How to Wear Sparkly Jumpsuit: 15 Stunning Outfit Ideas

best sparkly jumpsuit outfit ideas

If you are the type of ladies that love to have fun and dress in a very eye catching way for a cocktail party, a sparkly jumpsuit is such a great alternative to other types of sexy or shiny dresses. If you don’t like dressing in an eye catching and playful way every now and then, I am not going to convince you to do that but you should know that you may be missing a lot of fun. Anyway, the sparkly jumpsuit isn’t that difficult to style but it is quite difficult to pull off. Let’s take a look at some of the best sparkly jumpsuit outfit ideas I have collected and see if any of them suits you.

Silver Deep V Neck Sparkly Jumpsuit


I am going to start off the list with a very sexy looking outfit to try to get your attention. Here is a silver deep v neck silver sparkly jumpsuit. If you look closely, it comes with a lovely ribbon bow belt to balance out the aggressiveness of the jumpsuit. You can simply pair it with pale pink pointed toe heels and you are ready to shine in a cocktail party.

Rose Gold Low Back Wide Leg Sparkly Jumpsuit

rose gold low back wide leg sparkly jumpsuit

If deep v neck outfit is not your cup of tea but you still want to show some skin and look sexy, here is a rose gold low back wide leg sequin jumpsuit that allows you to show some skin at your back. To make the outfit even shinier, you can pair the jumpsuit with gold metallic pointed toe pumps.

Black Wide Leg Sparkly Jumpsuit

black wide leg sparkly jumpsuit

For a sparkly look, gold and silver are not your only choices. You can look deep and stylish if you opt for the black sparkly look. For example, here is a black wide leg sequin sparkly jumpsuit that will simply grab people’s attention in a cocktail party. You can simply wear it with a pair of black ankle strap open toe heels and a black leather clutch bag to complete the outfit with style.

Black Halter Neck Sequin Skinny Tight Jumpsuit

black halter neck sequin skinny tight jumpsuit

If you have put the effort into keep yourself in a great shape, this outfit is for you. It is a black halter skinny sequin jumpsuit that simply show all your curves. Pair the jumpsuit with black pointed toe pumps and a black leather clutch bag to complete this cool and eye catching all-black look.

Silver Halter Sparkly Jumpsuit with Black Faux Fur Gloves

silver halter sparkly jumpsuit black faux fur gloves

This is a stunning silver and black look that is quite difficult to pull off indeed. It will take a confident and charismatic lady to pull it off. To achieve this look, wear a silver halter sequin belted jumpsuit and pair it with black strappy platform sandals. Wear a pair of black faux fur gloves to make the outfit even more unique and elegant.

Rose Gold Jumpsuit with Sparkly Long Cardigan

rose gold jumpsuit sparkly long cardigan

This is a very cool superwoman-like outfit. It consists of a rose gold sequin halter neck skinny jumpsuit and a gold sparkly long cardigan that almost looks like a cape. For the shoes, simply wear a pair of pale pink pointed toe heels to make with the gold rose pieces.

Rose Gold Gathered Waist Wide Leg Jumpsuit

rose gold gathered waist wide leg jumpsuit

Due to the relaxed fit cutting of this jumpsuit, it looks much more natural and it is easier to pull off compared to others in this list. It is a rose gold deep v neck gathered waist wide leg sparkly jumpsuit. You can simply pair it with pale pink heels to complete this simple yet amazing outfit.

Strapless Tapered Leg Black Sparkly Jumpsuit

strapless tapered leg black sparkly jumpsuit

This is a very stylish black strapless tapered leg sequin sparkly jumpsuit. It comes with a black belt that makes the jumpsuit looks even more stylish. It is less exaggerated compared to all the gold and silver ones. You can simply pair the jumpsuit black pointed toe pumps.

Semi-Sheer Silver Sparkly Wide Leg Jumpsuit

semi sheer silver sparkly wide leg jumpsuit

Up to this point, we have seen quite a few aggressive and powerful looking jumpsuits, let’s do a 180 degree turn and look at one that is more feminine and elegant. Here is a silver semi-sheer sparkly jumpsuit that comes with extra wide leg cuttings that makes it look very much like a maxi dress. Pair the jumpsuit with a pair of silver ankle strap open toe heels and a silver sequin clutch purse to complete this gorgeous all-silver outfit.

Long Sleeve Semi-Sheer Silver Jumpsuit

long sleeve semi sheer silver jumpsuit

Here is another semi-sheer jumpsuit but I would say that this one is even more easy to pull off and it looks even cooler. It is a long sleeve silver jumpsuit that looks like a button up shirt attached with a pair of pants. You can wear a silver bralette and silver hot pants inside the semi-sheer jumpsuit. Wear silver heels to complete this amazing silver outfit.

Black Skinny Tight Jumpsuit with Silver Sequin Details

black skinny tight jumpsuit silver sequin details

This is a very unique black skinny jumpsuit that is covered with silver sequin. This is a jumpsuit that is absolutely difficult to pull off so you should really self-evaluate and decide if you have the right body and character to pull this off. To complete this outfit, simply wear black ankle strap open toe heels.

Black Deep V Neck Jumpsuit with Silver Sparkly Pattern

black deep v neck jumpsuit silver sparkly pattern

This is a subtly sparkly outfit. It is basically a black jumpsuit that has some silver sparkly pattern covering part of the jumpsuit. Pair it with black open toe heels to complete a simple yet eye catching outfit.

Spaghetti Strap Black Sequin Jumpsuit

spaghetti strap black sequin jumpsuit

This is a very stylish black spaghetti strap black sparkly jumpsuit that is actually quite easy to pull off. You can simply pair it with nude ankle strap open toe heels to look simple and chic.

Flared Leg Black Sparkly Jumpsuit

flared leg black sparkly jumpsuit

For a stylish and powerful all-black look, you can wear a black sequin jumpsuit that has a flared leg cutting. Just pair it with black heels to look cool and dark. You can even wear a black choker to look even more stylish.

I hope you like the sparkly jumpsuit outfit ideas I have shared with you above. It is simply fun to wear eye catching outfits to cocktail parties and proms, especially if your friends are willing to do that together.