How to Wear Purple Cardigan: 15 Lovely Outfit Ideas for Ladies

Sometimes, I view the cardigan as a type of accessory instead of a type of clothing. Because you can simply quickly put it on in seconds and you won’t mess up your hair or the rest of outfit like you probably would when you wear something like a sweater. Today, I am going to more specifically talk about the purple cardigan, something that can make you look lovely, ladylike and cozy. It is something that is very easy to style and to pull off. To make things even easier for you, let me show you some of the best purple cardigan outfit ideas that I have collected now.

Dark Purple Cardigan with Ripped Blue Cuffed Skinny Jeans


Wear a dark purple cardigan can look pretty different from wearing a light purple one. Let me first show you how you can style the dark purple cardigan. You can simply wear it with a white t shirt for the top. Pair them with blue ripped and cuffed skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear camel suede ankle boots to add a stylish and feminine touch to the outfit.

Long Purple Cardigan with White Scoop Neck Vest Top & Denim Skirt

long purple cardigan with white scoop neck vest top and denim skirt

One little trick to make your legs look long and slim is to pair a long cardigan with a short skirt. In this case, a long purple cardigan is paired with light blue ripped mini denim skirt. For the rest of the outfit, wear a white scoop neck vest top and a pair of leopard print suede flats.

Purple Sleeveless Chiffon Cardigan with White Blouse

purple sleeveless chiffon cardigan with white blouse

To look stylish and unique, instead of wearing a typical long sleeve purple cardigan, wear a long and sleeveless one that is made of chiffon. Pair it with a white blouse and a boho style statement necklace. Wear dark blue cuffed jeans and a pair of grey suede high heels to look more elegant.

Long Ribbed Light Purple Cardigan with White Skinny Jeans

long ribbed light purple cardigan with white skinny jeans

This light purple and white look kinds of remind me of some refreshing sky blue and white outfits I have previously covered. To form this refreshing look, you can wear a light purple ribbed midi length cardigan with a white deep v neck vest top and white skinny jeans. Wear pink ankle strap open toe heels to look more ladylike and attractive.

Purple Cardigan with Black Printed and Belted Tunic

purple cardigan with black printed and belted tunic

To form this unique and smart look, you can wear a black patterned tunic top that comes with a black narrow leather belt which can make you look tall and lean. Layer a purple cardigan over it. Complete the outfit with black leggings and dark grey suede ankle boots to look beautiful and poise.

Purple Buttoned Cardigan with Navy and Grey Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

purple buttoned cardigan with navy and grey plaid boyfriend shirt

You can create this cool business casual outfit by using some layering tricks. For the top, wear a purple buttoned fitted cardigan over a grey and navy plaid boyfriend flannel shirt. Let the collar and the hem of the shirt peek out. Wear black skinny jeans and grey leather knee high boots to look stylish.

Purple Cardigan with Light Pink Long Sleeve Tee

purple cardigan with light pink long sleeve tee

To achieve a really casual street outfit that you may want to wear when you just want to quickly go out and grab something to eat, you can wear a purple cardigan with a pale pink long sleeve t shirt. Pair them with grey slim cut pants and, very creatively, a pair of golden flats.

Wear with Matching Purple Tee & Dark Blue Jeans

matching purple tee and dark blue jeans

To look ladylike and cozy, you can wear a purple cardigan over a purple t shirt. Add a pale yellow knit infinity scarf to the mix to look even more lovely. Wear a pair of dark blue cuffed straight leg jeans and brown and yellow leather oxford shoes to complete the outfit stylishly.

Long Cardigan with Black and White Striped Mock Neck Fitted Top

long cardigan with black and white striped mock neck fitted top

To form this stylish layered outfit, you can wear a black and white striped mock neck form fitting long sleeve tee with a long purple cardigan layered over it. Wear a light blue mini denim high waisted skirt to look lean and youthful. For the shoes, wear grey leather ankle boots for an extra stylish touch.

Purple Cardigan with White Ruffle Neckline Blouse

grey cardigan with white ruffle neckline blouse

To achieve this lovely business casual outfit, you can wear a white ruffle neckline blouse with a purple cardigan. The interesting part is to roll the sleeves of the blouse and the cardigan together to create some beautiful layers. Wear black skinny jeans and a pair of purple ballet flats to complete the look.

Wear with White Blouse & Grey Wide Leg Linen Pants

white blouse and grey wide leg linen pants

To form a lean and tall look, you can use the trick of wearing something narrow for the top and something wide for the bottom. For example, you can wear a white fitted blouse with a fitted purple cardigan for the top. Pair them with grey wide leg linen pants and pink heels.

Pale Purple Cardigan with Matching Sleeveless Shift Mini Tulip Dress

pale purple cardigan with matching sleeveless shift mini tulip dress

To achieve this super chic and minimal look, you can wear a light purple long cardigan with a mini darker purple sleeveless tulip dress to make your legs look extra long. Wear a pair of light grey suede heeled sandals to complete the outfit with a ladylike touch.

Purple Cardigan with White Strapless Peplum Top

purple cardigan with white strapless peplum top

To look low-key sexy, you can reveal your collarbones by wearing a white strapless peplum top and layer a purple cardigan over it to make the skin showing more low-key and natural. Wear black chinos and pale pink ankle strap open toe heels to look more ladylike and elegant.

Fitted Purple Cardigan with White Tee & Black Pencil Skirt

fitted purple cardigan with white tee and black pencil skirt

To achieve a minimal and youthful business casual look, here is an outfit that you may want to try. You can simply wear a white t shirt with a purple fitted button up cardigan. Pair them with a black mini pencil skirt and white ribbon flats to look clean and lovely.

Here are the purple cardigan outfit ideas that can make you look cozy and lovely. Most important, they are very easy to pull off. Try them on and see if you can bring out the lovely part of your character even more.