13 Best Ways on How to Wear Polo Shirt for Women

While polo shirts definitely look nice on men, women indeed can look pretty good wearing them too. In the fashion world that is flooded with t shirts, blouses, and dresses, polo shirts are truly being ignored. To be honest, there are only so many ways to style a polo shirt as the key to look good with it is to wear it as part of a simple outfit. Having said that, as usual, I will do my very best to come up with my top outfit ideas on how to wear a polo shirt and hopefully you can use it as a helpful reference.

White Polo Shirt with Skinny Jeans & Heeled Sandals

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As mentioned, keep things very simple is the key when it comes to polo shirt outfit ideas. When do you wear a polo shirt anyway. To me, I think a good time would be a visit to my neighbour or when I have line up for something in a government department or a bank which I want to dress in a way that I am very comfortable yet I still want to look decent and mature. Anyway, back to this outfit, you can simply wear a white polo shirt with skinny jeans and heeled sandals.

Grey Form Fitting Polo Shirt & Black Shorts

grey form fitting polo shirt black shorts
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There isn’t a huge variety of ways to style a polo shirt and that’s why the color and the cutting both matter so much. For this outfit, you have a grey form-fitting polo shirt that is slightly long. With black shorts and white sneakers, the outfit can really emphasize your slim waistline and long legs.

White Polo Shirt with Denim Mini Skirt

white polo shirt denim skirt outfit
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A chic way to wear a white polo shirt is to pair it with a denim mini skirt. You can definitely wear heeled sandals for a more elegant look, while white sneakers can make a causal street look. I can imagine that this outfit still looks really nice if you replace the polo shirt with a white button up shirt, but the style and feel would be very different. The outfit with the button up shirt would be more like a work outfit, while with a polo shirt, you seem more like in a leisure mood, as if you are going golfing.

Grey Long Sleeve Skinny-Fit Polo Shirt with White Jeans

grey long sleeve skinny fit polo shirt outfit
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For this outfit, you can see the huge advantage of having a slim waistline. If you are one of those who are in such a great shape, you may consider wearing this outfit of a grey, long sleeve, skinny-fit polo shirt with low waisted white jeans. Add a little character to the outfit by wearing a dog tag.

Wear with Flare Jeans

white polo shirt flare jeans
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Although I love boyfriend jeans much more than flare jeans, not because of where the fashion trend is at these days, but because of the way boyfriend jeans allow me to freely and comfortably move around, flare jeans do look nice if you wear them with the right items. As a good example of this, this outfit consists of a white polo shirt, black flare jeans and boots.

Blue Long Sleeve Polo Shirt with White Shorts

blue long sleeve skinny fit polo shirt
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If you like to stand out from the crowd every now and then, you can do it by wearing clothes with really catchy color, like the royal blue. You can simply wear a royal blue polo shirt with a white skirt and white oxford shoes.

Wear with Pink and White Striped Flare Skirt

polo shirt pink striped flare skirt
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The polo shirt often give you that unisex feel. To wear it in a feminine way, you can pair a white polo shirt with a pink and white striped flare skirt and pale pink heels. A minor thing to note for this outfit is that you should tuck your shirt in and the shirt should be skinny fit. Otherwise, it can easily look clunky.

Navy Polo Shirt with White Shorts

navy polo shirt white shorts outfit
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As simple as this outfit seems, this is actually my favorite outfit idea among the list. I would say you won’t be able to look as good as this if you replace the polo shit in this case with a t shirt. The cuttings and colors have a lot to do with that. To achieve this beautiful casual look, wear a form-fitting navy polo shirt with white denim shorts and sneakers.

Red Polo Shirt Dress with White Loafers

red polo shirt dress white loafers outfit
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It is not exactly a polo shirt, rather, it is a polo shirt dress. But it looks so nice that I just have to put it here. I like it so much that may even do another blog post on polo shirt dress some day. Anyway, back to this outfit, it simply consists of a red polo shirt dress and white loafers.

Cropped Grey Polo Shirt with White Jeans

cropped grey polo shirt white jeans
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This polo shirt actually surprises me a little by breaking the way I think of polo shirts. I never thought of them as something you can wear to look sexy. Looks like I am wrong. You can look low-key sexy by wearing the dark grey cropped polo shirt with white jeans and sneakers.

Blue Polo Shirt with Ripped Jeans

blue polo shirt with ripped jeans
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This outfit is here to emphasize my point that the key to style a polo shirt is to keep things simple. A plain, form fitting blue polo shirt and ripped jeans put together look pretty good to me.

Wear with Cheetah Skirt

polo shirt cheetah skirt outfit
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This outfit is probably the only one that still looks nice without obeying my rule of keeping the outfit simple. The outfit consists of a white polo shirt and a cheetah skirt. The outfit is obviously unique and it will require you to have some strong character to pull off.

Black Polo Shirt with Black Skinny Jeans

black polo shirt skinny jeans
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For a really casual and low profile street outfit, you can simple wear a black polo shirt with black skinny jeans. Balance out the black with white sneakers.

So, here are some of the best polo shirt outfit ideas I have put together. Hopefully, you would agree with me that polo shirts actually look good on women too.