15 Elegant & Ladylike White Lace Kimono Outfit Ideas

For those of you who don’t already know, the kimono is a type of traditional Japanese clothing that Japanese still wears in festivals. However, over the years, the mainstream fashion world have evolved that kimono to a point where they can now be worn as part of your casual outfits. Basically, they have turned into some elegant looking long loose fit shrugs. Today, I am going to be more specifically talk about the white lace kimono. What you are about to see are some of the best white lace kimono outfit ideas I have collected. Let’s jump right in.

White Lace Kimono with Romper


To start off this interesting and beautiful list, I am going to show you a very refreshing and elegant all-white outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a white romper and then wear a white lace kimono over it. Complete the outfit with white sandals and a white felt hat to add a refreshing touch.

White Lace Kimono with Black Vest Top & Skinny Jeans

white lace kimono black vest top skinny jeans

Now, let’s take a look at an outfit that is much more stylish and dark. You can wear a black vest top with a pair of greyish blue skinny jeans to look stylish and slightly unisex. Pair them with a white lace kimono and white sneakers to tone down the darkness a little bit.

White Long Lace Kimono with Black Midi Shift Dress

white long lace kimono black midi shift dress

Since a white lace kimono is such a feminine and elegant item, it makes since to wear it with a dress. In this case, the white kimono is paired with a black shift midi dress to achieve a refreshing and breezy look. You can wear white sandals to make the outfit look even more refreshing.

White Kimono with Crop Top & Pink Floral Shorts

white kimono crop top pink floral shorts

Now, let’s make a 180 degree turn and try a low-key sexy summer or spring outfit. To achieve this attractive look, you can wear a white crop top with a pair of pink floral mini shorts. Pair them with a white lace kimono and white sandals to add a feminine touch to the outfit. You can even wear a statement necklace to make the outfit more eye catching.

Long Lace Kimono with All-White Outfit

long lace kimono all white outfit

As you can seen from the previous ideas, you can create a breezy and refreshing outfit with midi length white lace kimonos. Now, here is a white lace maxi kimono that you can build a more mature and feminine look around. For example, you can wear it with a white t shirt and white skinny jeans to create a feminine and unique outfit. Pair them with pale pink heels to add an extra ladylike touch.

Wear with Orange Shift Dress & Nude Strappy Scandals

orange shirt dress nude strappy scandals

If you want to look a little brighter and more cheerful, try wear something orange with the kimono. For example, you can wear a white lace long kimono with an orange shift dress. Wear a pair of nude strappy heeled sandals to add a little bit of boho style to the mix.

Wear with Blue Silk Button Up Shirt & Black Leather Leggings

blue silk button up shirt black leather leggings

For a more edgy look for those of you that has a very strong character, you can wear something shiny to look more stylish. As an example, you can wear a blue silk button up shirt with black leather leggings. Wear a white lace kimono over these pieces and complete the outfit with black leather ankle boots.

White Floor Length Kimono with Black Vest Top & Mini Shorts

white floor length kimono black vest top mini shorts

One nice little trick to make your legs look long and slim is to wear a long cardigan with mini shorts. In this case a white floor length kimono is paired with white denim mini shorts and a black vest top to make you look tall and slim. Pair these pieces with black suede ankle boots to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

Long Lace Kimono with White Floral Rompers

long lace kimono white floral rompers

You can add some floral element to an all-white outfit to form a lovely and dreamy look. For example, you can wear a white floral rompers with a white maxi lace kimono to look absolutely beautiful. Pair them with white ankle strap heeled sandals and a black felt hat to add an artistic touch to the overall look.

White Crochet Lace Kimono with Vest Top & Black Shorts

white crochet lace kimono vest top black shorts

Here is another one of those outfits that can make you look refreshing and lean. To achieve this gorgeous look, you can wear a white scoop neck vest top with black mini shorts. Layer a white long crochet lace kimono on top of these pieces. Complete the outfit stylishly with black sandals and a black felt hat.

White Semi-Sheer Lace Kimono with Black Tube Top & Shorts

white semi sheer lace kimono black tube top shorts

To achieve a refreshing look that is also low-key sexy, you can wear a black tube top and black mini shorts. Layer over them a white semi-sheer lace kimono to turn this overly simple outfit into a lovely and refreshing one. The best choice for the shoes would be the white sandals.

Wear with White Vest Top & Blue Denim Mini Shorts

white vest top blue denim mini shorts

As this blog post is mostly about casual outfits, it’s about time to bring out the blue denim shorts. Pair the shorts with a white vest top and a long white lace kimono. Complete the outfit with a white felt hat and white strappy scandals to keep the refreshing feel consistent.

Light Blue Gathered Waist Knee Length Dress with White Kimono

light blue gathered waist knee length dress white kimono

For a feminine outfit that has light color tone, you can wear a pale blue gather waist knee length dress with a white long lace kimono. Make sure the kimono is just a little longer than the dress to make your legs look longer. Pair these pieces with nude sandals to look beautiful and refreshing.

Wear with Pink T Shirt & Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

pink t shirt dark blue skinny jeans

Another way to add a feminine touch to the outfit is to pair the white lace kimono with a pink t shirt. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and grey suede ankle boots to look casual and stylish.

Wear with White Lace Up Crop Top & Mini Shorts

white lace up crop top mini shorts

Here is a sexy and breezy outfit that is perfect for a beach photoshoot. To achieve this amazing look, wear a white lace up crop top with white mini shorts. Layer a floor length semi-sheer white lace kimono on top of them. Wear a pair of brown suede ankle boots to look more feminine and unique.

I hope you like these white lace kimono outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. If you find this blog post useful for inspiring you to come up with your own outfit ideas, you may also want to check out hundreds of other outfit ideas blog posts in this website.