How to Wear White Fringe Dress: 15 Best Outfit Ideas

Unlike other really fancy types of dresses, you can wear a white fringe dress as part of your casual street outfit and expect to look natural and breezy. Of course, there are always versions of white fringe dresses that can make you stand out from the crowd in a prom or a cocktail party. To have a better look at the wide variety of the white fringe dress, I have collected some of the best look white fringe dress and I am about to show you now.

Boho Style White Shift Fringe Dress


To start off the list, I am going to show you a white fringe dress is quite casual but has a lot of character in it. It is a boho white shift dress this simply looks breezy. Pair it with black heeled sandals and you will have an outfit that is both great for work or for casual hangouts.

White Knit Sweater Dress with Knit Fringes

white knit sweater dress with knit fringes

For an adorable and fragile look, a white knit sweater dress is definitely a good choice. This particular one has some beautiful knit fringes near the middle section of the dress for adding a touch of elegance and loveliness. Pair the dress with black ankle heels and a black classy purse to complete this lovely outfit.

White Deep V Neck Midi Fringe Dress

white deep v neck midi fringe dress

In the blog posts that I talk about all those fancy dresses, I rarely have the chance to mention as white sneaker outfits. Finally, for this particular topic which I talk about the white fringe dress, the dress actually looks perfectly well matched with white sneakers. As an example, wear a white deep v neck fringe dress with white sneakers to achieve this sexy and breezy look.

White Maxi Fringe High Split Dress

white maxi fringe high split dress

This dress has a very creative design that it combines the fringes with the high split cutting. For a beautiful white maxi dress like this one, you can simply wear it with white ankle strap heels to complete the outfit.

White Dress with Multiple Layers of Fringes

white dress multiple layers of fringes

Here is a very unique white dress with multiple layers of fringes. I know that you may think this dress is way too funny to wear when you see the picture above. In fact, the lady in the picture is just spinning her body around to make the picture looks more eye catching. The dress does indeed look good. Pair the dress with white ankle strap open toe heels to complete this interesting outfit.

Sweetheart Mini Fringe Dress with White Blazer

sweetheart mini fringe dress white blazer

Having looked at quite a few dresses that you can wear casually, let’s take a look at one that is more suitable for a prom or a cocktail party. This one is a sweetheart strapless white fringe dress that is extremely sexy. To look more stylish, you can drape a white blazer over your shoulders. Complete the outfit with white heels and a silver statement necklace to achieve a sexy and slightly aggressive look.

White Fringe Low Back Shift Dress

white fringe low back shift dress

Now, back to a casual white dress that is perfect to wear in the summer. It is a white low back shift dress that has fringes at the low back cutting. To complete the look, wear black boho style heeled ankle sandals.

White Sheath Mini Dress with Peach Bomber Jacket

white sheath mini dress peach bomber jacket

Usually I would recommend you to pair a white dress with a denim jacket. For this outfit, a more creative choice is used. The white sheath mini dress is paired with a peach bomber jacket. Complete the outfit with white ankle strap open toe heels.

White Wrap Mini Dress with Fringes

white wrap mini dress with fringes

This white mini wrap dress has a very creative design. The wrap design leads into a high low cutting, and the fringes and the high low cutting definitely look stylish put together. Wear pale pink open toe heels to complete this breezy and low-key sexy outfit.

White Lace Dress with Short Denim Jacket

white lace dress with short denim jacket

If you ask me what jacket you should wear with a white fringe dress, I would not even hesitate for a second to tell you that it has to be the blue denim jacket. As an example of such outfit, it consists of a white lace fringe dress with a short denim jacket. And very creatively, green heeled sandals are chosen to match with the blue and white outfit to add an extra refreshing touch to the overall look.

White V Neck Maxi Fringe Wrap Dress

white v neck maxi fringe wrap dress

Here is a beautiful white v neck maxi wrap dress. The dress has a gathered waist and high low cutting that makes it look so breezy and stylish. Along the bottom edge of this high low dress, you would see some long and densely spaced white fringes that adds a lot of character and uniqueness to the dress. Simply wear white sandals to complete this remarkable look.

White Shift Dress with Denim Jacket Draped Over Shoulders

white shift dress denim jacket draped over shoulders

Here is a rare white towel shift fringe dress. The combination of towel dress and fringes can rarely be found. But the result seems pretty amazing. To style it with more character, drape a denim jacket over your shoulders and wear white sneakers. By the way, if you like this kind of style, you may want to check out our blog post on jacket draped over shoulders outfit ideas.

White Lace Bodycon Dress with Knit Fringes

white lace bodycon dress knit fringes

To achieve an elegant and slightly mature look in a prom or in a cocktail party, wear a white bodycon lace dress that comes with some long and lovely knit fringes. Wear a pair of nude suede heels add an elegant touch to the outfit.

White Crochet Midi Fringe Dress

white crochet midi fringe dress

For a ladylike look, you can wear this gorgeous and feminine white crochet fringe dress. The crochet itself without the fringes is actually a knee length dress. Now, with the long and densely spaced fringes, it may be viewed as a midi dress, or even a maxi dress. Wear white heels to complete this beautiful outfit that is perfect for both dating and cocktail parties.

I hope that you enjoy the white fringe dress outfit ideas I have put together. Before you leave, you may want to check out thousands of other outfit ideas on our website.