16 Amazing Tips on How to Wear Velvet Leggings

best velvet leggings outfit ideas

There is a special love between me and the fabric of velvet. It goes way back to the burgundy velvet cloth that I used to cover my piano when I was going to school. Long story short, the piano is no longer with me, but every time I see someone wear velvet, I can hear myself playing the piano from the memory in my mind. That’s just a story that comes to my mind as soon as I decide to write this blog post about the velvet leggings. Given their unique look, they are surprisingly easy to style. I have put together some of the best way to wear velvet leggings for you. Let’s check them out now.

All Black Outfit with Velvet Leggings


I know that some people are not very comfortable with wearing velvet leggings, may be its the soft fabric that make them feel insecure, or may be its the form fitting nature that shows the curves of the legs too transparently. So I want to start off the list with an outfit that is extremely easy to pull off, as if you are just wearing black jeans. This is an outfit that consists of a black long sleeve top, black velvet leggings, oxford shoes and a knit scarf. The velvet leggings don’t stand out too much in the outfit. They just simply add a little bit of depth with its unique texture.

Chiffon Blouse with Green Velvet Leggings

chiffon blouse green velvet leegings

Now, let’s get to some outfits that actually make the velvet leggings look more obvious. As an example, wear a long chiffon blouse with green velvet leggings. Pair these pieces with camel suede ankle boots. You can imagine that if the velvet leggings are replaced by jeans, the outfit would have still looked great but the style would have been very different.

Wear with White Wool Coat & Black Sweater Dress

white wool coat black sweater dress

Sometimes, you can simply treat black velvet leggings as typical cotton leggings. Sometimes, you don’t even notice that they are made of velvet if you don’t look closely. Still, the randomly shinny texture still add an extra dimension to whatever outfit you are wearing. As an example, you can wear the leggings with a black sweater dress, a white wool coat and black ankle boots to achieve a chic business casual look.

Black Leggings with White Lace Top

black leggings white lace top outfit

For an artistic and chic look, you can wear a white lace top with black velvet leggings and ankle boots. Wearing a black floppy hat gives the outfit an extra artistic touch.

Red Velvet Leggings with Black Print Sweater & Leather Jacket

red velvet leggings black print sweater

When it comes to styling a black leather jacket, wearing it with either skinny jeans or leather pants seems to be the safest and best looking choice. As a creative alternative, you can wear the red velvet leggings. You can pair these pieces with a black print sweater and a white collar shirt.

Red Leggings & Grey Comfy Knit Sweater

burgundy leggings grey comfy knit sweater

As a casual and comfortable looking outfit that is really easy to pull off. Wear a grey comfy oversized knit sweater with red velvet leggings. Add some beautiful details by wearing a black felt hat and black open toe ankle boots.

Black Leggings with Army Green Military Jacket

black leggings army green military jacket

Similar to other typical leggings, a good way to style them is wear them with a long t shirt, or even a t shirt dress. As an example of that, wear a black long print tee with black velvet leggings and ankle boots. Add some roughness to the outfit by wearing an army green military jacket.

Blue Velvet Leggings with White Shirt & Grey Cropped Sweater

blue velvet leggings grey cropped sweater

You can view the blue velvet leggings as variation of the blue skinny jeans. Imagine what this outfit would have looked like with skinny jeans. It would have been a really good outfit too. It just comes down to what style you want to wear. If you want to go with the blue velvet leggings, simply pair them with a white button up shirt and a grey cropped sweater. Wear a pair of boho style heeled sandals to match with the rest of the outfit.

Red Velvet Leggings with Black Leather Jacket Draped Over Shoulders

red velvet leggings black leather

The use of layering for this outfit is quite amazing. For the top, wear a black long print tee and drape a black leather jacket over your shoulders. For the bottom, wear red velvet leggings and black suede ankle boots. It is very interesting to see how the velvet and the suede actually look quite similar and match well with each other.

Wear with Black Leather Bomber Jacket

black leather bomber jacket outfit

Instead of pairing a black leather bomber jacket with leather pants, you can wear the black velvet leggings. The outfit also consists of a white print tee and black leather ankle boots.

Red Velvet Leggings with Matching Velvet Jacket

red velvet leggings matching velvet jacket

This is a rare yet nice looking two-piece set that includes the red velvet jacket and leggings. Keep it simple by wearing just black items with the set, including the black print tee, black ankle boots and a black scarf.

Black Sweater Over Grey Oversized T Shirt

black sweater over grey oversized tee

For an adorable and fragile look, you can wear a black sweater with a grey oversized t shirt peeking out. For the bottom, wear the black velvet leggings and ankle leather boots. Add some extra loveliness by wearing a black knit hat and a grey knit scarf.

Wear with White Blouse and Short Leather Jacket

white blouse short leather jacket

This is an interesting outfit that honestly isn’t easy to pull off at all. It does require a fit body to look good with it. For the top, wear a white blouse with a short leather jacket. Instead of wearing the jeans to pair with the leather jacket, wear the burgundy leggings to better show off your curves.

Wear with Black Tank Top & Felt Hat

black tank top felt hat

This outfit is a cool and minimal all-black outfit. Simply wear a black tank top with black velvet leggings and heeled sandals. Add the final unique touch by wearing a black floppy hat.

Long White Chiffon Shirt with Blue Velvet Leggings

long white chiffon shirt blue velvet leggings

As an artistic casual outfit, wear a white long chiffon skirt with blue velvet leggings. Complete the outfit with black high heels and a black felt hat.

Reg Leggings with White Turtleneck Chunky Sweater

red leggings white turtleneck chunky sweater

The red velvet leggings can look adorable with a white oversized chunky sweater. For the shoes, the black suede ankle boots would be the perfect match.

I have just shared with you some outfit ideas about the velvet leggings. Although I agree it may be a little too much to wear something that special looking every single day, I can see that wearing the leggings every once in a while can add a lot of variety to your everyday outfit.