How to Wear High Low Top in 15 Absolutely Chic Ways

best high low top outfit ideas

Previously, I have talked about how beautiful and stylish the high low dress and the high low shirt are. As the final chapter of the stylish “high low” series, I am going to talk about super breezy high low top. I especially love the type of high low tops that is so exaggerated to a point that the back side of the top is a maxi dress while the front side is just a normal t shirt. To show you some ideas on how to style it, I have collected the very best high low top outfit ideas for you. Let’s jump right in.

White High Low Chiffon Top with Skinny Jeans & Boots


Let me start off this exciting list with an outfit that looks both stylish and feminine. To achieve this remarkable look, you can wear a chiffon white high low top that has the back side of the top extends all the way to the knees. Pair the breezy top with a blue ripped skinny jeans. Wear a pair of brown thigh high suede boots to look super chic.

Black High Low Top with White Scalloped Hem Mini Shorts

black high low top white scalloped hem mini shorts

For a cool and simple outfit, you can wear a black high low top. This one has a more unique cutting with a big reversed v-shaped slit that leads to the back of the top. Pair the top with a pair of white scalloped hem mini shorts and brown open toe ankle suede boots to add a feminine touch to the look.

White Maxi High Low Mock Neck Top with Leather Pants

white maxi high low mock neck top leather pants

This black and white outfit is just amazing to me. This is my clear number one favorite outfit among this list. See if you agree after you finish reading this blog post. To achieve this absolutely amazing look, you can wear a white high low mock neck top that has the back side extends all the way to the ankle, like a maxi dress. Pair this beautiful and stylish top with black leather leggings and black velvet ankle boots to further add some extra style to the outfit.

Heather Grey High Low T Shirt with Black Leggings

heather grey high low t shirt black leggings

Here is a more cozy and casual outfit. You can almost view it as a slightly more stylish version of a t shirt and leggings combination. In details, wear a heather grey long sleeve high low t shirt with black leggings. Pair them with camel combat boots to add a little bit of toughness to the outfit to make the outfit look more stylish.

White High Low Popover Shirt with Black Skinny Pants

white high low popover shirt black skinny pants

For a casual and breezy look, wear a white high low popovers shirt that has maxi length. Pair it with black skinny pants and pale pink ankle strap open toe heels to look minimal and refreshing.

Pale Pink High Low T Shirt with Mini Skirt

pale pink high low t shirt mini skirt

For a summer look that looks refreshing with an elegant touch, this is an outfit that you should consider. For the top, wear a pale pink high low t shirt with a statement necklace. Pair it with a light blue bodycon mini skirt and a pair of white floral pointed toe flats to look refreshing and lovely.

Red T Shirt with White Skinny Jeans

red t shirt white skinny jeans

Some people may think that the red color is a little difficult to pull off. I think it is both true and false. Not everyone looks good with bright red, that’s true and that’s for sure. At the same, most people look at least decent in darker red or burgundy. For example, you should be able to easily pull off this beautiful and simple outfit that consists of a burgundy high top t shirt, white skinny jeans and pale pink open toe heels.

White High Low Peplum Top with Teal Skinny Pants

white high low peplum top teal skinny pants

This is a cute and refreshing white sleeveless peplum top. If you look closely, it comes with the subtle high low cutting that makes it look a bit more breezy. To build a lovely outfit around the top, pair it with teal skinny pants and a pair of white leopard printed platform heels.

Red Three Quarter Sleeve Blouse with Cuffed Jeans

red three quarter sleeve blouse cuffed jeans

Here is another red outfit that is pretty easy to pull off. You can simply wear a red three-quarter sleeve shirt with a pair of blue cuffed skinny jeans. Pair them with black matte leather heeled ankle boot to add a feminine and stylish touch to the outfit.

Grey High Low Tank Top with White Mini Denim Shorts

grey high low tank top white mini denim shorts

For a stylish and unique summer look, you can wear a grey high low tank top that is slightly oversized to go for the casual and breezy feel. Wear it with a pair of white mini denim shorts to show off your legs a little bit. Pair them with white heeled sandals to look lean and refreshing.

Pale Pink Long Sleeve Draped High Low Maxi Top

pale pink long sleeve draped high low maxi top

This is such a sexy draped top that has a high low cutting. The low part goes as far as touching the ankle. You can simply pair the top with blue ripped skinny jeans. Cuff the jeans and pair them with pale pink heeled sandals to complete this stunning outfit. If you are interest in knowing more about similar outfits, you may want to check out our blog post on how to wear draped tops.

Yellow Ruffle Top with White Denim Jacket

yellow ruffle top white denim jacket

To achieve a cheerful look, you can safely bet on the yellow color. For this particular outfit, you can wear a yellow high low ruffle top with a white denim jacket for the top. Pair them with black skinny jeans and silver metallic pointed toe heels to complete the outfit in an eye catching way.

Grey Long Sleeve High Low Tee with Black Skinny Jeans

grey long sleeve high low tee black skinny jeans

For a minimal look, you can wear a cropped grey long sleeve high tow t shirt with a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans. The jeans are high waisted to a point where you don’t even need to show any skin even though you are wearing a crop top. Finally, wear a pair of black leather ankle boots to complete the outfit with style.

Blush Pink Blouse with Light Blue Boyfriend Jeans

blush pink blouse light blue boyfriend jeans

For a stylish and feminine outfit, you can wear a blush pink high low blouse which looks absolutely ladylike. Create some interesting contrast by pairing the blouse with cuffed boyfriend jeans and printed leather ankle boots.

White Belted Chiffon High Low Top with Denim Shorts

white belted chiffon high low top denim shorts

This is a refreshing and breezy outfit that is perfect to wear for beach hangouts. Pair a white belted deep v neck high low top with a black bra top and denim shorts to look beautiful and cheerful. Wear a pair of black sandals to add a little bit of boho style to the outfit.

I hope you like the above mentioned high low top outfit ideas. If you are looking for a breezy and casual outfit idea, this list is probably a good place to start.