15 Top Outfit Ideas: What to Wear with Printed Leggings

Very often, I talk about a lot of outfit ideas that either focus on the tops or the pants. Leggings and stockings are mostly used for adding just a little touch of extra something. Very interestingly, I would like to talk about something totally opposite for this blog post. I am exploring how you can look amazing by building an outfit with the printed leggings as the focal point. I am about to share with some of the best tips on what to wear with printed leggings.

Printed Leggings with Knee High Boots & Long Sleeve White Tee


One of the best and easy ways to styling colorful and eye catching leggings is to wear them with something white at the top. That is how you can avoid awkward color combination when wearing leggings that have some many random colors. This outfit consists of a long sleeve white t shirt, the printed leggings and a white knit scarf. Wear knee high leather boots as the cool factors in leather boots can perfectly balance out the randomness in the leggings.

Light Blue T Shirt Dress with Printed Leggings & Knee High Boots

light blue tee dress printed leggings

To be honest, you don’t have a whole lot of choice for color for your top as mentioned in the previous outfit idea. If you don’t want to wear a white top, you can wear something very close to white like a light blue t shirt dress. Similar to the previous outfit, add a touch of roughness by wearing the knee high boots.

Wear with Navy Cardigan & U Neck Black Tee

navy cardigan printed leggings outfit

Instead of choosing a pair of printed leggings with some many colors, you can alternative pick one that is just black and white. That way, you can wear it with a black tee shirt and a navy cardigan. Finish the outfit with black knee high leather boots for a consistent black and white look.

Wear with Light Blue Sweater & Knee High Boots

light blue sweater knee high boots printed leggings

Here is another outfit idea that uses the light blue top and colorful leggings combination. So, simply wear the printed leggings with a light blue sweater and mid-calf boots. Optionally wear a white knit hat for a touch of cuteness.

Denim Jacket & Oversized White Tee

denim jacket oversized tee printed leggings

Printed leggings look nice with a oversized white t shirt too. To avoid looking too sloppy, wear a form fitting denim jacket to maintain a good overall proportion. Wear ankle boots to complete the casual outfit.

Floral Leggings with White Long Sleeve T Shirt & Boots

floral printed leggings white long sleeve tee

This pair of leggings is a unique looking one that uses the color of white as the main color with some printed patterns of roses. Again, keep it simple by pairing the leggings with a long sleeve white t shirt and knee high leather boots.

Floral Leggings with Black Leather Jacket

floral leggings black leather jacket

When it comes to floral leggings that uses black as the main background color, things get easily in terms of what to wear for the top. You can almost view the leggings as black skinny jeans. You can simply wear them with a black sweater and leather jacket for the top. Wear a pair of pale pink heels just like you would with black skinny jeans.

Black Blouse & Floral Leggings

oversized long sleeve black t shirt floral leggings

As mentioned earlier, white is one color that is safe to wear with colorful printed leggings, the other two would be grey and black. More specifically, I am going to talk about the black top for this outfit. Although I would argue that a white top does look much more refreshing than a black top in such situation, black gives a more secretive feel. For this outfit, wear a black blouse for the top and pair it with the printed leggings and pink heels.

Wear with Grey Cowl Neck Sweater & Brown Knee High Boots

grey cowl neck sweater floral printed leggings

A cowl neck sweater can add some variety to your outfit but you have to do it right to avoid looking weird. A good example is to wear a grey cowl neck sweater with printed leggings and brown knee high boots.

Camo Printed Leggings with Grey Knit Cardigan

como printed leggings grey knit cardigan

If you want to get creative with the patterns in the printed leggings, try the camo printed leggings. Pair them with a white t shirt and a grey knit cardigan.

Wear Blue and White Printed Leggings with Tiffany Blue Tee

blue printed leggings tiffany t shirt

I have to include this outfit idea simply because of the creative use of colors. The tiffany blue t shirt looks well matched with the blue and white printed leggings.

Floral Leggings with Oversized White and Black Checked Blazer

floral leggings oversized checked blazer

Here is another outfit idea that involves the floral leggings. Pair them with an oversized checked white blazer. Complete the outfit that is a low-key way to power dress with red heels.

Wear with Royal Blue Tee & Black Cardigan

royal blue t shirt printed leggings

If you are so adventurous that you want to try wear printed leggings with tops of colors other than white, black and grey, and you are confident about your ability to style colorful outfits, you may want to give this outfit a try. Wear the leggings with a royal blue t shirt, a black cardigan and black knee high leather boots. By the way, you can check out more royal blue outfit ideas in our other blog post.

Wear with White Knit Sweater Dress with Brown Vest

white knit sweater dress printed leggings

Here is another example of wearing a white knit sweater with a pair of colorful printed leggings. To add a little bit of twist, wear a brown vest and color matching boots.

Bat Sleeve Grey Top with Floral Leggings

bat sleeve grey top floral leggings

Remember the trick of wearing loose-top-tight-bottom with heels for a feminine look? You can do that by wearing a grey bat sleeve sweater with printed leggings and heels.

I hope that you enjoy the list of printed leggings outfit ideas I have put together. To be honest, they are not really as easy to pull off as say denim jacket outfit ideas. The printed leggings simply is one of those items that look good with some people and awkward with some others. So, I highly recommend you to try them on and see which group of people you belong to.