How to Wear Maxi Jacket for Women: Best Outfit Ideas

Wearing a different jacket can completely change your style. For those of you who only wear the most popular types of jackets such as the denim jacket and the blazer, you are missing out a lot. In the blog post, I am going to introduce to you something that can make you look stylish and unique: the maxi jacket. Maxi jackets are very easy to style, but it is always easier to start something when you begin by imitating something that really works. So, for that purpose, I have put together a list of some of the best maxi jacket outfit ideas. Let’s check them out.

Maxi Khaki Jacket with White Tee & Black Skinny Jeans


A maxi khaki jacket matches really well with a typical casual outfit. As a example, wear the jacket with a white t shirt and cropped black skinny jeans. Complete the outfit casually with white sneakers. You can see how much style and character the maxi jacket has added to the otherwise typical and average looking outfit.

Black Maxi Jacket with White Blouse & Grey Pants

black maxi jacket white blouse grey pants

For an artistic casual look, you can use the color combination of black, white and grey. Simply wear a white blouse with cropped light grey dress pants. Most importantly, wear a black maxi jacket. Wear black and white canvas shoes to perfectly match the colors of the other pieces.

Black Jacket with White Print Tee & Mom Jeans

black maxi jacket white print t shirt

You can also wear a stylish maxi jacket to balance out the intentionally clunkiness of mom jeans. For example, wear a black maxi jacket over a white print tee and cropped mom jeans. Suede ankle boots would be a good choice for the shoes.

Shocking Pink Maxi Coat

shocking pink maxi coat black skinny jeans

A really catching way to dress is to wearing a maxi jacket of a shocking color with a black and white casual outfit. As an example, wear a white print tee and black skinny jeans. Pairing them with nude heeled sandals already makes the outfit look very decent. To take the outfit to another level, wear a shocking pink maxi coat.

Maxi Tweed Jacket with Black Leather Mini Skirt

maxi tweed jacket black leather mini skirt

For an elegant and stylish outfit that just makes you stand out from the rest, you may want to consider this one that is especially suitable for dining out. Simply wear a white blouse with a high waisted leather mini skirt. This combination can really make you look taller. For the shoes, wear studded leather ankle boots. For the final magical touch, wear a grey tweed maxi jacket. By the way, if you are interested in outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to read our blog post on how to wear studded shoes.

Grey Maxi Jacket with Color Matching Felt Hat

grey maxi jacket felt hat outfit

This outfit demonstrates how to wear mom jeans with style. Wear a white vest top and tuck it in the mom jeans. Then add a few grey pieces to add some character and depth to the outfit. That includes the grey maxi jacket, the strappy grey heels and the grey felt hat.

Black Maxi Teddy Jacket with Blue Shift Dress

black maxi teddy jacket blue shift dress

Teddy jackets can be very comfortable and warm. They also look quite unique and has a little bit of feminine feel in them. You can wear a black maxi teddy jacket with a blue shift dress. Wear suede ankle boots to complete this minimal look.

Black Maxi Puffer Jacket with Grey Sweatshirt & Mom Jeans

black maxi puffer jacket grey sweatshirt

Sometimes, you can intentionally wear something just a little chunky to look kind and innocent. As an example wear a grey sweatshirt with mom jeans. Tuck the sweatshirt in the jeans. Keep the use of color minimal by wearing white sneakers. Finally, wear a black maxi puffer jacket to complete the lovely girl-next-door look.

Grey Textured Maxi Jacket

grey textured maxi jacket

This outfit is a elegant and minimal work outfit. Simple wear a white blouse with black skinny pants and open toe black heels. Complete the outfit by wearing a grey textured maxi jacket which adds a lot of depth to the overall look.

Green Maxi Bomber Jacket with White Tee & Boyfriend Jeans

green maxi bomber jacket white t shirt mom jeans

For a casual street look, you can wear a white t shirt with cuffed boyfriend jeans. Wear a white baseball cap and white sneakers. To add a lot of character to this outfit, wear a green maxi bomber jacket. This is such a cool boyish street look that you may want to wear just for fun every once in a while to casual hangouts.

Black Maxi Satin Jacket with Leather Leggings

black maxi satin jacket leather leggings

This satin jacket is honestly quite difficult to pull off. Not only that it is pretty hard to style, you also need some special character in you to pull off something that unique. For those of you who have that special charisma though, you can wear the black maxi satin jacket with a black blouse, black leather leggings and black ballet flats.

Black Maxi Velvet Jacket with Denim Mini Skirt

black maxi velvet jacket denim mini skirt

On the other hand, a velvet jacket is much easier for you to pull off. For an absolutely refreshing look, wear a u neck white t shirt with a high waisted denim mini skirt. Wear a black maxi velvet jacket to add a lot of style. Match the outfit with black leather ankle boots.

Maxi Leather Jacket with Red Knit Sweater

maxi leather jacket red knit sweater

The leather jacket is simple one of the most versatile types of jackets. It works well in the for of a maxi jacket too. You can wear a maxi black leather jacket with a red knit sweater and a grey button up skirt. Complete the outfit elegantly with grey mid-calf suede boots.

Beige Maxi Jacket with Grey Sweater & Jeans

beige maxi jacket grey sweater cuffed jeans

This outfit is a stylish one that is a perfect demonstration of how to use layering. Wear a white collar shirt with a grey sweater layered over it. Pair them with cuffed jeans and grey heels. Match the outfit with a stylish beige maxi jacket.

Here are the list of some of the best way to style a maxi jacket. Go ahead and try some of the the ideas. Having a maxi jacket in your wardrobe will help you open a new dimension for your fashion world.