15 Best Outfit Ideas on How to Wear Lace Up Shirt

best lace up shirt outfits

This is a blog post about how to style an elegant looking type of shirt, the lace up shirt. There is a often a misunderstanding about the lace up shirt that you would have to show a lot of skin if you wear it. This is not true at all. It’s true that there are lace up shirts that are designed to allow you show some skin and look really sexy, but it’s also true that some are simply designed to look elegant and wouldn’t require you to show much skin. From the below outfit ideas, you will be shown some of the best ways to wear the lace up shirt that I have put together.

White Lace Up Chiffon Shirt with White Denim Shorts


I am going to start off the list with a refreshing looking outfit that is perfect to wear in the summer and the spring. Simple wear a white lace up chiffon shirt with denim shorts and white heeled sandals. Actually, a typical chiffon shirt would already make this outfit look really good. The lace up design just add a feminine and elegant touch to the entire outfit and takes the outfit to another level.

Grey Lace Up Shirt with Mom Jeans & Leather Jacket

grey lace up shirt mom jeans leather jacket

This outfit is a slightly more complex outfit that looks very stylish and unique. For the top, wear a grey lace up shirt with a black leather jacket draped over the shoulders. Pair these pieces with cuffed mom jeans and black suede ankle boots.

Black Lace Up Blouse with Skinny Jeans

black lace up blouse skinny jeans

As mentioned earlier, some lace up shirts are elegant while some are really sexy. This black lace up blouse obviously belong to the latter group. To style a top that already demands a lot of attention, the best strategy to style it is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. One way to do it is to wear the blouse with skinny jeans and black ballet flats.

Black Blouse with White Pencil Skirt

black blouse white pencil skirt

Here is another black sexy lace up top. To wear it elegantly, pair it with a white pencil midi skirt. Complete this black and white outfit with black open toe heels.

White Lace Up Blouse with Black Skinny Jeans & Felt Hat

white lace up blouse black felt hat

This outfit idea demonstrates a breezy and artistic way to wear a lace up blouse. Wear the white lace up blouse with black ripped skinny jeans. Pair these pieces with black leather ankle boots and a black felt hat. I like this outfit idea so much because it is not that easy to style a black felt hat that naturally, but it seems like the chemistry between all the pieces make the felt hat fit so naturally.

Lace Up Camo Top with Ripped Jeans

lace up camo top ripped jeans

It is not impossible to dress sexy and tough a the same type. Tough, but not impossible. As a good example of how to do that, this outfit consists of a camo lace up top with ripped jeans. The black strappy heels is such a brilliant choice for the shoes. A pair of white sneakers would have looked fine too but would not have been able to bring out the character in the camo top.

Black Lace Up Shirt Dress with Grey Felt Hat

black lace up shirt dress grey felt hat

This one is not exactly a shirt, but instead it is a black lace up shirt dress. The grey felt hat adds an artistic touch to the outfit. For the shoes, I would recommend you to wear black leather ankle boots.

Red Lace Up Top with Black Button Front Skirt

red lace up top black button front skirt

This one is a work outfit with quite a few creative details. Simply wear a red lace up blouse with a black button up suede skirt. Complete the outfit with stockings, black leather ankle boots and a black felt hat. Don’t hesitate to wear a felt hat for a work outfit. Although you have to take the hat off when you arrive at the office, wearing something atypical to work is actually beneficially psychologically. You can view wearing a felt hat to work as a trigger to a habit look. In layman’s terms, you get force yourself to go to work even if you lack motivation in a particular day. By the way, you may be interested in reading our blog post on how to style a black felt hat.

Black and Red Lace Up Plaid Shirt

black and red lace up plaid shirt

You can combine the lace up design with a boyfriend shirt. This black and red lace up plaid shirt is a good example of that. You can wear it with black skinny jeans and ankle boots. The belt is an important detail that you don’t want to miss.

Black Lace Up Shirt with Leather Skirt

black lace up shirt leather skirt

Here is an all-black outfit that looks minimal and absolutely chic. You can wear a black lace up shirt with a black leather mini skirt. Simply complete the outfit with black heels. It is amazing how three simple pieces like these can put together to achieve such an amazing result.

Black and Red Plaid Boyfriend Shirt Dress

black and red plaid boyfriend shirt dress

Not only that the lace up design works well on a boyfriend shirt, it actually works too on a boyfriend shirt dress. Take this outfit as an example, the black and red plaid boyfriend shirt dress looks so eye catching and pretty as it is put together with black open toe ankle boots.

Black Lace Up Shirt with Chiffon Mini Skirt

black lace up shirt chiffon mini skirt

This is a rare and beautiful all-black chiffon-on-chiffon outfit. Pair the black lace up shirt with a matching chiffon mini skirt. A pair of black ankle boots is the perfect choice to match with the rest of the outfit.

Lace Up Black Top with Denim Shorts

lace up black top denim shorts

For a really causal yet unique outfit that you can wear when the weather isn’t that cold, you can simply wear a black lace up top with denim shorts and white sneakers.

Grey and White Striped Lace Up Shirt with White Jeans

grey and white striped lace up shirt white jeans

For a professional looking outfit that uses a soft color tone, you may want to consider this white and grey outfit. Simply wear a grey and white vertical striped lace up shirt with white skinny jeans. For the shoes, simply wear white heels or grey ballet flats to be consistent with the use of white and grey.

Black and White Lace Up Boyfriend Shirt with Black Denim Shorts

black and white lace up boyfriend shirt

For a casual street look that involves the white sneakers, you can wear a black and white plaid boyfriend shirt with black denim shorts.

So, here are some of my favorite ways to wear the lace up shirt. Go ahead and try some of those outfits. You will be surprised by how much variety they can add to your everyday outfit.