How to Wear One Shoulder Maxi Dress: Outfit Ideas

one shoulder maxi dress satin

What is better in the hot summer weather than a flowy and flattering one shoulder maxi dress? These dresses will provide you with a big dose of comfort, while you will still stay low key and casual. If you are planning to buy something like this, and you don’t have any inspiration right now, then let me help you.
Maxi dresses usually come with some interesting print. Not obligatory, though. Printed and colorful like that, they are perfect for summertime, when you are allowed to wear and mix patterns and shades. However, if you are not into that so much, don’t worry. I have found some models that are monochrome and simple. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start!

Polka Dots

one shoulder maxi dress polka dots
Polka dots came back to fashion through the big door. This year everybody is obsessed with this print, and we totally can understand why is that so! This maxi dress looks very comfy. Guess what? It has ruffle neckline! You can wear it in combination with flats, lace-up sandals and don’t forget the straw hat. Protect yourself from the sun.

Gingham Dress

one shoulder maxi dress gingham
Gingham is one of the most wearable patterns for summer. This dress is waiting for you to wear it for some outdoor parties, weddings or other celebrations. You can style it with white block heeled pumps and add super trendy basket bag. The side slit and one shoulder neckline are what makes this dress special and very modern.

Baby Blue with Red Details

one shoulder maxi dress baby blue red
This combination came as a surprise to me. I would never even assume that you can wear something in baby blue and add red details?! However, this outfit combination assures me that it looks interesting and most of all that these two color can actually work together! The one shoulder maxi dress is perfect for everyday wear – strolls, coffee or picnic in the park and other casual activities.

Retro Stripes

one shoulder maxi dress retro
I don’t know about you, but I love retro cuts of the dresses. The highlight exactly good parts and dresses look stylish and flattering. This striped one shoulder dress reminds me of retro ones. It has a bow as a strap, and it is very flattering. You can style it with leopard printed sunglasses and add super popular Cult Gaia bag – straw bags will dominate this summer as well.

Palm Print One Shoulder Maxi Dress

one shoulder maxi dress palm print
When it comes to botanical patterns, palm print is one of my favorite. I love to wear these kinds of items because they remind me of summertime and jungles. This red palm printed dress is pretty, and it is low-key. That means you can wear it both as a casual and elegant staple. As you can see, straw bags are present in every summer outfit combination, so don’t hesitate to wear them.

White Elegance

one shoulder maxi dress white elegance
If you are thinking about wearing one shoulder maxi dress for your prom or wedding, no problem. I have found one that will perfectly suit these occasions. This flowing down to a figure-skimming mermaid dress can be a right choice for the formal event. Mock neckline with one shoulder ruffle looks more than stunning and fun! You can add some silver jewelry, put on some comfy high heels (if possible) and enjoy your beautiful look.

Satin One Shoulder Maxi Dress

one shoulder maxi dress satin
Pink satin is something that you can choose for special occasions. This lovely hammered maxi dress seems very flattering and modern. It has that lovely cut with a side slit that will make you look sexy, but not vulgar. You can wear this dress for pool or cocktail parties, birthday celebration, and weddings. When it comes to shoes, pick something strappy or opt for classy pointy-toe heels.

Lady in Black Maxi Dress

one shoulder maxi dress black
You know that black color is definitely the queen of all other shades. It is the color that works perfectly with anything. This black one shoulder dress looks absolutely fantastic and sophisticated. You can see it has that retro cut that we have mentioned before. It is flattering with delicate pleats and side slit. All I can add is that you should break this all-black-everything look with these gorgeous leopard print pumps.

Ruffle Maxi Dress

one shoulder maxi dress baby blue
Ruffles are present in any summer dress. However, this one looks pretty and elegant. It has pastel blue color which is super popular color of the moment. If you are looking for a prom dress, and you still haven’t found anything nice, check out this one. The delicate slit will make your look flattering, while the big ruffle neckline will make this whole combination much more interesting.

Timeless Sequins

one shoulder maxi dress sequins
The sutuation is next: you don’t know what color to choose or what pattern to wear, play safe and choose sequins. Yes, this material will make you shine, whether you opt for a short or long dress. This one shoulder maxi dress is made of soft pink sequins, and it looks fabulous. With corresponding hairstyle and sparkly silver earrings, you can have an amazing formal outfit.

White Summer Dress

one shoulder maxi dress white
The straw hat will protect you from heat and sun, while your cut out one shoulder dress will provide you with an extra dose of ventilation! This maxi slit dress is perfect for time spent on a seaside. You can style it as everyday or elegant evening dress. Either way, you choose, it looks fantastic. Style it with lace-up sandals or mules.

Velvet Glamour

one shoulder maxi dress velvet
Velvet is one of the most luxurious-looking and flattering materials. It is soft on touch and even better when you look at it. It is essential to choose statement color – like this blue velvet dress. It is perfect for special occasions. The dress is sexy, flattering and it has very interesting bodice.

Statement Orange

one shoulder maxi dress orange
As I have mentioned earlier about picking the right color – this was exactly on my mind. Orange is one of the colors that dominated winter season, so don’t hesitate to wear it on your formal dress. You can belt it with a gold waistband and done!

I hope you have liked these outfit ideas!