13 Amazing Long Board Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

best long board shorts outfit ideas

In movies, every lady on the beach is wearing a bikini. In the real world though, we have got to a point where surfboarding has become so popular that more and more ladies are opting for the more stylish board outfits. In short, a board outfit is basically a bikini top or a t shirt paired with sandals and board shorts. I particularly like the long board shorts because they can really make the outfit look stylish. For this blog post, I have put together a list of stylish long board shorts outfit ideas. Let’s check it out now.

Bikini Top with Black and White Floral Long Board Shorts


Different colors look good on different people. But there is of course the black color that is safe to wear for everyone. For an outfit that you can relatively easy pull off, wear a black bikini top with a pair of black and white floral long board shorts to create a look that is both stylish, sexy and sporty.

Blue Floral Long Board Shorts

blue floral long board shorts

Meanwhile, the color of blue isn’t that difficult to wear either. Here is a pair of stylish and eye catching blue floral long board shorts. For a more sexy look, you can wear either a white bikini top or a blue one. If you want to look more stylish, you can simply wear a white form fitting long sleeve t shirt as an alternative.

White Tank Top with Gradient Blue Long Board Shorts

white tank top gradient blue long board shorts

This is a very cool and slightly unisex way to style the long board shorts. That is to wear them with a white vest top. Depending on how form fitting the white vest top is, the outfit can actually get really sexy. For this outfit, the white top is paired with a pair of stylish gradient blue long board shorts to achieve a simple and cool look.

Blush Bikini Top with Black and Pink Floral Shorts

blush bikini top black and pink floral shorts

This is one of the very best demonstration on how to look sexy and stylish at the same time. As you can see, the blush bikini top is feminine and hot. Pair it with black and pink floral long board shorts to add a stylish touch to the outfit. This feminine and attractive outfit is easily my favorite among the list.

White Bikini Top with Black Board Shorts

white bikini top black board shorts

The black and white color combination is a timeless one in the fashion world. The same applies for a beach outfit. You can wear a white bikini top with a pair of black long board shorts to form a relatively low profile yet great looking outfit.

Color Block Beach Shorts with Black Top

color block beach shorts black top

For a beach outfit, colorful beach shorts just seem to look right for whatever reason. Here is a very colorful color-block long board shorts. Pair the shorts with a black biniki top for a cheerful and sexy. You can tone down the sexiness by wearing a white crop top.

Faux Jeans Long Board Shorts

faux jeans long board shorts

At first glance, you may think this is a pair of denim shorts. Actually, this is a pair of long board shorts with the typical beach shorts texture that pretends to be a pair of denim shorts. You can wear the shorts with a black and white biniki top to achieve a stylish and unique look.

Black Knee Length Board Shorts with Floral Details

black knee length board shorts floral details

For a more baggy and unisex style, you can wear board shorts that are so long that they can cover your knees. Here is a pair of black floral long board shorts that has that exact length. Pair the shorts with a black crop top and black sandals to achieve a low-key sexy and cool all-black look.

Neon Pink Long Shorts with Black Sandals

neon pink long shorts black sandals

For an eye catching and ladylike look, wear a beach outfit that has the neon pink as the main color. For example, you can wear a pair of neon pink long board shorts with a black bikini top and black sandals to look sexy and feminine.

Navy and Yellow Floral Knee Length Board Shorts

navy and yellow floral knee length board shorts

For a cheerful look, you can wear a pair of navy and yellow floral long board shorts. The passionate feel that comes with the shorts match with the beach and the summertime perfectly. To look even more energetic, you can wear a yellow bikini top and yellow sandals to achieve an amazing summer beach outfit.

Lime and Pink Board Shorts with Green Sandals

lime and pink board shorts green sandals

For your every street outfit, sometimes it would look a little awkward if you put too many contrasting shocking colors into one single outfit. But for a beach outfit, you can pretty much be as crazy with the usage of color as you want. For example, you can wear a neon pink bikini top with a pair of lime and pink long broad shorts. Then wear pink again for the sandals to create this playful and eye catching outfit.

Black Long Sleeve Form Fitting Tee with White Baggy Board Shorts

black long sleeve form fitting tee white baggy board shorts

This outfit represents my favorite type of surfboarding outfits. This is almost like a professional to dress as a surfboarder. To achieve this stylish look, you can simply wear a black long sleeve form fitting tee. Wear one that is water-resistant if possible. Pair it with a pair of white baggy long board shorts to look super cool.

Navy Swimsuit with Black Board Shorts

navy swimsuit black board shorts

You don’t always have to wear a bikini top with board shorts all the time. Sometimes, you can just wear a conservative swimsuit like the navy one for this outfit. Pair it with black long board shorts and black sandals to look natural and low profile.

Wear with Bikini Top & Yellow Striped Semi-Sheer Windbreaker Jacket

bikini top white striped semi sheer windbreaker jacket

Here is an adorable way to wear a bikini top. You can achieve this look by wear a black bikini top with a pair of black board shorts. Now, wear a yellow striped semi-sheer windbreaker jacket to complete this low-key sexy and lovely look.

Here are some really good looking ways to style the long board shorts. If you can add some of those outfits to your portfolio of beach outfits, you would have a lot of fun by dressing in these stylish ways.