How to Wear Ruched Dress: Best 15 Outfit Ideas

best ruched dress outfit ideas

For those of you who don’t already know, the ruched dress is actually a thing. It is so interesting that the ruched design can actually make a dress look more feminine and more eye catching. You have to be very careful when you choose a ruched dress though. It is not good to over do it. As I know some of you are not too familiar with it, I have put together a list of some of the best ruched dress outfit ideas to give you some tips on how to style it. Let’s check out the list right now.

Green Ruched Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress


This green ruched short sleeve bodycon dress has a classic and typical design. It is a good place to start before we take a look at other more creative designs. To style this beautiful dress, you can wear heeled sandals that has the exact same color as the dress to form a feminine outfit.

Dark Green Ruched Tank Bodycon Dress

dark green ruched tank bodycon dress

A ruched dress is best for wearing to cocktail parties and proms. Here is a simple yet sexy dress that can make you shine in the events. It is a dark green ruched midi bodycon dress. Pair it with pale pink heeled sandals to complete a sexy and elegant look.

Deep V Neck Bodycon Mini Dress with Black Choker

deep v neck bodycon mini dress black choker

Let’s continue to look at some beautiful cocktail dresses that can make you stand out from the crowd. This is a black deep v neck ruched bodycon mini dress. You can simply wear it with black ankle strap open toe heels. To add an extra stylish touch to the outfit, you can wear a black choker necklace.

Pale Pink Deep V Neck Ruched Bodycon Dress

pale pink deep v neck ruched bodycon dress

As you can see from the previous outfits, a ruched bodycon dress is a feminine and elegant looking dress. If you want to even take it to another level, you may want to choose a pink dress to look even more ladylike. This pale pink deep v neck dress is a great example. You can pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels to form a simple yet extremely sexy and feminine outfit.

Pale Pink Dress with Green Button Up Shirt

pale pink dress green button up shirt

If you want to wear a ruched dress in a more casual way, say you want to wear it for dating or hangouts, you can tone it down a little bit by pairing it with the right pieces. For example, you can wear this pale pink ruched dress with a green short sleeve button up shirt as an overlay to make the outfit look more casual and stylish. Pair the outfit with nude heeled sandals and a brown leather purse to complete the outfit.

Black Ruched Dress with Strappy Sandals

black ruched dress strappy sandals

For those of you who prefer to remain low-key in cocktail parties and proms, here is an outfit that you might be looking for. The outfit consists of a black ruched bodycon dress and black strappy heeled sandals. Although the outfit seems low profile, it still looks amazing due to the beautiful details such as the strappy heels and the ruched details.

Blush Pink Ruched Wrap Maxi Dress

blush pink ruched wrap maxi dress

Now, let’s take at look at a more high-profile dress with a more creative design. It is a blush pink ruched maxi dress that has a faux warp dress cutting. The dress is so attractive and beautiful in its own right that you really don’t have to do much with it. Simply pair it with pale pink ankle strap open toe heels and you will look amazing.

Pale Pink Ruched Shirt Dress

pale pink ruched shirt dress

Here is yet another very creatively designed dress. This time, it is a pale pink ruched shirt dress. The top half of the dress is like a button up shirt that is worn as a deep v neck top. The bottom half is like a ruched bodycon mini skirt. With the tie-waist design, this dress simply looks unique and elegant. Wear the outfit with silver open toe heels to shine in proms and cocktail parties.

Blush Pink Gathered Waist V Neck Ruched Dress

blush pink gathered waist v neck ruched dress

Here is a sexy looking dress that doesn’t really require you to show much skin. It is a blush pink gathered waist ruched bodycon dress that can let you show off your curves. For the shoes, wear pale pink open toe heels to keep the feminine feel consistent.

White Tube Ruched Bodycon Dress

white off the shoulder ruched bodycon dress

This is very iconic design for a ruched dress. It is a white tube ruched bodycon dress that simply looks gorgeous and timeless. I would recommend you to wear silver ankle strap open toe heels to pair with the dress. If you want to see more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to check out our blog post on how to style silver heels.

Grey T Shirt Dress with Flat Cap

grey t shirt dress flat cap

It is quite rare to see a ruched dress comes in the form of a t shirt dress. It simply looks casual and unique. You should grab one if you get a chance to really spice up your casual street outfit. Anyway, back to this outfit, you can wear this grey ruched t shirt dress with black ankle strap heels to create a casual and feminine look. Pair the outfit with a grey flat cap to make the outfit more unique and stylish.

Burgundy Criss Cross Strap Velvet Dress

burgundy criss cross strap velvet dress

Here is an extremely sexy and elegant dress that you can wear for proms and formal events. It is a burgundy criss cross strap velvet maxi dress. Pair it with gold strappy heels to create an eye catching and classy look.

Gold Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress

gold sequin bodycon mini dress

Here is a sparkly dress that will almost definitely grab all the attention in a cocktail party and it is a gold sequin ruched bodycon dress. Pair it with white heeled sandals to complete a remarkable and shiny look.

Grey Bodycon Midi Dress with Sandals

grey bodycon midi dress sandals

For a springtime hangout, here is a feminine and mature outfit that you may consider. Wear a grey bodycon ruched mini dress with white sandals to look casual and ladylike.

Blue Polka Dot Skater Dress

blue polka dot skater dress

Here is a beautiful blue polka dot skater dress that comes with some subtle ruched details around the chest area. Pair the lovely dress with brown open toe heels to complete an adorable outfit.

I hope you like the ruched dress outfit ideas I have mentioned above. I think the ruched dresses are seriously underrated. Try to pick on outfit from the list above to wear for your cocktail party. Look good in a ruched dress before it becomes part of the mainstream.