How to Wear Golden Blouse: 13 Best Outfit Ideas for Women

There are times when you want to wear something that is slightly exaggerated and that can make you stand out from the crowd. Some scenarios you want to do that are cocktail parties, proms or other formal events. To do that, a very good and stylish option is to wear the golden blouse. There are so really eye catching golden blouses that are basically shiny metallic ones and there are some that are more subtle and they are basically some golden yellow non-shiny blouses. To show you how to style them, I have put together a list of some of the best golden blouse outfit ideas for you. Let’s check them out.

Golden Wrap Blouse with Blue Skinny Jeans


To kick start the list of outfit ideas in a strong and powerful way, I am going to show you probably the most shiny outfit among this list. Here is a golden sequin wrap blouse that simply grabs people’s attention. Simply pair it with blue skinny jeans and black ballet heels to complete the outfit.

Golden Crew Neck Blouse with Black High Waisted Cropped Dress Pants

golden crew neck blouse with black high waisted cropped dress pants

To look elegant and pretty natural in a formal event, here is an outfit that may want to consider. The blouse here is basically a golden crew neck long sleeve top that is made of silk. Pair the top with a pair of black high rise cropped dress pants. Wear pale pink pointed toe heels to add a feminine touch.

Golden Blouse with Black Midi Tulle Skirt

golden blouse with black midi tulle skirt

This is a pretty lovely outfit that is a little different from the above more aggressive looks. To achieve this look, you can wear a golden blouse with a black midi tulle skirt. Pair them with black and gold suede heels to complete the outfit in a shiny and elegant way.

Golden Short Sleeve Button Up Silk Blouse with Black Skirt

golden short sleeve button up silk blouse with black skirt

For those of you who want to try wear a golden shirt but want to remain your youthful look instead of looking too mature, here is an outfit that is especially for you. You can simply wear this golden short sleeve button up blouse with a black mini skirt. Wear pale pink open toe heels to look ladylike and refreshing.

Gold Linen Button Up Shirt with Blue Skinny Jeans

gold linen button up shirt with blue skinny jeans

Here is a very naturally looking non-shiny gold blouse. It is a button up blouse that is made of linen and it has that breezy feel that only linen items have. Pair the blouse with a pair of blue skinny jeans and a pair of pale pink heels to complete the outfit elegantly and femininely.

Golden Silk Ribbon Bow Blouse with Black Midi Skirt

golden silk ribbon bow blouse with black midi skirt

In many cases, it is the little details to take an outfit to another level. For example, here is a golden silk blouse that has so many nifty details at the back and it really makes the outfit look very attractive. Pair the blouse with a black midi skirt and gold heels to complete the outfit with class.

Metallic Blouse with Green Bodycon Midi Skirt

metallic blouse with green bodycon midi skirt

For those of you who like power dress to work and have to prepare an outfit for a company event, if you don’t want to all of a sudden wear a fancy dress, here is an elegant and powerful outfit that may suit you well. Wear a golden button up blouse with a green midi bodycon skirt. Pair them with black heels to complete the outfit cleanly.

Golden Short Sleeve Round Collar Button Up Blouse with Black Mini Skirt

golden short sleeve round collar button up blouse with black mini skirt

For a cute and eye catching look, you can wear a gold short sleeve round collar blouse with a black mini high waisted skirt. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of pink open toe heels to complete the outfit with a ladylike touch. This is a youthful outfit that is perfect for a cocktail party.

Gold Cowl Neck Short Sleeve Top with Black Mini Skirt

gold cowl neck short sleeve top with black mini skirt

Here is another cocktail party outfit that looks rather simple and natural. To form this look, you can wear a short sleeve golden cowl neck top and pair it with a black mini bodycon skirt. Pair them with black open toe strappy heels to complete the simple outfit in an elegant way.

Golden Bell Sleeve Sequin Blouse with Black Flared Pleated Maxi Skirt

golden bell sleeve sequin blouse with black flared pleated maxi skirt

Usually, a gold outfit doesn’t look cozy at all, but this time, it does look cozy and refreshing thanks to the cutting and the pieces that it is paired with. In detail, to achieve this look, you can wear a golden bell sleeve blouse with a black pleated maxi skirt. Pair them with silver open toe heels to pair with the blouse perfectly.

Bright Yellow Long Sleeve Blouse with Blue Flared Jeans

bright yellow long sleeve blouse with blue flared jeans

Sometimes, a very bright yellow color can also be considered as the gold color. For example, here is a bright yellow button up blouse that almost looks like a golden blouse. You can pair it with a pair of blue flared jeans and black heeled boots to look lean and tall.

Gold Lace Sleeveless Blouse with White Mini Shorts

gold lace sleeveless blouse with white mini shorts

For a refreshing and chic look, you can wear a gold sleeveless blouse with some subtle lace details. Pair the top with white mini shorts and a pair of white heeled sandals to look extra refreshing.

Golden Lace Semi-Sheer Cropped Blouse with Straw Hat

golden lace semi sheer cropped blouse with straw hat

Here is a really unique and creatively designed outfit. For the top, wear a golden semi-sheer cropped lace blouse. Pair it with blue ripped denim mini shorts and white heeled sandals. Finally, add a straw hat to the mix to take this outfit to another level.

Gold and White Printed Off The Shoulder Blouse with Blue Denim Shorts

gold and white printed off the shoulder blouse with blue denim shorts

This is a very refreshing outfit that is perfect to wear in the summer and the spring. To form this look, wear a gold and white printed off-shoulder blouse and pair it with a pair of mini blue denim shorts. Wear nude heeled sandals to complete the outfit with an extra refreshing touch.

Here are the golden blouse outfit ideas that should be able to extend your outfit game a little bit. Even if wearing golden items is not really for your taste, this list should be a good place to inspire you to style some shiny items.