Sleeve Sweater with Gold Platform Heeled Sandals

white long sleeve sweater gold platform heeled sandals

For a laid-back street outfit that would be perfect for the fall, you can wear a white long sleeve sweater with high waisted blue skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with gold platform heeled sandals.

Here are some of the best gold platform heels outfit ideas I have put together for you. I hope you enjoy it. If you like this blog post, make sure you also check out our thousands of other outfit ideas you can find in the website.