Natural Treatments that Tighten The Skin on Your Face

Maintain a youthful look during your twenties up to forties with natural face treatments

Research has shown that women who take care of their facial skin in the twenties, they more likely maintain their youthful and healthy appearance even in their forties. Most women in twenty and as well as thirty think that skin is always tense but they are wrong. In the greatest extent diet and lifestyle affect the skin. Since almost all women want to keep facial skin as long as possible without wrinkles, we need to act preventively and maintain the level of collagen as long as possible. But be aware that skin in the twenty renews itself, therefore it is NOT necessary to have a number of anti-wrinkle cream that can most often irritate skin. Therefore, we can see that during twenties wrinkle creams do not contribute to the improvement, but the opposite. In addition, dermatologists in their twenties recommend paying attention to the care, feeding and moisturizing the skin using high quality creams and serums that contain vitamin C and E, green tea and alpha lipoic acid, which will reduce harmful factors such as excessive sun exposure. Here are some tips on how to take care for youth, healthy and youthful appearance to be maintained even in later years.

First make sure that you’ll follow this simple tips:

Avoid sun exposure

Avoid excessive sun exposure and do not forget to use sun protection factor, not only in summer but in all seasons. Research has proven that too extensive daily exposure to sunlight and UV rays extremely harms the skin and intensifies the creation of the first wrinkles. Be careful when you’re choosing a sun cream due to it all depends of »the power« of the sun. Sun is the most powerful between 10 am and 15 pm so make sure that you’ll use cream with a maximum factor.

Stop smoking

If you smoke, stop as soon as possible, because smoking cause serious harm to your skin because it helps in the formation of wrinkles. It has been shown that smokers have ten times greater chance of acquiring wrinkles than non-smokers. The choice is yours.

Get enough sleep

Twenties and thirties are crazy years and it is reasonable that you devote your time to entertainment. But don’t go too far, because sleepless nights will be reflected in subsequent years. In addition, devote some attention to comfortable bed because it will provide you with quality sleep. Sleep also has an impact on the health and general well-being and, of course, also on the skin of the face and production lines.


Ensure adequate hydration because it will be paid off in all stages of life. The skin of the face is composed one third of the water, so it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of moisture. In addition, drinking enough liquid, preferably water, it is also necessary to use a moisturizing cream, which should be made of easier texture. Do not forget to use toner, scrubs and face masks.

Proper Facial Cleansing

Many pimples and wrinkles can be avoided just by proper cleaning of the face. First, we have to decide for the right product for cleaning that will remove all the dirt skin and fat. Make sure that you choose cream that will not dry the skin out. Never forget to remove makeup before you go to bed, believe me, the skin would appreciate it now and in your later years.

Choose the right powder

It is true that during this period is slightly more likely to try new products, but if you do not have excessive problems with the skin, than rather use some simplest creams with a lighter texture and those with mineral pigments. The right choice in twenties or thirties are the BB or CC creams.

Natural facial treatments

If you really stick to this simple tips you can additionally help your skin to maintain youthful appearance with natural facial treatment. We will introduce you some best homemade all-natural facial cleansers.


Mask of honey helps rejuvenate the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles, and it is recommended for both dry as well as for oily skin. The advantage of using honey as a facial cleanser is that there is no need for mixing or measuring. Honey can be used daily as a facial cleanser. It does an excellent job of cleaning skin and is extremely moisturizing, most importantly it helps to make skin soft and smooth. As already mentioned honey is an excellent cleanser for every skin type.

How to wash your face with honey?

You have to make sure that you have make-up free skin, than squirt a small amount of honey (less than a teaspoon) into the palm of your hand. Rub the honey between your palms and then massage into your face. Wash off with warm water.

Milk or yogurt

Milk is great natural exfoliant for the skin. Organic milk or Greek yogurt all work as wonderful cleansers. You can also remove eye makeup with milk soaked into a cotton ball.

Yogurt is great natural cleanser. It is rich in protein, lactic acid and fat, which all help detoxify as well as clean the skin.

How to wash your face with yogurt?

Use your fingertips to apply yogurt to skin. Leave yogurt on the skin for two minutes, then wash off with warm water.


The popularity of oil cleansing method has grown over the past few years. Cleaning your face with oil makes skin soft and radiant.

How to wash your face with oil?

Just apply oil to the face with your fingertips by using circular motions. Then leave it on your face just for a few minutes and wash off with warm water. For extra benefits you can hold a warm towel close to your oil-covered face for a minute or two and allow the stream to open the pores.


Making your own facial cleansers is a great way to avoid putting chemicals on your skin and into your bloodstream. In addition, it will help you maintain a youthful appearance. Moreover, you’ll save your money.