Silk Wrap Dress: 15 Chic and Trendy Outfit Ideas

silk wrap dress brown

Silk is one of the most expensive and delicate materials that you own. It is very flattering to your body and skin. You can wear silk all day long without feeling uncomfortable.
When you combine wrap cut and silk, you get the fantastic garment named silk wrap dress. So, we will see how to style this dress and, after all how to look amazing in this clothing.
Silk wrap dress is a fantastic staple that you can wear all the time. It is very versatile and very flattering. You can layer it with other garments. You can wear it no matter if t is winter or summertime.
In this post, I have rounded up some of the best outfit ideas for you. Let’s take a look together.

Ruffle Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress peach colored
Ruffles are everywhere. They are a huge trend, so it would be better for you to try it! This stunning peach colored dress is made of beautiful silk, and it is wrapped. The midi length is very appropriate for elegant occasions. However, this dress is also a fantastic choice for daily events.
Style this lovely silk wrap dress in black strappy sandals.

Brown Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress brown
Even though these dresses can look a bit like a slip dress for your bedroom, they also seem very effortless and chic.
This silk wrap dress has a high dose of glamour so that you can style it for special occasions. However, if you style it with flat mules, it can easily be your favorite outfit for spending the whole day by the pool.

Navy-Blue Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress navy blue
Beautiful color of this dress will make you stand out from the crowd, no matter where are you heading. This navy blue silk is very sophisticated and very attractive. You will definitely look chic and stylish in this silk wrap dress.
Pair it with snakeskin pointy-toe flats and small shoulder bag.

Red Printed Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress printed
A little bit of print is always a good mood lifter. This kimono wrap silk dress is a beautiful staple for hot summer days. You will feel very relaxed and chic in this dress. Combine it with a straw bag like in the photo above. This outfit reminds me a bit of French Riviera style. You can recreate it too!

Purple Printed Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress maxi
Wrap dresses are very flattering and suitable for pregnant girls. As you can see, it looks charming, and most of all you will feel very comfortable in this silk wrap dress.
The length of the dress is maxi so that you can wear it with flats, sandals or mules.
Add a straw hat for super summer feeling.

Polka Dot Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress polka dot
This is perfect summer dress that can suit everybody. It is mini and has very lovely ruffle hems. The wrap cut makes this dress unique and very interesting. You can wear it with platform sandals, flats or mules. It is perfect outfit choice for summer vacation by the sea.

Animal Print Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress animal print
If you are not a fan of animal print, I can definitely understand that. However, this outfit is more than just that. Giovanna Battaglia definitely knows how to wear the animal print. She combines the platform sandals and silk wrap dress and makes perfect workwear. You can try to do it as she did.
For super unique look add a large gold necklace.

Blue Midi Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress blue midi
This dress is ideal for this time of year. Why you are maybe wondering. It has midi length and long sleeves. You can easily style it with a long wool coat or leather jacket. Also, this silk wrap dress would look amazing if you decide to pair it with thigh high boots. Try it, and you will not regret it.

Summer Silk Wrap Dress

For a relaxed summer look, you can mix the floral silk wrap dress, kitten heel sandals, and stylish straw bag. This combination is perfect for hot days spent in the city. The dress makes a statement, so you will not need any other detail to finish off this combo.

Blush Pink Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress blush pink
The wrap dresses are usually belted around the waist with the strap made of same or similar material as the dress. However, you can be creative and add a belt that is more massive and with bigger buckle. That way, your outfit will be unique and very chic. This dress is perfect for a night out with your friends. For ultimate edgy look, wear biker ankle boots.

Blush Pink Mini Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress blush pink
This dress looks beautiful and very sophisticated at the same time. You can wear this silk wrap dress if you are heading to dinner with your colleagues or friends. When paired with high heels, it becomes a perfect staple for elegant occasions. You can style it with a black tote bag and add minimalistic jewelry.

Floral Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress florals
Florals for spring and summer are a fabulous idea. Even though it seems like a cliche, the floral print will always be in style. You can wear this dress with a black bra, which looks very bohemian and attractive at the same time. Pair it with mules, or summer boots.

Black Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress black
And now, classic-black silk wrap dress. This dress is made of black color, and it has wrap cut that you can wear all the time. All-black-everything outfits are appropriate for whenever you choose to wear them. There is no limit in a pairing. Just the black color!

Hearth Printed Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress hearths
This dress is made for every day. The print is very youngish and exciting for wearing and pairing with other garments. You can choose to style it with black espadrilles and beige rucksack. This outfit reminds us of hot summer days.

Stars Printed Silk Wrap Dress

silk wrap dress stars
This beige wrap dress has stars print all over it. The stars are made of silver and gold sequins, and they look very delicate. You can wear this dress for both everyday or special occasions. Style it with sandals or high heels.
I hope you have found something that you would like to recreate. Make sure to read all other outfit ideas that we have prepared!