15 Best Tips on How to Wear Suede Boots

best suede boots outfit ideas

For smart and stylish looks, leather boots are perfect. If you want something that looks more feminine and matte instead of shiny looking, suede boots may just be what you are looking for. Like leather boots, suede boots come in different forms like ankle boots and knee high boots and you can wear them with both work outfits and casual outfits. For this blog post, I try to put together a wide variety of suede boots outfit ideas in an attempt to answer your question of how to wear suede boots. Let’s check them out now.

White Knit Sweater Dress & Knee High Suede Boots


For a feminine and lovely look, you can simply wear a white, high neck sweater dress with a pair of brown thigh high boots. The texture of knit and suede just happen to be perfect match. It is one of those two-item outfit that demonstrates how one plus one is more than two. As minimal as this outfit, it can really make you stand out in the winter and the fall.

White Tee, Denim Skirt & Suede Boots

white tee denim shirt blanket scarf suede boots

For a more complex outfit with more layers, you can wear a white t shirt with a denim skirt and knee high suede boots. Both grey and brown boots will look perfectly matched with the outfit. For an additional touch of elegance and randomness, wear a striped blanket scarf to complete the outfit.

Wear with Black Sweater Dress & Long Wool Coat

black sweater dress wool coat suede boots

Compared to the mentioned white sweater dress outfit, this outfit also involves a sweater dress yet look very different in terms of the style. This outfit is obviously darker using the colors of black and grey. For the top, wear a black sweater dress and a black long wool coat layered over it. Pair these pieces with grey thigh high boots.

Wear with High Neck Knit Sweater Dress

high neck knit sweater suede boots

For an outfit that uses much warmer color and that has a softer tone, you can wear a high neck white knit sweater dress. Layer a grey cardigan over it. Wear black stockings and mid calf suede boots.

T Shirt Dress with Ripped Jeans

tee dress ripped jeans suede ankle boots

Having talked about a few outfit ideas that involve long suede boots, let’s talk about one that uses the suede ankle boots. This outfit is a casual one that is perfect for casual hangouts. Simply wear a grey t shirt dress with ripped skinny jeans. Cuff the jeans and pair with brown suede ankle boots.

Ankle Suede Boots with Black Leather Jacket & Leggings

ankle suede boots leather jacket leggings

For an all-black look, you can simply wear a black leather jacket for the top. Pair it with black leggings and black ankle suede boots. Instead of looking shiny all over the place with leather leggings and legging boots, this matte version of all-black look is more subtle and less aggressive.

Wear with Grey Sweater Dress & Plaid Scarf

white sweater dress plaid scarf outfit

For suede boots, my favorite color has is brown as it is very easy look good with outfit of different colors. So is the color of black. It’s just that matte black may not be as eye catching as matte brown. Having said that, you can definitely look good wearing black suede boots. This outfit is a good example. Simply wear a light grey sweater dress with thigh high suede boots. Wear a colorful plaid scarf to make the outfit look more refreshing.

Wear with White Tee and Blue Skinny Jeans

white t shirt blue skinny jeans ankle suede pants

For a business casual look, you can wear a white t shirt and fleece jacket for the top. The wear bright blue skinny jeans with light brown suede ankle boots.

Green Knit Sweater with High Waisted Midi Denim Skirt

green knit sweater with high waisted midi denim skirt

As a girl-next-door work outfit, you can wear a forest green knit sweater with high waisted royal blue midi denim shirt. For the shoes, wear light grey suede ankle boots. By the way, if you are interested in outfit ideas of similar color, check out our other blog post on how to wear royal blue.

Grey High Neck Knit Sweater & Wool Coat

grey high neck knit sweater wool coat

This outfit is a very unique looking grey and white outfit that you don’t often see yet looks beautiful. For the top, wear a grey, comfy high neck knit sweater. Wear a long wool coat of the exact same color over the sweater. For the bottom, wear white skinny jeans with ankle suede boots that also have the same color as the sweater. This is a very interesting two color matching technique that can make you very eye catching.

White Sweater with Knee High Lace Up Suede Boots

white sweater with high lace up suude boots

For this outfit idea, I am going to talk about the lace up boots. For the top, wear a hooded white sweater and pair it with skinny jeans. For the shoes, wear the brown knee high lace up suede boots that adds a lot of character to this outfit.

Wear with White Cable Knit Sweater

white cable knit sweater suede boots

For a simple outfit that is very casual and comfortable to wear, simple wear a white cable knit sweater with skinny jeans. A pair of grey knee high suede boots can really upgrade this otherwise typical outfit.

Ankle Suede Boots with Blazer & Skinny Jeans

ankle suede boots blazer skinny jeans

It also seems like that I cannot finish a list of top outfit ideas without mentioning the blazer. That is how important a role the blazer plays in today’s fashion world. For this outfit, simply wear skinny jeans and a grey blazer. Wear suede ankle boots of matching color to complete the outfit.

Wear with White Button Up Shirt & Jeans

white button up shirt jeans ankle boots

Suede ankle boots can match well with very typical casual outfit too, such as this outfit that consists of the white button up shirt and jeans.

Wear with Cold Shoulder Sweater

cold shoulder sweater skinny jeans knee high boots

As a feminine and minimal outfit that you can wear when wintertime comes, wear a cold shoulder sweater for the top. Pair it with skinny jeans and grey thigh high suede boots.

So, here are some of my favorite ways to wear the suede boots. I hope that you find it useful. If you like this blog post, I am sure that you will also like our other outfit ideas throughout this website. Make sure you check them out before you leave.