Velvet Obsession: How to Wear Velvet Pants

featured image velvet pants

Velvet is one of the most flattering materials. First of all, velvet is soft and very warm. You can also find it very useful for cold winter days. You know those moments when you want to feel very cozy and warm, but still be very stylish. Velvet pants can always provide you that. At the same time, you will feel comfortable and look so trendy, even when the temperature hits zero.

The Christmas party time is slowly coming to us, so it is the time to choose some luxe material to wear. There is no better occasion to wear velvet pants than holidays. However, you can also style your velvet pants for casual and daytime events.
In this post, you will see how simple it is to combine velvet pants with the rest of your wardrobe.
I have rounded up, just for you, 13 best outfit ideas on how to wear velvet pants. Let’s start, shall we?

Red Velvet Pants and Striped Silk Blouse

red velvet pants silk blouse
This combination is a great one, and also the one that I would like to wear. The bell bottom velvet pants are made of beautiful red color, and they are combined with the silk blouse. The print of the blouse is paired perfectly with the color of the pants. You can dress this look as your workwear.

Shearling Jacket and Gold Velvet Pants

gold velvet pants shearling jacket
Mixing styles like in the photo above is a fantastic idea. In that way, you will stay both very cozy and look super stylish. Everything is in details here, so try to pair a bag with some new print. It can be animal print, like in the photo above.

Military Coat and Coral Red Velvet Pants

coral red pants military outfit
Olivia Palermo looks stunning in this outfit combination. She is wearing the coral red velvet pants paired with a white blouse for a fantastic contrast effect. The military coat is there to soothe the mixture and to give it an edgy vibe. Spice up this outfit look with the snakeskin loafers.

Dark Red Velvet Pants and Sweater

dark velvet pants sweater
Red is everywhere this fashion season, and that is why It-girls decided to wear red velvet pants this much. Also, I could not resist to show you, how fabulous all these outfits are!
You can style the velvet culottes with a simple grey sweater and round everything off with the red clutch bag.

Navy-Blue Culottes and Turtleneck

blue velvet pants turtleneck
This great monochrome outfit combination looks very sophisticated. This option is perfect for daytime occasions. If you style this look with the velvet mules, then you can spend your whole day in this outfit. However, if you prefer this outfit to be for night events, just put on your favorite pointed-toe heels, and you will be ready.

Soft Pink Velvet Pants and Printed Shirt

soft pink velvet pants printed shirt
If you are a fan of pastel colors, like baby pink or pale blue, then these are right pants for you. This combination seems like it is very romantic and soft, but at the same time, it has the edgy vibe. The reason for that is the printed black T-shirt.
You can wear this combination for night out. On the other hand, you can style it for casual daytime with the pair of sneakers.

Red Velvet Pants and White Turtleneck

red velvet pants white sweater
You should mix the knitwear and velvet for ultimate warm but also very stylish look. The red velvet pants are combined with the white turtleneck sweater and long black coat. Add a vintage bag and printed shoes for a fantastic finish touch.

Khaki Velvet Pants and Blue Button-Down

khaki velvet pants button down
Monica Ainley has a great style. She always combines the British and French fashion into one perfect casual look. If you want to look effortless and relaxed, like she does, then you should try wearing the pants, blue button down shirt with a black coat. Feel free to add a small shoulder bag.

Red Velvet Pants and Floral Blouse

red velvet pants floral blouse
This outfit can be your Christmas party attire. It looks so sophisticated and luxurious. You can wear it for holidays, but I think you will continue to wear it after the Christmas is over. The mix of velvet pants and a floral blouse is so lovely that you will wish to wear it all the time! Style it with silver strap sandals for a perfect party look.

Grey Velvet Pants and White Coat

grey velvet pants white coat
I love colors, but I have to admit that over the few years, I have become more black-and-white-look kind of a girl. That is why I choose to show you how to style grey pants with modern white coat and black turtleneck. This outfit combination is entirely acceptable option for your daytime activities or casual occasions.

Red Velvet Pants and Plaid Blazer

red velvet pants plaid blazer
Plaid and velvet are two significant trends that you can wear together and look trendy from head to toe! Pair your brown plaid blazer with the gold turtleneck and velvet pants. You will get a pretty lovely look that you can wear to your office and for an after-work drinks with your friends.

Emerald Green Pants and Gold Mules

emerald green pants gold mules
I am a big fan of the emerald green color. How about you? If you are nodding, then this outfit idea is great for you to recreate. Try this casual look for everyday wear, or style it with the high heels for more formal events. The pants are mixed with the black shirt.
P.S. Check out the lovely floral details on the pants.

The Complete Velvet Outfit-Pantsuit

velvet pants pantsuit orange
This gorgeous orange pantsuit is a perfect choice when you need a quick yet beautiful outfit combination. With this eye-catching color, you can count on the effectiveness. So, prepare to grab all the attention, wherever you plan to go.

These were some of the best outfit ideas on how to style your velvet pants. They will make your outfit much more interesting than any other pants that you have in your wardrobe.
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