13 Amazing Lace Vest Outfit Ideas: Ultimate Style Guide

For those of you who love stylish layered looks, you should be very familiar with denim vest and leather vest. But if you are trying to build a more feminine look, what you should look for is a lace vest, most likely a white one. When it comes to lace items, many people think that they are very easy to style, that’s not the case for the lace vest. To make things even easier for you, I have put together a list of some really good lace vest outfit ideas. Let’s check it out now.

White Lace Vest with Grey Three Quarter Sleeve T Shirt


Let me start off this list with a relatively casual outfit that is very easy to pull off. It is basically a simple t shirt and jeans outfit with a little bit of a twist. In details, you can wear a grey three-quarter sleeve t shirt with ripped blue jeans and white sneakers. Wear a lace vest to instantly add a feminine touch to the outfit.

White Crochet Lace Vest with Floral Gathered Waist Floral Mini Dress

white crochet lace vest floral gathered waist floral mini dress

For a refreshing and adorable look, why not add some floral element to the outfit. For example, you can wear white floral printed mini belted shift dress to look beautiful and refreshing. Take this outfit to another level by pairing the dress with white heeled sandals and a white lace vest.

White Lace Vest with Black Tank Top & Grey Chinos

white lace vest black tank top grey chinos

This outfit is a very nice attempt to integrate a white lace vest into a business casual outfit. In details, the lace vest is paired with a black tank top and a pair of grey wide leg chinos. For the shoes, you can simply wear black pointed toe pumps to look more professional and powerful.

White Lace Vest with Grey Tube Top

white lace vest grey tube top

You can also wear a white lace vest to cover up some skin to turn a overly sexy outfit into a more feminine and elegant one. For example, you can wear a grey tube top with a white lace vest for the top. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of white sneakers to look both stylish and ladylike.

Wear with White Chiffon Blouse & Boyfriend Jeans

white chiffon blouse boyfriend jeans

One of the best and most interesting ways to style a white lace vest is to pair it with some boyish and stylish pieces. For example, you can pair a white lace vest with a white chiffon blouse and a pair of seriously ripped light blue boyfriend jeans to create a contrasting look. You can wear brown strappy sandals to add a refreshing touch to the look.

Long White Lace Vest with Light Blue Mini Denim Shorts

long white lace vest light blue mini denim shorts

For a refreshing and dreamy summer or spring outfit, you can wear a white long lace vest over a white cropped vest top and a pair of light blue mini denim shorts. For the shoes, you can wear nude strappy sandals to add a little bit of boho style to the mix. Finally, wear a straw hat to look even more refreshing.

Wear with Grey Floral Print Tee & Blue Jeans

grey floral print tee blue jeans

This outfit is a great demonstration of how a lace vest can turn an uninteresting outfit into a beautiful one. Without the vest, this outfit that consists of the grey floral print t shirt and the mom jeans look very average. You can spice things up by wearing a white lace vest and a pair of white sandals to make this outfit very refreshing.

White Long Lace Vest with Half Sleeve Grey Tee & Dark Blue Jeans

white long lace vest half sleeve grey tee dark blue jeans

Not only that a white lace vest can make you long more feminine, a longer version can also turn your outfit into a more stylish layered outfit. For example, you can form a very casual outfit by wearing a grey half sleeve t shirt, cuffed skinny jeans and nude sandals. The outfit is instantly upgraded if you wear a long white lace vest over the t shirt and jeans.

Wear with White Vest Top & Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

white vest top dark blue skinny jeans

A very typical way to dress in the summer is to wear a white form fitting vest top with blue skinny jeans. Not only that the outfit looks simple and stylish, it also allows you to show your curves. The outfit is a little too plain and too tough though. You can soften the tone by wearing a white lace vest top. For the shoes, nude heeled sandals would be perfect for adding an extra feminine touch.

Pale Pink Lace Vest with White Chiffon Blouse

pale pink lace vest white chiffon blouse

When you want to look more ladylike and you run out of ideas of what to wear, there is a good chance that wearing something pink is going to help you. For example, you can wear a pink chiffon vest over a white chiffon blouse for the top. Pair them with dark blue cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of pink platform sandals.

Red Pleated Skater Dress with White Lace Vest

red pleated skater dress with white lace vest

For a very casual street look, you can simply wear a red pleated skater mini dress. Layer a white lace vest on top of it to add a feminine and elegant touch. For the shoes, you can wear nude strappy sandals to add a little bit of boho style.

Grey Maxi Dress with White Crochet Lace Vest

grey maxi dress white crochet lace vest

Here is a very unique and beautiful look that is perfect to wear when you are on vacation. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a grey cotton maxi dress with a white crochet vest. Pair them with black sandals and, very playfully, a black floppy hat to complete the outfit.

Wear with Pink T Shirt & White Chiffon High Low Skirt

pink t shirt white chiffon high low skirt

Here is another ladylike casual outfit that is filled with pink pieces. For the top, pair a pink t shirt with a white lace vest. Pair them with a white chiffon knee length high low skirt and pink ballet flats to look refreshing and breezy.

White Lace Vest with Camisole & Mini Denim Shorts

white lace vest camisole mini denim shorts

For a stylish and low-key sexy look, you can simply pair the white lace vest with a white camisole and a pair of blue ripped mini denim shorts. Pair them with white sneakers to add a causal and sporty touch.

Here are the lace vest outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Even if you are one of those who are hesitant to try lace items, the lace vest is really a good place to start.