How to Wear Linen Shorts: Top 15 Outfit Ideas for Women

best linen shorts outfit ideas for ladies

If you love wearing shorts, there is a good chance that the denim shorts are something that you wear a lot especially in the summer and spring. Now, let me suggest to you a great alternative that can open up a lot of doors for your shorts outfits. That beautiful and stylish alternative is the linen shorts. They are extremely easy to style and pull off. You can basically treat them like denim shorts. Still, I want to show you some really good linen shorts outfit ideas to help you come up with your own. Let’s check them out now.

White Linen Shorts with Pale Pink Blazer


A big difference between the linen shorts and the denim shorts is that you can more easily build an elegant semi-formal outfit with the former. As an example, you can wear a white button up shirt with a pale pink blazer with white linen shorts. Pair them with black chelsea boots to look more stylish and elegant.

Black Blouse with Green Linen Shorts

black blouse green linen shorts

Here is a more casual look that you may want to consider wearing for casual Fridays. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black boyfriend shirt for the top. Pair it with a pair of green linen shorts and pink strappy open toe heels to complete the outfit with an elegant touch.

Denim Jacket with Crepe Linen Shorts

denim jacket crepe linen shorts

There are countless numbers of times that a denim jacket turns an ordinary casual outfit into a very stylish and cozy one. This outfit is another good example of that. To achieve this refreshing look, simply pair the denim jacket with a white t shirt and crepe linen shorts. Pair them with crepe ballet flats to keep the outfit simple and feminine.

Chambray Button Up Shirt with White Linen Shorts

chambray button up shirt white linen shorts

For a smart and casual look, it is time to bring out the chambray shirt. You can simply pair it with white linen shorts to look casual and stylish. For the shoes, here is an interesting idea of wearing a pair of black and white striped ballet flats to make the outfit slightly more eye catching.

White Cropped Vest Top with Pale Pink Flared Mini Shorts

white cropped vest top pale pink flared mini shorts

If you want that feminine feel of a mini skirt, there is good chance that you can get a very similar feel with a pair of flared mini shorts. You can simply wear a pair of pink flared linen mini shorts with a white cropped vest top and nude sandals to achieve a refreshing and low-key sexy look.

Yellow Chiffon Wrap Blouse with Pink Linen Shorts

yellow chiffon wrap blouse pink linen shorts

This is a very interesting outfit that involves a yellow wrap chiffon blouse. It is not easy to style a yellow blouse but this is a good outfit that brings out the beauty and cheerfulness of the yellow color. To form this outfit, you can wear the yellow blouse with a pair of pink shorts and pink slip on shoes.

White Striped Button Up Shirt with Light Blue Linen Shorts

white striped button up shirt light blue linen shorts

To look absolutely refreshing, you can definitely make use of the light sky blue color. As an example of such outfit, wear a white striped shirt and tuck in it a pair of high rise light blue belted linen shorts. You can make the outfit even more beautiful by wear a leather clutch bag and a pair of ballet flats with the exact same light blue color.

Sky Blue Linen Shorts with White Knit Sweater

sky blue linen shorts white knit sweater

Speaking of the blue color, here is another refreshing outfit that make use of the blue and white color combination. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a chambray button up shirt with a white relaxed fit knit sweater for the top. Pair these pieces with a pair of sky blue linen shorts and white sandals to look refreshing. You can even wear a purple felt hat to add a feminine and artistic touch to the outfit.

Pale Pink Blazer with High Waisted Linen Shorts

pale pink blazer high waisted linen shorts

To look feminine and low-key sexy, here is a pink and grey outfit that can do just that. For the top, wear a grey vest top with a pale pink blazer. Wear a pair of high waisted pink linen shorts to make your legs look longer. Finally, wear pink open toe heels to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

Chiffon Shirt with White Mini Shorts

chiffon shirt white mini shorts

For a pure and innocent look, why not try to build an all-white outfit around a pair of white linen shorts. Pair it with a white semi-sheer chiffon shirt to look absolutely breezy and refreshing. You can add just a little bit of color by wearing a pair of light yellow sandals.

Royal Blue Blazer with Sky Blue Shorts

royal blue blazer sky blue shorts

Here is a pretty successful attempt to integrate a pair of light blue linen shorts into a work outfit. To do that, pair it with a pale pink chiffon blouse and a royal blue blazer. Complete the outfit with pink pointed toe heels and an ivory leather purse.

White Blazer with Embroidered Linen Shorts

white blazer embroidered linen shorts

Having looked at quite a few pairs of solid-colored shorts, let’s take a look at this pair of white linen shorts has some nifty embroidered details. You can build a beautiful and unique outfit by wearing it with a white t shirt and a white blazer. Wear pink heeled sandals to add a feminine touch.

Sky Blue Cold Shoulder Blouse with Blush Pink Linen Shorts

sky blue cold shoulder blouse blush pink linen shorts

To achieve a feminine and minimal look, you can simply wear a sky blue cold shoulder blouse with a pair of pink linen shorts. Pair them with pink pointed toe strappy heels to look even more elegant and feminine.

Blue and White Shrug with Navy Shorts

blue and white shrug navy shorts

For a very relaxed look, you can add a shrug to your outfit. In this case, a blue and white striped shrug is chosen to pair with a white t shirt and a pair of dark blue linen shorts. Wear pink sandals to complete the outfit beautifully.

White T Shirt with Grey and White Ribbon Bow Shorts

white t shirt grey and white ribbon bow shorts

If you want to dress as a minimalist, you can simply wear a white t shirt with a pair of grey and white striped linen shorts that come with a white ribbon bow tie-waist detail. Simply wear white sneaker to complete the outfit casually.

I hope you like these linen shorts outfit ideas I have just mentioned above. Linen is such a special type of fabric that has some subtle roughness in it to make your outfit a bit more stylish.