How to Wear White Leather Jacket for Women: Outfit Ideas

best white leather jacket outfit ideas

When someone says “leather jacket”, most people would assume it is a black leather jacket by default. Although there is no doubt in my mind that the black leather jacket is one of the most classic item you can wear, you are missing out a lot if you are ignoring the white leather jacket. The white leather jacket definitely makes the outfit look very different from the way a black one does but it can still make the outfit look very stylish, may be even more unique. In the blog post, I have gathered some of the best ways to style a white leather jackets and I am about to show you these amazing outfit ideas now.

White Leather Jacket with Button Up Shirt & Boyfriend Jeans


Although a white leather jacket may sound like it is quite difficult to style, it actually looks very natural when put together with a white top. For example, wear a white button up shirt with a white leather jacket for the top. For the top, simply wear boyfriend jeans and brown leather ankle boots. The outfit just seems so stylish and comfortable looking. Now, you see that a white leather jacket can even be more easy to style than a black one in some cases.

Wear with Black Skinny Jeans & Brown Over The Knee Boots

black skinny jeans brown over the knee boots

For an elegant and stylish look, you can wear a the white leather jacket with a white top, black skinny jeans and, most importantly, the brown, over-the-knee suede boots that make the outfit look so much more elegant. The classy white purse also contribute a lot to that.

White Leather Jacket with Red Deep V Neck Vest Top

white leather jacket red deep v neck vest top

A red, white and black color combination can form a very smart looking and eye catching outfit. For example, wear a red deep v neck vest top with a white leather jacket for the top. Complete the outfit with style by wearing black cropped skinny jeans and black strappy heeled sandals.

Short White Jacket with Black Tank & Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

short white jacket black tank ripped boyfriend jeans

For a low profile business casual work outfit, you can simply wear a black tank top with a short white leather jacket, ripped boyfriend jeans and black heels. It almost seems like the white leather jacket is wore as a more stylish alternative for a white blazer. Without the leather jacket, this outfit would definitely be too casual for most workplace.

Wear with White Tee, Cuffed Jeans & White Sneakers

white tee cuffed jeans white sneakers

Here is a young and refreshing looking outfit that is consists of a white t shirt, a white leather jacket, cuffed skinny jeans and white sneakers. As much as the white leather jacket should deserves the credit for this pretty outfit, the white sneakers and, more importantly, the ponytail is what make this a young and cheerful looking outfit.

White Leather Jacket with Black Crop Top & Skater Skirt

white leather jacket black crop top skater skirt

Without the white leather jacket, this is an interesting all-black outfit that consists of a black crop top, a black skater skirt and a pair of black and white converse. That would have been a pretty stylish and low-key sexy outfit. Now, with the white leather jacket, the outfit looks more balanced and it got some extra style in the white leather.

Wear with Grey Print Tee & Black Skinny Jeans

grey print tee black skinny jeans

An advantage of wearing a white leather jacket is that it can make a super causal outfit more stylish in a way that the casual outfit is almost turned into a smart casual outfit. As an example, wear a grey print tee with black skinny jeans and mid-calf black leather boots for a casual street outfit. Wear the white leather jacket to look much leaner and smarter.

White Leather Jacket with Black Chiffon Semi-Sheer Skirt

white leather jacket black chiffon skirt

This is a cool attempt to put together a chiffon piece with a leather piece. For the top, wear a black print tee with a white leather jacket. Pair them with black chiffon semi-sheer skirt with black and white sandals. This leather and chiffon combination turns out to be pretty chic and stylish.

White Leather Jacket with Blue and Black Tribal Sheath Mini Dress

white leather jacket blue and black tribal dress

For a unique boho style look, you can wear a white leather jacket with a blue and black tribal mini dress and nude heeled sandals. The leather jacket simply add some stylish and intense contrast to spice up the overall look.

White Jacket with All Black Outfit

white jacket all black outfit

You don’t almost have to dress all-black to achieve a dark and cool look. You can also wear a white leather jacket with every other pieces black to emphasize the darkness and the cool factor. As an example, you can dress all black with the black tee, black skinny jeans and the black leather ankle boots. Wear the contrasting white leather jacket to complete the outfit. By the way, if you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar boots, check out our blog post on how to style leather ankle boots.

Wear with White Cable Knit Chunky Sweater & Cuffed Jeans

white cable knit chunky sweater cuffed jeans

This is an adorable yet stylish outfit that consists of a white chunky cable knit sweater, cuffed jeans, and white loafers. To balance out the chunkiness of the knit sweater, wear a white leather jacket to add a stylish touch to the outfit.

White Leather Jacket with Black Bodycon Midi Dress

white leather jacket black bodycon midi dress

If you want to wear a black bodycon dress to a cocktail party. It is a good idea to drape a white leather jacket over your shoulders when you enter the party, both to keep you warm and to look chic.

Wear with Boho Style Shift Dress & Knee High Boots

boho style shift dress knee high boots

This is simply a lovely way to wear a white boho style shift dress. The lace scallop hem definitely makes the outfit more lovely. You can style the dress by wearing it with a scarf, an ivory leather jacket and grey knee high lace up boots.

Wear with Oversized White Button Up Shirt & White Jeans

oversized white button up shirt jeans outfit

For a business casual outfit that tilts toward the casual side, wear an oversized white button up shirt with white skinny jeans and black open toe heels. Wear the white leather jacket to make the outfit slightly more formal.

Wear with Blue Button Up Skirt & Low Top Canvas Shoes

blue button up skirt low top canvas shoes

I am a fan of wearing the black leather jacket with converse, and it looks the the converse works pretty well with a white leather jacket too. Simply wear a blue button up shirt with skinny jeans and the leather jacket. Wear a pair of classic low top converse to complete the outfit casually.

I hope that you enjoy the white leather jacket outfit ideas that I have just shared with you. May be you love the black leather jackets as much as I do, but let’s give the white ones a try. They simply look awesome.