How to Wear Chinos Casually for Women: Outfit Ideas

When it comes to chinos, many people associate them to business casual or formal work outfits. They seem to have nothing to do with casual wear. The truth is that if you really pay attention to how to style them right, you can also achieve a young and smart casual look. Jeans are still my favorite item for causal outfits, no doubt about it. But it is always a good thing to add variety to your daily outfit. You have 365 days a year. You want to try different things, not for surprising people, but to make your happy by simply having fun. In this blog post, I am going to share with you some of my favorite ways to wear chinos casually.

Grey Long Sleeve Tee with Navy Chinos

navy chinos grey long sleeve t shirt outfit

Let me start with a simple outfit that are suitable for all seasons. Simply wear a grey long sleeve tee with navy chinos and white sneakers. In cold weather, you can simply add a black trench coat to the outfit.

Wide Striped Tee with Beige Chinos

wide striped t shirt beige chinos

As simple as this outfit seems, it is a great demonstration of how matching-color items can make your outfit more balanced. You may have notice that the white t shirt has some wide stripes that match perfectly with the beige chinos. Wear a pair of color-matching sandals or ankle boots will complete this outfit flawlessly.

White Vest Top with Sheer Overlay

beige chinos white vest top sheer overlay

Off the top of my head, there are two big advantages of wearing beige chinos. First, the color is so subtle that they won’t pull the focus away from the top part of your body. Second, they are usually just straight-leg pants that are pretty easy to pull off for all body type. Back to this outfit, as a chic and casual way to wear the beige chinos, pair them with a white vest top with sheer overlay and leather ankle boots. Don’t miss the little details like the leather wristbands, the belt and having your chinos rolled to make your legs look longer.

White Tee and Low Waisted Chinos

white t shirt low waisted chinos

This outfit looks very simple, but it is actually a low key sexy outfit. The low waisted chinos and heeled sandals would make the focus remain at the top part of your body. Therefore, you can wear something beautiful and subtly sexy like a semi-sheer white t shirt. The coolest part of this outfit is that nobody will think that you are trying hard to look sexy. They only get attracted to you without knowing why.

Tan Chinos with Black Cropped Tee

tan chinos black crop top

I have just covered quite a few outfit ideas that involves white tops, simply because that chinos are easy to wear with white tops. When you want to try a black top, you will probably have to pay a little more attention to the combination of color and cutting to avoid looking out of balance. As a good example, this outfit consists of a black cropped t shirt and tan chinos. Rolled your chinos and pair with slip-on canvas sneakers. If you want to know more outfit ideas about similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear canvas shoes for women.

Horizontal Striped Tee & White Chinos

white chinos horizontal striped t shirt

I sometimes think that you can wear white jeans and white chinos interchangeably. The jeans do actually look better than the chinos with casual outfits, but chinos are often more comfortable to wear. So, it’s not bad to have the choice. To wear the white chinos casually, you can wear a long sleeve navy and white horizontal striped tee. Pair the outfit with black and white canvas shoes.

Olive Green Chinos with White Sweater

olive green chinos white sweater

Another popular color for the chinos is the olive green. The color itself seems very comfortable looking that it is quite easy to style it in a casual way. You can simply pair the green chinos with a white sweater and white sneakers. If you want to add a little bit of character to the outfit, you can wear chukka boots instead.

Wear with Grey Sweater Over Plaid Shirt

plaid shirt grey sweater chinos

As a beautiful casual outfit idea that uses some tricks of layering, it can probably make you look slimmer and taller. You would want to wear a plaid shirt and overlay it with a grey sweater. Pair them with cuffed chinos and fleece flat shoes. I really love the perfect balance of this outfit achieved by the perfect layering. You should just give this a try as it is not too difficult to pull off. Just make sure you get the details and balance right.

Wear with Long Sleeve White and Light Grey Striped Tee

black chino white light grey striped t shirt

To style black chinos, the easiest way would be to wear a white top. For a little bit of twist, you can wear a white and light grey striped t shirt. A thin belt also can help to balance all the pieces.

Cropped Chinos with Grey Knit Sweater

grey cropped chinos knit sweater outfit

Very interestingly, loose-fit grey chinos can actually make you look somewhat sporty. It must be because it reminds me of the grey joggers. Regardlessly, a light grey knit sweater and cuffed grey chinos make a good casual outfit. Pair them with white sneakers to complete the outfit.

Purple Tee with Grey Chinos

purple tee grey chinos outfit

As simple as this outfit seems, the color combination makes this my favorite outfit idea among the list. Three simple pieces, namely the purple t shirt, the cuffed grey chinos and the white sneakers, just look so perfectly matched when put together.

Cropped Chinos with Denim Shirt

denim shirt beige chinos

So may argue that a shirt doesn’t belong to this blog post that focuses on wearing casually. I would argue that the denim shirt stands right at the border line of casual and business casual. Anyway, the bottom line is to look good. Simply pair the denim shirt with cuffed chinos and black flats for this outfit that is both suitable for work and casual hangouts.

I hope that you enjoy the list of casual chinos outfit ideas I have put together. Give them a try. There may be a few of them that really look great on you.