How to Wear Square Neck Dress: Best 15 Outfit Ideas

The fashion world of dresses are so deep that just when I thought I has covered all types of dresses in this website, I found that another beautiful type of dress that I just can’t stop myself from sharing with you. That is the square neck dress that I am going to talk about how to style today. In order to show some of really good ideas, I have collected some very good looking square neck dress outfit ideas and I have put them into a short and exciting list. Let’s check it out now.

Black Square Neck Skater Dress


Let’s begin with a cool and minimal look. To achieve that, you can simply wear a plain black square neck skater dress. This particular one doesn’t require you to show much skin and it is indeed very easy to pull off. To wear it elegantly, you can simply pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels and a black leather purse.

White Low Square Neck Midi Bodycon Dress

white low square neck midi bodycon dress

Of course, a square neck dress can get very sexy if the neckline is lowered. Here is a simple yet sexy white square neck bodycon midi dress that is perfect to wear for cocktail parties and proms. You can simply pair the dress with black open toe heels to achieve a minimal all-white look.

Black Square Neck Midi Ruffle Hem Dress

black square neck midi ruffle hem dress

Here is yet another version of square neck cutting that has the neckline almost as high as the crew neck cutting. The black midi dress also has a ruffle hem that looks cute and ladylike. If you are wearing this outfit to a cocktail party, I would recommend you to wear silver open toe heels to make the outfit look more eye catching and classy.

Red Half Sleeve Belted Sheath Knee Length Dress

red half sleeve belted sheath knee length dress

For a lovely and sharp look, you can wear this red half-sleeve belted sheath dress. The narrow brown belt that comes with the dress really adds a nifty and lovely touch to the dress. You can simply pair the dress with pale pink open toe heels to complete this simple yet beautiful outfit.

Black Square Neck Pinafore Skater Dress

black square neck pinafore skater dress

If you think the previous outfit is not lovely enough, here is another attempt that you will likely be satisfied with. For a girly and adorable look, you can wear a white t shirt and then wear a black square neck pinafore skater mini dress over it. Pair them with white sneakers or black and white high top converse to complete this refreshing and amazing look.

Mutli-Colored Striped Square Neck Skater Mini Dress

multi colored striped square neck skater mini dress

To achieve a cheerful and colorful look, here is a playfully designed dress that you may want to try. It is a black, red, white and black striped square neck mini skater dress that looks cute and eye catching. You can simply wear nude heels with the dress to complete the outfit in a simple and clean way.

Spaghetti Strap Black Sequin Tube Dress

spaghetti strap black sequin tube dress

This is a very different type of square neck dress. If you think about it, any spaghetti strap tube dress can form the cool square neck cutting. Anyway, this is a black sequin mini tube dress that allows you to show your curves without showing much skin. Simply pair it with black open toe heels or silver open toe heels to shine in a cocktail party.

Black Floral Wide Sleeve Shift Dress

black floral wide sleeve shift dress

For those of you think that black dresses are too formal and serious, think twice. Here is a black floral wide sleeve shift dress that looks playful and creative. More than that, the cutting is so breezy and relaxed and that makes it very easy for most people to wear it beautifully. Pair it with pale pink heeled sandals to make the outfit look more refreshing and light.

Purple Gathered Waist Midi Sheath Dress

purple gathered waist midi sheath dress

If you want to stand out from the rest in a cocktail party or a prom, you basically have three options: cutting, texture, and color. In this case, we will try the latter option. You can simply wear a purple gathered waist sheath dress to look attractive. Of course, the silver open heels and the gold clutch purse do help a lot in making this outfit more eye catching.

Bright Red Square Neck Cap Sleeve Bodycon Dress

bright red square neck cap sleeve bodycon dress

For an absolutely eye catching look, all you need is a bright red square neck cap sleeve mini dress. The red dress is already very beautiful and feminine in its own right. To add an extra feminine touch, you can pair the dress with pink open toe platform heels to complete the minimal outfit.

Black Three Quarter Sleeve Square Neck Bodycon Dress

black three quarter sleeve square neck bodycon dress

Here is another simple outfit that doesn’t require any accessories to look good. The dress is a black square neck three square sleeve midi bodycon dress. Pair it with silver sequin heels to look beautiful and shiny. If you look closely, one of the reasons why the dress can make you look so good is that the square neck are so wide that the collarbones are revealed.

White Bell Sleeve Lace Shift Dress

white bell sleeve lace shift dress

Here is a lovely white dress that you can build a pure and innocent outfit with. To achieve that look, you can simply wear this white bell sleeve lace mini shift dress with white open toe heels. To add a little bit of boho style to the mix, wear a long stylish necklace and some boho style bracelets to spice up the outfit a little bit.

Red Ruffle Strap Square Neck Mini Dress

red ruffle strap square neck mini dress

Usually, when I talk about ruffle dresses, I often refer to those that have the ruffle details in the hems of the dresses. This dress, though, has a very unique design that has the ruffle details both in the hem and in the straps. You can simply pair this creatively designed red square neck dress with red ankle strap open toe heels to create a sharp all-red look.

Black Bodycon Midi Dress with Silver Choker Necklace

black bodycon midi dress silver choker necklace

For an elegant look, you can wear a black square neck bodycon midi dress. Pair it with black ankle strap open toe heels to form a typical outfit that you can wear for cocktail parties. To make the outfit less typical and more elegant, you can add a silver choker necklace to take this outfit to another level.

Black Floral Square Neck Mini Skater Dress

black floral square neck mini skater dress

For a youthful and refreshing outfit that can likely make you stand out from the rest in proms and parties, here is a black floral square neck mini skater dress. Simply pair it with pale pink open toe heels to complete this lovely outfit.

I hope you like the square neck dress outfit ideas that I have shared with you. The square neck cutting is a very nifty design that makes subtle yet beautiful difference for your dress and outfit.