How to Wear Peplum Blouse: 15 Simple & Chic Outfit Ideas

best peplum blouse outfit ideas for women

Today, I am going to talk about the peplum blouse, something that looks elegant and has a very unique cutting. The first question that people may ask is that what is that unique cutting for. The answer is indeed very simple. It is supposed to make you look tall and lean by making your waistline visual slimmer. It is not that difficult to style it. Usually, pairing it with skinny jeans will do. To show you more and better variations though, I have collected some of the best outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in.

White Puff Shoulder Peplum Blouse with Black Leather Leggings


To start off this list of chic outfit ideas, I am going to show you a pretty powerful business casual outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a white puff shoulder peplum blouse to make your shoulder looks slightly border which gives you some aggressiveness. Pair the blouse with black leather pants and pink heels to complete the outfit stylishly.

White Short Belted Ribbed Sweater over Peplum Blouse

white short belted ribbed sweater over peplum blouse

To form a cozy and lean layered outfit, you can wear a short ribbed and form fitting belted white sweater over a white peplum blouse for the top. Pair them with black skinny chinos and brown pointed toe heels. Finally, wear a white leather purse to look more professional and refreshing.

White Short Sleeve Peplum Blouse with Grey Skinny Jeans

white short sleeve peplum blouse with grey skinny jeans

This is a very simple yet attractive and approachable look. To form this outfit, you can simply wear a white short sleeve peplum blouse with a pair of grey cuffed skinny jeans. Now, wear a pair of orange pointed toe heels to make the outfit look more cheerful and eye catching.

White Peplum Form Fitting Blouse with Blue Cuffed Skinny Jeans

white peplum form fitting blouse with blue cuffed skinny jeans

To achieve a more refreshing and minimal look, you may want to try this outfit. For the top, wear a white short sleeve form fitting peplum blouse with a boho style statement necklace. Pair them with blue cuffed skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear brown ankle strap open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the look.

Black Belted Short Sleeve Peplum Blouse with Pink Clutch Bag

black belted short sleeve peplum blouse with pink clutch bag

Although it is obvious that a peplum blouse in white looks great, there are other colors that you can choose from that also look pretty good. For example, here is a black peplum blouse that comes with a narrow brown leather belt. You can pair it with a leopard print scarf, black skinny pants and pink pointed toe heels to complete the outfit in a low profile and elegant way.

White Lace Sleeveless Blouse with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

white lace sleeveless blouse with dark blue skinny jeans

Here is a refreshing and artistic look thanks to the brilliant use of accessories. To achieve this amazing look, wear a white sleeveless lace peplum blouse with a pair of dark blue ankle skinny jeans. Pair these pieces with brown leather open toe ankle boots and a brown felt hat to look stylish and artistic.

Black and White Striped Peplum Top with Cardigan

black and white striped peplum top with cardigan

This is a smart and stylish way to style a peplum blouse. In detail, choose a black and white striped peplum blouse and pair it with a white blazer. For the bottom, wear blue skinny jeans and a pair of pink pointed toe heels. Finally, wear a pale pink leather purse to look even more feminine.

White Off The Shoulder Peplum Top with Black Leather Pants


If you want to show off your beautiful shoulders and collarbones a little bit, here is a minimal and low-key sexy outfit that you may want to try. Simply wear an off-shoulder white peplum blouse with black leather leggings. Complete the outfit with a pair of red suede ballet heels to make yourself eye catching.

White Lace Top with Grey Leather Jacket

white lace top with grey leather jacket

To achieve this girl-next-door look, you can wear a white lace peplum blouse with a dark grey leather jacket for the top. Pair them with grey cuffed skinny jeans and black ballet flats to complete the outfit in a clean and simple way. The result is a very smart and approachable look.

Royal Blue Peplum Blouse with Cuffed Skinny Jeans

royal blue peplum blouse with cuffed skinny jeans

Up to this point, I have shown you quite a few white or black blouses. Now, let’s look at a more unique royal blue peplum blouse. To style it, you can simply wear it with greyish blue cuffed skinny jeans. Wear royal blue ballet flats to match with the blouse perfectly.

Striped Peplum Top with Black Wool Blazer

striped peplum top with black wool blazer

To achieve a very cozy and comfortable business casual look, you can wear a white and black striped peplum blouse with a black wool blazer and a crepe and navy plaid linen scarf for the top. Pair them with blue ripped skinny jeans, light grey suede ankle boots and a brown leather purse to complete the sophisticated yet comfortable looking outfit.

White Sleeveless Blouse with Black Skinny Chinos

white sleeveless blouse wth black skinny chinos

To achieve this smart and simple business casual look, you can simply wear a white sleeveless peplum blouse that has some subtle lace details. Pair it with black skinny chinos and a pair of red ballet heels. Wear a black briefcase to look professional and slightly unisex.

White Long Sleeve Peplum Top with Black Chinos & Red Heels

white long sleeve peplum top with black chinos and red heels

This is a very minimal yet attractive black and white look. For the top, simply wear a white long sleeve fitted peplum blouse. Pair it with black skinny chinos. For the shoes, wear a pair of burgundy cutout open toe heels to look elegant and deep.

White Halter Peplum Blouse with Black Skinny Pants

white halter peplum blouse with black skinny pants

To look slightly more eye catching and powerful, you can pair a white halter neck peplum blouse with a gold statement necklace. For the rest of the outfit, wear black skinny chinos, a pair of tribal printed sandals and a black leather shoulder bag to look unique and stylish.

White Floral Embroidered Sleeveless Peplum Blouse with Red Wide Leg Pants

white floral embroidered sleeveless peplum blouse with red wide leg pants

To look absolutely eye catching, you can wear a pair of bright red wide leg pants. Pair it with a white sleeveless floral embroidered peplum blouse and pink pointed toe heels to add a feminine touch that balance out the aggressiveness of the red pants.

I hope you enjoyed the peplum blouse outfit ideas that has been mentioned above. For those of you who are looking for ways to look elegant and lean, these outfit ideas are relatively easy ways to help you do just that.