15 Best Ideas on How to Wear Hiking Boots for Women

best hiking boots outfit idea

Hiking boots are obviously something that are perfect to wear for hiking. In terms of the functions, they have a great grip that helps you walk more effortlessly in the wet and in the mud. They are also made of rough and hard materials so they can protect your feet very well. But hiking boots are designed so beautifully that you would want to blend them in with your casual outfits and work outfits. In this blog post, I am going to gather a list of the best ways to wear hiking boots. Some of the ideas are really for hiking, while some are for work and hangouts.

Brown Hiking Boots with Cable Knit Sweater & Skinny Jeans


I am going to start off the list with a beautiful winter outfit that you can wear both to work or to casual hangouts. For the top, wear a black and red flannel plaid shirt. Wear a light grey cable knit sweater over it. For the bottom, wear black skinny jeans with brown hiking boots. Don’t miss the little detail which is the grey crew socks. This outfit uses some clever layering and great combination of colors that makes it look so adorable.

Wear with Black Cargo Jacket & Denim Shirt

black cargo jacket denim shirt hiking boots

For a smart look, you can wear a denim shirt and a lack cargo shirt for the top. Similar to the previous idea, you can simply wear black skinny jeans and brown hiking boots at the bottom. A knit scarf would make this slightly serious outfit more refreshing.

Wear with Grey Sweater with Black Down Vest

black down vest grey sweater black hiking boots

A more casual and sporty hiking boots outfit would be great for activities like some morning easy hiking. To achieve such a look, you can wear the hiking boots with grey sweater, a black down vest and running tights. This outfit also demonstrates how a down vest looks so well matched with hiking boots.

Hiking Boots with Green Sweater & Leather Pants

hiking boots green sweater leather pants

As mentioned before, hiking boots are so beautifully designed that you can throw them in a lot of your casual or work outfits. For this outfit which you can wear both casually or to work, wear a button up shirt with a green sweater layered over it. Then pair them with black leather pants and hiking boots.

Dark Grey Hiking Boots with Black Top & Skinny Jeans

hiking boots all black outfit

For an all-black look with so much character, you can wear a black sweater with black skinny jeans. Complete the outfit with dark grey hiking boots and a grey knit hat.

Wear with Hooded Down Vest & Hiking Shorts

hooded down vest hiking shorts boots

Since this piece of writing is about hiking boots, I am not going to end the list without mention an actual typical hiking outfit. For the top, wear a long sleeve t shirt with a hooded down vest. Then wear white hiking shorts, brown hiking boots, and don’t forget the thick crew socks. This outfit is both beautiful and function for hiking.

Wear with Green Bomber Jacket & Black Leggings

brown hiking boots green bomber jacket outfit

For a very casual street look, you can simply wear a green bomber jacket over an oversized white t shirt. Complete the outfit with black leggings and brown hiking boots. If you are interested in outfit ideas of similar jackets, you may want to check out our blog post on how to style a green bomber jacket.

Wear with White T Shirt & Ripped Skinny Jeans

brown hiking boot lace tee skinny jeans

Hiking boots usually have that special rough feel in them, let’s try to create a rough outfit out of them. As a good example of a rough looking outfit, wear a white t shirt with a heavily washed and ripped black skinny jeans. With the brown hiking boots, the outfit can make you look tough and stylish.

Wear with Black Windbreaker Jacket & Skinny Jeans

sports zip jacket brown hiking boots

When it comes to causal outfits, sometimes I feel like I am mentioned the windbreak jacket enough as it has become a crucial part of the casual fashion trend. For a casual and sporty look, simply wear a black windbreaker jacket with black skinny jeans and brown hiking boots. To add some eye-catchiness to the outfit, tie a black and red plaid shirt around your waist.

Brown Hiking Boots with Grey Knit Sweater & Floral Skirt

floral skirt grey knit sweater hiking boots

There are times when you want to wear hiking boots with feminine and elegant outfits. For example, you may want to have a photoshoot in the outdoor. You still want to look beautiful but wearing something like heels would not really look well matched with the nature. As an example of a chic hiking boots outfit, you can wear a grey knit sweater for the top. Pair it with a floral mini skirt, brown hiking boots and stockings. A felt hat will add the final feminine touch to the look.

Cream Cable Knit Sweater & Beige Wool Coat

cream cable knit sweater black hiking boots

Here is a good one for wearing to work as a business casual outfit. Simply wear a cream cable knit sweater and a beige wool coat over it. Pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and black hiking boots. This outfit still looks smart but doesn’t look as serious and boring as some very typical work outfits.

Brown Hiking Boots with Grey Sweater & Black Wool Coat

brown hiking boots black wool coat

For a winter outfit idea that you can wear for casual hangouts, you can wear a grey sweater, a black wool coat, skinny jeans and brown hiking boots. This is a rather low key looking outfit that will keep you warm without making you look clunky.

Wear with Long Sleeve Tee, Down Vest & Skinny Jeans

long sleeve tee down vest hiking boots

This outfit idea is for showing you once again how the down vest and hiking boots combination is a winning formula. Simply wear them with long sleeve t shirt and skinny jeans. Thick crew socks and a knit hat will complete the outfit perfectly and at the same time, keep you warm.

Wear with Military Jacket and Black Skinny Jeans

military jacket black skinny jeans hiking boots

Here is another suggestion on what jacket to wear with hiking boots. You can easily wear them with a military jacket and skinny jeans for as casual and practical hiking outfit.

So, here are some of the best ways to style hiking boots. I hope you enjoy it and hopefully you will find some of the ideas suitable to you.