15 Best Outfit Ideas: How to Wear White on White

best outfit wear white on white

Last time, I have talked about how to wear denim on denim and some of my friends really enjoyed the outfit ideas I shared. So, I decided to write a similar interesting blog post on how to were white on white. The concept is to pair a white top with a white bottom, or overlay a white top with a white jacket or something like that. It can sometimes looks awkward if you don’t style it right. To inspire you to do it with stylish and beauty, I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways of wearing white on white.

White Button Up Shirt with White Jeans

white button up shirt jeans purse

I am going to start with a very simple and classic all white outfit. Wear a white button up shirt with white jeans. Black heels or heeled sandals will match this outfit. Be very careful that you would really want to wear a belt in order to look smart and beautiful instead of awkward.

White Shirt with White Knit Sweater & Pants

white shirt knit sweater pants

Here is a variation of the previous outfit. On top of the white shirt, wear a white knit sweater. Cuff your white jeans and wear white flats.

White Top with Sheer Sleeves with White Skirt

white top sheer skirt

It is about time to share a more feminine outfit. Just wear a white top with sheer sleeves with a white skirt with sheer overlay. Pair with white heeled sandals for an all-white chic look.

Wear Comfy Knit Sweater with White Jeans

comfy knit sweter white jeans

This is a perfect fall and winter outfit. It is a smart casual one that you can wear to work or hangouts. Simply pair a white comfy knit sweater with white jeans. Wear ankle boots to spice up the look.

White Bomber Jacket & Wide Leg White Pants

wide leg white pants bomber

When it comes to all-white outfit, there is a very blur border between looking dumb and looking beautiful. Very often, it helps when the cuttings of the pieces are in balance, and this particular outfit belongs to the good side. The white bomber jacket and wide leg white pants combination is a perfect example of the top-narrow-bottom-wide trick that makes you look tall and slim.

White Top & Jeans with Grey Oversized Fleece Jacket

grey oversized jacket white shirt jeans

This outfit is very difficult to pull off unless you have a very unique and artistic character in you. But I know some of you do, so I am going to cover it. Starts with the white shirt and white jeans. Wear ankle boots with them. Over the shirt, you would want to put on a grey oversized fleece jacket and finish the outfit with a black felt hat. If you can pull it off, this can be a remarkable and unique look. By the way, if this kind of outfit is for you, you may be interested in our blog post on black felt hat outfit ideas.

White Floral Lace Crop Top with White Denim Shorts

white floral lace crop top denim shorts

Now, let’s talk about a summer outfit that is particularly suitable for summer beach photo shoot. The outfit consists of a white floral lace crop top and high waisted white jeans. Wear a Greece headband to look beautiful and refreshing.

Mid Sleeve Knit Sweater with White Denim Shorts

white knit sweater white denim shorts

The outfit also involves the felt hat, but this is not nearly as difficult to pull off as the other one. Simply wear a white tee with bat sleeve knit sweater and white denim shorts. Wear a felt hat and a pair of matching color heeled sandals to complete the beautiful spring look.

Button Up Shirt and White Denim Shorts

white button up shirt denim shorts

For another white-on-white outfit that involves the white denim shorts, you can keep it really simple by just pairing with a button up white shirt and nothing else.

White Blazer Over White Vest Top

white blazer layered over vest top

This is probably one of the most easiest white-on-white outfit to pull off among the list. Simply wear a white blazer over a white tee or vest top. Pair with ripped skinny jeans and solid color heels. It is a smart casual outfit that just works with all body types.

Tie Waist Blazer with White Skort

white tie waist blazer with skort

Usually, a white skort fits better in a casual outfit, this one is an exception. Wearing a tie waist blazer and white skort and white heeled sandals actually makes you look professional. You can wear it as a formal work outfit so you don’t have to wear a suit every single day.

All White with Blazer and Dress Pants

all white outfit blazer dress pants

For those of you who are managers or bosses, you may consider this outfit as a way to power dress. Very often, when it comes to power dressing, black suits come to mind. Interesting this white suit with black heels outfit do make you look like the one in charge too.

White Coat Over Sweater Dress & Thigh High Boots

white coat sweater dress thigh high boots

For a beautiful winter look, you can wear a sweater dress with a long big white coat over it. Grey thigh high boots will look perfect with the outfit. It is another one of those outfits that are both suitable for work and friends gathering.

White Long Coat Over Sweater and Grey Skirt


As a variation of the previous outfit, you can replace the sweater dress with a white dress plus a high waisted grey skirt. This outfit is less formal but more lovely.

Long Cardigan with White Top

long cardigan white top outfit

As a great demonstration of layering, this outfit makes sure of a long white cardigan to on top of the white top and the grey pants. Wear white heels to match this outfit. The use of layering can make you look taller and slimmer.

So, here are my favorite white-on-white outfit ideas. I hope that you found some of the ideas suitable to you. Go play some trial and error game. If you enjoy the list, I recommend you to also check out some of our other top outfit ideas throughout our website. I am sure that some of ideas can directly help you while some will inspired you to find your own outfit ideas.