15 Stylish & Feminine Pink Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas

If I have to build a casual street outfit around a jacket, my top two picks would be the denim jacket and the bomber jacket. In the case of the bomber jacket, black and dark green should be the favorite colors. Today, I am going to talk about something that is both stylish and feminine, which is the pink bomber jacket. To show you how to best style it, I have collected some really amazing pink bomber jacket outfit ideas for you. Let’s check out the exciting list right now.

Pink Bomber Jacket with White Crop Top


A very typical way to wear the pink bomber jacket would be to pair it with t shirt and jeans. But to start off this list, I am going to show you an outfit that is even more exciting. To achieve this look, you can wear a white crop top with a pink bomber jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans and black ankle heeled boots. Make the outfit look more chic by tying a black and white plaid shirt around your waist.

Pink Bomber Jacket with Royal Blue Skinny Jeans

pink bomber jacket royal blue skinny jeans

As mentioned earlier, a very popular way to wear the pink bomber jacket is to pair it with t shirt and jeans. This outfit is a great example of that. Wear white t shirt and a pink bomber jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear a pair of royal blue skinny jeans and silver metallic sneakers. Wear an ivory leather purse to make the outfit look a little more classy.

Wear with Black Tee & Grey Cropped Skinny Jeans

black tee grey cropped skinny jeans

For a more casual and low-profile look, you can simply pair the pink jacket with a black t shirt. Pair them with cropped grey skinny jeans. Finally, wear white sneakers to make the outfit look even more casual.

Rose Gold Bomber Jacket with Mom Jeans

rose gold bomber jacket mom jeans

Since a bomber jacket is usually semi-shiny, some people would call a pink bomber jacket a rose gold bomber jacket. For example, this bomber jacket is a shiny pink one. You can simply pair it with white t shirt, cuffed mom jeans and white sneakers to look casual and beautiful. This is the type of outfits that is perfect to wear for casual hangouts.

Pink Oversized Bomber Jacket with White Mini Shift Dress

pink oversized bomber jacket white mini shift dress

For a causal yet absolutely adorable outfit, you can wear a pink oversized bomber jacket over a white mini shift dress. For the best result, choose a bomber jacket that is just slightly shorter than the shift dress. Complete the outfit with white lace up open toe boots to add a feminine and stylish touch to the outfit. Wear a brown leather clutch bag to make the outfit look even more stylish.

Wear with White Vest Top & Light Blue Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

white vest top light blue ripped boyfriend jeans

For a super simple and casual outfit that is almost like a white t shirt and jeans outfit, you can wear a white vest top with a pink bomber jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans and white low top sneakers to complete the outfit casually and stylishly.

Pink Jacket with Black and White Striped Tee

pink jacket black and white striped tee

The black and white striped long sleeve t shirt is one of the most versatile and good looking item in the casual outfit world. Now, let’s see what happen when it is put together with a pink bomber jacket. As you can see from the above picture, the result is a very well-balanced and beautiful outfit. You can achieve the look by wearing the striped tee and the bomber jacket with black cropped chinos and black leather ankle boots.

Wear with Grey and White Peplum Top & Ripped Skinny Jeans

grey and white peplum top ripped skinny jeans

For this outfit, the grey and white peplum top has a nifty two-toned design and it also has a cool ruffle hem. You can pair it with a pink bomber jacket, ripped jeans and white sneakers. In addition, you can wear a white leather purse to add a feminine touch to the outfit.

Pink Embroidered Bomber Jacket with High Waisted Jeans

pink embroidered bomber jacket high waisted jeans

Many people think that the high rise pants have nothing to do with being stylish. This outfit is trying to prove those people wrong. To achieve a cool look, you can wear a black vest top with blue high rise boyfriend jeans. Wearing the jeans this way would make you look really weird if you don’t wear the slightly oversized pink embroidered bomber jacket. Finally, to complete the outfit, wear white sneakers and a black choker.

Pink Oversized Quilted Jacket with Denim Shorts & Converse

pink oversized quilted jacket denim shorts converse

This outfit is a great demonstration on how to wear a pink quilted jacket. To do that, you can wear the pink oversized jacket with a white t shirt for the top. Pair them with denim mini shorts and a pair of all-white low top converse to achieve a youthful and stylish street outfit.

Oversized Bomber Jacket with Grey V Neck Sweatshirt

oversized bomber jacket grey v neck sweatshirt

We have seen a lot of simple outfits that look good. Here is a more complex one that has all the pieces working flawlessly with each other. For the top, wear a grey v neck sweatshirt with an oversized pink bomber jacket. Pair the pieces with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. That would have been a very good looking outfit already. But to push the envelope even further, wear a necklace and a silk choker scarf to take the outfit to the next level.

Pink Bomber Jacket with White Long Button Up Shirt

pink bomber jacket white long button up shirt

If you work in the creative industry, it is likely that you are allowed to wear jeans for your workplace, at least for casual Fridays. This outfit is a smart casual one that you should consider. To achieve this look, wear a white long button up shirt with a pink bomber jacket to create some stylish layers. Pair them grey skinny jeans and a pair of black heels with silver sequin details to make the outfit look both more stylish and elegant.

Wear with Blush Pink Vest Top & White Skinny Jeans

blush pink vest top white skinny jeans

For those of you who love wearing white jeans, this outfit is for you. You can wear the white skinny jeans with a blush pink vest top, a pink bomber jacket and white sneakers to form a super simple yet stylish outfit.

Pink Jacket with Black Midi Shift Dress

pink jacket black midi shift dress

This is rare but beautiful outfit that attempts to put the pink bomber jacket with a black midi shift dress. The result looks very nice as shown in the picture above. For the shoes, the white leather ankle boots would be a beautiful and creative choice.

Rose Gold Quilted Jacket with Long White Shirt

rose gold quilted jacket long white shirt

For a smart looking layered outfit, you can wear a long white shirt under a black form fitting sweater, under a pink quilted bomber jacket. Wear them with jeans and black ankle suede boots to form an amazing outfit.

I hope you would find this list of pink bomber jacket outfit ideas useful. The pink bomber jackets indeed look so nice and they are simply not mentioned enough. Before everyone discover this little secret item, try the outfits mentioned above and see if you can add something to your outfit game.