Best Short Spiky Hairstyles & Styling Guide

Short spiky hairstyles are very popular. It’s a great hairstyle for women who don’t want to bother keeping their hair long. Even though the hair is short, there are lots of different cuts and styling methods to try, so that you can wear your short spiky hairstyle exactly as you like it.

Short spiky hairstyle ideas

There are a few things to consider when choosing a short spiky hairstyle.

  • Just how short do you want it? About three inches long is a fairly normal length for this sort of cut, but you can also try longer or shorter.
  • Do you want bangs? Smooth sideswept bangs can look great with spiky, textured hair. On the other hand, short hair can also be swept backwards to give you a quiff or pompadour style.
  • How layered and textured do you want it? Some spiky hairstyles are all the same length, for spikes all around the head. Others are more varied, and might be shorter at the sides than on top.


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Why get a short spiky hairstyle?

Short spiky hair will set you apart from the crowd, and give you a gorgeous edgy style. It’s daring and bold, and sure to catch everyone’s eye! Short hair is also brilliantly easy to care for, and a spiky style is particularly easy to do in a hurry, so a short spiky hairstyle will hugely cut down on the time you spend on your hair every morning. For anyone who’s really busy, or just doesn’t want to waste time on their hair, a short hairstyle is very worth trying out. Spiky hair is even more minimum effort than other short styles, as shaping the spikes is very quick and easy.

Cutting your hair short is also a great way to remove any damage to your hair. If you want to try extreme dye colors, especially platinum blonde, cutting your hair short will help to minimize the damage, as you can keep your hair nicely trimmed without the ends beginning to break off.

There is one thing to bear in mind, however – short spiky hairstyles only work on certain types of hair. If you have very curly hair, this probably isn’t the style for you! On straight or wavy hair, however, this is great for hair of varying thicknesses and colors.

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How to style short spiky hair

Once your hair has been cut into a short, textured style, it’s time to make it spiky! You’ll need to wash your hair as normal, and then leave it to dry (or blow dry it) until it is about 75% dry. Take a texturizing product like gel, and rub a small amount between your palms, and then begin to work it into your hair, starting at the roots and shaping your hair upwards into spikes.

Now dry your hair the rest of the way with a hairdryer. Lift the spikes upwards as you go, directing the hot air towards your roots so that you get raised and voluminous hair. Once your hair is dry, take a little hair wax and use it to mold the hair into firm spikes. Be careful not to use too much wax, or you’ll end up weighing the hair down!

Finally, give your hair a spray all over with a good firm hold hairspray, and your short spiky hairstyle is all done!


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Makeup with a short spiky hairstyle

With short spiky hair, you may want to wear a little more makeup than you would with longer styles.

Firstly, this is because with so little excess hair, the focus is completely on your facial features. You might even feel a little exposed when you first cut off your hair, but enjoy the chance to show off your beautiful face! Your eyes in particular will be much more visible and obvious once your hair is off your face, so pretty eyeliner and eyeshadow will make them look lovely.

Secondly, hairstyles like this are quite boyish. Balance this tomboy aspect with girly makeup, or even a full-on femme fatale-inspired face of makeup to make your spiky hairstyle glamorous and evening-appropriate!

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Celebrities with short spiky hair

A lot of celebrities have tried short hair out for a little while, but there are a few who have stuck with a short spiky hairstyle and really made it their signature.


Singer P!nk sticks exclusively to short hairstyles, and one of her favorites is this bleach-blonde spiky cut. She’s a great example of how flexible a short spiky hairstyle can be – she easily moves between edgy punk and polished retro styles.

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Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone’s messy blonde highlighted crop has become an iconic hairstyle. It’s brilliant for women who want to look great without the hassle of upkeeping long hair, and she shows just how glamorous a hairstyle like this can be.

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Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry has perhaps the sexiest short spiky hairstyle in Hollywood. Her hair is tough and boyish, but she always looks gorgeously feminine. The same style works with both edgy biker jackets and flowing red carpet gowns – the focus is always on her incredible face and body rather than on her hair.


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Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus has changed her hair around a lot in the last few years, but she seems to be especially fond of this bleach-blonde crop, which works very well with her edgy style. If you want to try hair as bright blonde as Miley’s a short spiky hairstyle is a brilliant way to keep your hair healthy.

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Audrey Tatou

French actress Audrey Tatou is a great example of how well short spiky hairstyles can still work on curly hair! Her natural texture is soft curly waves, but her hair also looks great in a short choppy style. She shows how casually sexy short hair can look.

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Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly has tried out a lot of hairstyles, and for a little while she had this short spiky hairstyle,  and experimented with different ways of styling it. She tried both messy with smooth bangs, and an all over choppy style.

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Natalie Portman

After famously shaving all of her hair off for her role in V for Vendetta, Natalie Portman experimented with a lot of short styles. A short spiky hairstyle looked absolutely beautiful on her, showing off her gorgeous delicate features.

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Sharon Osbourne

Sharon is a great example of how well short spiky hairstyles work on women of all ages. She has combined her edgy style with an equally edgy dark purple-red, but occasionally smooths it into a much sleeker style for formal events, showing just how flexible this sort of cut is.

Charlize Theron

Charlize is a great example if you’re growing your hair out from a super short crop! She tried out various short spiky hairstyles, before gradually growing her hair through various stages of a soft wavy bob.

Which celebrity’s look is your favorite? Have you ever tried a short spiky hairstyle? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear what you think of this kind of hairstyle!