How to Wear Orange Maxi Dress: 15 Cheerful & Attractive Outfits

A maxi dress is perfect for cocktail parties, proms and outdoor events, depending on the texture and the cutting of the dress. Today, I am going to be specifically talking about the orange maxi dress, something that is super cheerful and breezy while it is also elegant enough to show respect to the event. Not only that you will see some fancy dresses for proms, you are also about to see some breezy and refreshing dresses that are perfect to wear for events like garden parties or beach parties. Here are some of the best orange maxi dress outfit ideas that I have collected for you.

Orange Gathered Waist Maxi Dress with Black Ballet Heels


To start off this list of eye catching and cheerful outfit ideas, I am actually going to show you an outfit that you can pretty much wear casually as a street outfit. To form this look, choose an orange gathered waist maxi relaxed fit dress that is made of linen. Pair it with black ballet heels to look casual, clean and beautiful.

Orange Spaghetti Strap Backless Maxi Shift Dress

orange spaghetti strap backless maxi shift dress

Now, let’s take a look at a sexy dress that can make you the center of attention in a cocktail party or a prom. The dress here is an orange spaghetti strap maxi shift dress that looks refreshing and breezy in the front with a backless sexy design on the back. Wear a silver statement necklace and black ballet heels to complete the outfit elegantly.

Orange and Blue Printed Chiffon Maxi Flared Dress

orange and blue printed chiffon maxi flared dress

To achieve a refreshing and breezy look for a beach party, you need a breezy chiffon maxi dress. For example, an orange and blue printed chiffon maxi flared dress is a great option. Pair the dress with nude sandals and a nude clutch bag to add an extra refreshing touch to the look.

Orange Sleeveless Gathered Waist Floor Length Dress


This is a very simple and beautiful maxi dress that can be worn both for indoor events and outdoor events. To achieve this look, wear this orange sleeveless gathered waist maxi flared dress. For the shoes, wear nude heeled sandals for outdoor and wear silver heels for indoor.

Two-Layered Orange High Split Maxi Dress

two layered orange high split maxi dress

To show off your long legs a little bit, you can wear this orange two-layered dress with the inner layer being a mini dress and the outer layer being a maxi high split chiffon flared maxi dress. For the shoes, you can wear pale pink leather high heels to look lean and ladylike.

Orange Cap Sleeve Dress with Boho Style Statement Necklace

orange cap sleeve dress with boho style statement necklace

Now, let’s take a 180-degree turn and go back to a very minimal look. There are times when you want to look low profile while still looking beautiful. To do that, you can wear this orange cap sleeve maxi shift dress. Wear a boho style statement necklace and pale pink open toe heels to complete the outfit.

Belted Maxi Shift Dress with Heeled Sandals


As you can see from some of the above gathered waist dresses, the gathered waist design can help make your waistline more obvious, making you look leaner. Another way to do that is to wear a belted dress like this orange maxi shift dress right here. Simply pair it with nude heeled sandals to look more refreshing.

Chiffon Maxi Flared Dress with Ribbon Belt

chiffon maxi flared dress with ribbon belt

Now, let’s look at a dress that comes with a more obvious belted design. This orange Chiffon maxi flared dress comes with a black ribbon belt that makes the outfit look so much more lovely. Pair the dress with black suede heels and a subtle and lovely necklace to complete the outfit.

Long Sleeve Deep V Neck Orange Wrap Dress

long sleeve deep v neck orange wrap dress

To look sexy and elegant in a prom, here is an outfit that you may want to try. The dress is an orange long sleeve deep v neck silk wrap dress that looks extremely eye catching and high profile. Pair it with a pair of silver ankle strap open toe heels to look even more classy.

Orange and Black Halter Neck Backless Maxi Silk Dress

orange and black halter neck backless maxi silk dress

For those of you who like cool patterns like the leopard, how about trying something different like this snake printed orange and black halter neck maxi silk dress. Not only that it looks unique and mature, it also comes with an extremely sexy backless cutting. Wear gold open toe heels to look elegant.

Orange Halter Low Back Maxi Flared Dress

orange halter low back maxi flared dress

Here is a fit and flare maxi dress that can make you look lean and tall. In detail, the dress is an orange halter neck backless maxi flared dress that comes with a high split design. Very interestingly, wear a pair of nude sandals to tone down the formalness of the outfit a little bit.

Criss Cross Front High Split Maxi Chiffon Wrap Dress

criss cross front high split maxi chiffon wrap dress

This is another pretty sexy and fancy looking dress. The upper part of this maxi orange dress is a criss cross neck wrap crop top that requires you to show some skin. The lower part of the dress is a chiffon high split wrap maxi skirt. For the shoes, wear gold ankle strap open toe heels to look shiny and classy.

Pleated Gathered Waist Flared Maxi Dress

pleated gathered waist flared maxi dress

To look cheerful and breezy, you can wear this orange sleeveless maxi gathered waist pleated flared dress. A simple dress like this can make you look really tall and lean. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of pale pink ankle strap open toe heels to look even more slim. Pair the outfit with a pale pink leather clutch bag if you want to look smarter.

Orange, Blue and Black Vertical Striped Maxi Chiffon Dress

orange blue and black vertical striped maxi chiffon dress

This colorful dress is perfect to wear for a garden party or a beach party. The dress is an orange, blue and black vertical striped halter neck maxi high low chiffon dress. Pair it nude platform sandals to look tall and refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed the orange maxi dress outfit ideas that I have just shared with you above. Give yourself some extra energy by wearing this cheerful looking outfits. You are going to love them.