Miley Cyrus for Mac

Miley Cyrus started 2015 with a bang as the new spokesperson for MAC VIVA GLAM. She introduced her new lipstick at a launch party in L.A., and told interviewers how happy she is to be involved in the annual Viva Glam campaign, which donates 100% of its profits to the MAC Aids Fund. It looked like a seriously fun party – MAC sent Miley a giant pizza with ‘Mac Viva Glam’ spelt out in pepperoni! The lipstick looks like a stunner, in a crazy bright pink with tons of shimmer. Viva Glam really is a fantastic cause as well, having raised over $300 million through lipstick and lipglass sales since being established in 1994.

Miley dressed in a striking metallic outfit for the party, wearing a shimmering crop top and skirt.