How to Do Your Make-up on a Bus or a Car?


Stucked in Traffic? you still have time for your make up application!
Stucked in Traffic? you still have time for your make up application!

We have all been through a test of time wherein we were in a hurry for a very important schedule. Most of the times, we opted to do make up while inside a moving vehicle. These instances often create either an imbalanced application or worse, a messed up look.

While your on your way to your destination, it is always advisable to do a simple make up rather than creating a more intensive one, as the former will be easier to do during these occasions. If you have more time, you can do the other make up application once you are already in a stable place.

REMEMBER: this guide is appropriate for applying make up while in a moving car. We are going to share recommended make up that will suffice with a step-by-step guide on how to do them. However, there will be make up items that are not applicable (e.g. liquid eyeliner, pencil liner, etc.) as it might cause unwanted accidents in the near future.

So for those who often get stuck in traffic and prefer applying make up going to work or to school, here are some technical and more convenient makeup applications in its chronological order together with the preferred type that girls should always keep in mind:




Sample: MAKE UP FOR EVER Liquid Foundation
Suggested brand: MAKE UP FOR EVER Liquid Foundation

Duration: 5 to 7 minutes

Preferred type: Liquid Foundation with a controlled pushdown button (container which releases a small drop of liquid)

Reason: Putting liquid foundation can be a little messy if you will be using one that does not have any pushdown buttons or requires pouring (unless you can control it).

When applying liquid foundation in a moving car, start from putting a small amount to your ring finger. Dab it first to your forehead. If your liquid foundation has a quick dry feature, immediately spread it out. Repeat this steps this time, applying it to your cheeks, T zone and neck consecutively. However, if it does not dry up easily, you can dot it all over your face before spreading it out.
(A more comprehensive liquid foundation application procedure will be posted soon)




MAC Press Powder NC40
Suggested Brand: MAC Press Powder NC40

Duration: 2 minutes

Preferred Type: Press powder used with sponge

Reason: Just like a liquid foundation, putting powder can also be quite chaotic especially to your clothes. Tiny powder particles can fall down to your favorite dress if you will be using a loose powder version.

Dab a sufficient amount of press powder to your face (the sequential order is same with liquid foundation). Make sure that you are dabbing, not wiping since wiping will cause the removal of the applied liquid foundation. Furthermore, this technique will also create the lasting effect of foundation to your face for a longer period of time.




Nyx Cosmetics Cream Blush on in Hot Pink
Suggested brand: Nyx Cosmetics Cream Blush on in Hot Pink

Duration: 1 minute

Preferred type: Cream based blush-on will be the best choice

Reason: Apparently, all types of blush on are ideal as long as it is not the loose powder type.

Smear a small amount of cream using your middle and ring finger and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Apply it from your cheeks going just before your ears in a vertically inclined method.

TIP: you can create a slimmer and more defined look by using a contour powder.

(More information on this in the next blogs to come)




Suggested Brand: MAC Cosmetics Amplified Cream Lipstics
Suggested Brand: MAC Cosmetics Amplified Cream Lipsticks

Duration: 3 minutes

Preferred type: Any type of lipstick is fine.

Reason: Luckily, all types of lipsticks can be use since they are usually placed in a container that provides a steady outcome. It will always be the method of applying that will differ with the result. Light colored lipstick is much preferred than the more colorful one. It is also advisable to use your finger instead of the lipstick itself so that you can have a better control in the application.

If you are in a moving vehicle, it will be quite challenging to apply it. As a tip, you can use your pinky finger, which will act as a stand (just like what a tripod does for the camera) so that you can have a full control of the lipstick application. Start from the middle of your upper lip and form it in accordance to the shape of your cupid bow. Dab the lipstick lightly using your fingers to prevent uneven application and inconsistencies.
You can do the second coating once you are already in the parking space.




CAUTION: if you apply them while the car is moving, you will not prevent it from smearing or smudging, which will result in a messy outcome.



Suggested brand: MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow liner Lingering
Suggested brand: MAC Cosmetics Eyebrow liner Lingering


Duration: 5 minutes

Preferred Type: Pencil Brow liner

Reason: A pencil liner is much better make up item to be used while inside a car because it is not time consuming and it is easier to apply during the rush hours. You can also use other types of brow liner like powder or cream. However, These types of brow liner need a sufficient amount of time for revision and polishing. If you prefer using these items, trace your brow first using a brow liner then apply the rest.

As what I often advice to all my clients, I highly recommend them to learn how to apply eyebrow liner as it enhances the face and creates a more dramatic look. The first thing to do is to start applying from the outer part of your eyebrow (upper and lower part). Remember to follow the shape of your eyebrow. Blend the drawn line from the outer going to the inner part of your eyebrow. You can also fill up the middle part by using a brow powder.




Suggested Brand: Covergirl Smudge Proof Mascara
Suggested Brand: Covergirl Smudge Proof Mascara

Duration: 2 minutes

Preferred Type: Smudge proof Mascara

Reason: As the name itself implies, this type of mascara is ideal in providing a better result compared to the other varieties.

It is very important that when you apply your mascara, you must be in a stable place. Make sure that you are away from moving people or object to avoid blotches. The first step to do is to take a sufficient amount of mascara onto the brush. Apply it slowly from the root of your eyelash to the tip. Apply it in a vertically inclined procedure.

TIP: bended brush tips will work better. This will not only prevent unwanted blotches on your eyelid but it also helps in precluding stains on the other areas of your face.


Whether you’re on the go or in a hurry, always remember that your goal is to look fresh as if you did it right before you left. A simple make up application done prudently will always be better than applying an intensive amount but done in a careless way. Using this 5 make up items, you will definitely put on a more confident and less stressful look as you go ahead and make your day.


Watch out for the more intensive version of each application in the following posts! 🙂