15 Best Outfit Ideas: How to Wear Linen Pants for Women

best linen pants outfit ideas

Linen is that rough and thin fabric that is mostly used for pants and bags. It has that special texture that can be very easily recognizable. Linen pants are so interesting in a way that they are both casual and tough. Although they are no where near as popular as jeans, the line pants are actually not that difficult to style. For this blog post, I have put together some of best ways to wear linen pants. Let’s check them out now.

Grey Linen Pants with White U Neck T Shirt

grey linen pants white u neck t shirt outfit

Linen pants can be styled as if they are boyfriend jeans in a way that you just wear them casually in a minimal outfit. As a good example, wear a white u neck t shirt with grey linen pants. Complete this casual street look with grey canvas sneakers.

Wear with Grass Hat

grass hat linen pants white tee

With a very similar outfit as the previous outfit idea, try look very different by simply adding a grass hat. Also, you can make the outfit more spring-like by replacing the sneakers with flip flops.

Wear White Blouse with Olive Green Linen Pants

olive green linen pants white blouse outfit

For an outfit that looks both adorable and professional, you can wear a white button up blouse with high waisted green linen pants. Pair them with heeled sandals. Not only that this outfit looks beautiful, it also visually moves up your waistline which make you look in a better proportion.

Black Top with High Waisted Linen Pants

white black top high waisted linen pants

As another outfit idea that involves high waisted linen pants, wear a black t shirt with white high waisted wide leg pants and black ballet flats. This is an artistic black and white minimal outfit.

White Pants with Form Fitting Knit Sweater

white pants slim fit knit sweater

For an all-white pure spring look, wear a white form fitting knit sweater with white wide leg linen pants and white heels. I know that you can wear white jeans instead, but wearing the linen pants adds that rare tough and causal feel to your look.

Striped Vest Top with Wide Leg Pants

striped blue and white vest top linen pants

As a perfect summer and spring cheerful outfit, wear a striped vest top over a black tube top. Complete the outfit with white wide leg linen pants and flip flops.

Two Piece Outfit Set with Linen Crop Top & Cropped Pants

two piece outfit set linen top cropped pants

This is a special one. I don’t talk about two piece outfit sets that much, may be I haven’t mentioned them enough. This is a beautiful set with the tiffany blue linen crop top and linen pants. Complete the elegant outfit with white strappy heels.

Wear with White Tube Top and Grass Hat

white tube top felt hat grass hat

This is the second outfit idea in the list that involves the grass hat. Indeed, I think there must be something about the textures of grass hats and linen pants that make them such perfect match. As a perfect outfit that seems so suitable for a trip to the beach, wear a white tube top and wide leg white linen pants with a grass hat.

Forest Green Vest Top and Low Waisted Linen Pants

forest green vest top low waisted linen pants

Low waisted linen pants can make you look low key sexy. To style them, you can wear a forest green vest top with the linen pants. Complete this casual outfit with sandals.

Off The Shoulder Chiffon Blouse with Linen Pants

off the shoulder chiffon blouse linen pants

For a sexy and feminine look, wear an off the shoulder semi-sheer blouse with wide leg white linen pants. It is such a beautiful and sexy outfit that is perfect for dining out. To add more character to the outfit, wear a statement necklace.

Wear with White Off The Shoulder Boho Top

off shoulder boho top linen pants

Linen pants looks good with boho style top too. For example, wear the white off-shoulder boho blouse with white linen pants and heeled sandals.

Striped Linen Pants with Sleeveless White Top

striped linen pants tank top heels

Having talked about quite a few black, green or white solid color linen pants, let me share with you an outfit idea that involves striped pants. Simply pair sleeveless white top with striped linen pants and pale pink heels. This is a minimal yet elegant look due to how the pieces look so flawlessly when put together.

White Crop Top with Cuffed Linen Pants

white crop top linen pants

When summertime comes, if you want to wear something completely different from the popular t shirt and denim shirts outfit, you may want to consider this outfit. For the top, simple wear a white crop top. For the bottom, wear white cuffed linen pants with open toe silver heels. This is such a refreshing and low key sexy outfit that can really make you stand out from the ocean of denim shorts and jeans.

One Shoulder Grey and White Striped Tank Top

one shoulder striped tank top white linen pants

For those of you that likes the asymmetric look of a one shoulder top, try this one shoulder grey and white horizontal striped top. Pair it with wide leg linen pants and heeled sandals.

Cuffed Linen Pants with Comfy White Knit Sweater

cuffed linen pants comfy sweater

You don’t often associate knit sweater with dressing baggy, but you can actually do that by wearing paring a comfy knit sweater with a low waisted cuffed linen pants. Wear them with black loafers to complete the stylish and slightly edgy look. By the way, if you want to find out more outfit ideas on similar shoes, check out our other blog post on black loafers outfit ideas.

Here are some of my favorite ways to wear the linen pants. The linen pants is in a sense a tougher version of a dress pants or a lighter tone version of jeans. I hope that this list can inspire in some ways to actually try wear linen pants instead of just wearing jeans all the time. I always think that the “fun” part is as important as the “beauty” part for what you wear. Adding variety to your daily outfit certainly will give you and your surroundings a little surprise here and there, which will likely give you a lot of fun. Don’t be afraid of being adventurous. At the same time, it is a good idea to use the outfit ideas we mention in this website as your reference.