Silver Choker Necklace: How to Style Chic Piece Of Jewelry

silver choker necklace white combination

Jewelry is an amazing way to style and decorate your outfits. Silver choker necklace is a sophisticated piece of jewelry, which should be a statement in your wardrobe. It can be elegant, it can be casual as well. Wearing it with your dresses, or t-shirts can make your outfits even better. If you have prom soon, don’t worry. I have something for you as well. Studded, sparkly and stacked, these choker necklaces are the excellent piece that will help you stand out from the crowd. Let’s see together how you can style and wear this lovely piece of jewelry.

Layered Choker with Leather Jacket

silver choker necklace leather jacket
The leather jacket is an essential piece of clothing that you need to have in your wardrobe. It is versatile and works perfectly with any other color and material. As you can see, it mixes with classy white v-neck blouse and silver choker necklace. The stacked necklaces include one choker and one silver necklace.

Delicate Necklace with Denim Jacket

silver choker necklace romantic denim
If you like minimalism and delicate piece of jewelry, then you should definitely choose something like this. This is layered necklace as well, and it looks fantastic. The denim jacket is a retro staple that will work perfectly with this lovely silver choker. It is a great accessory to style with your everyday outfits.

Perfect for Cocktail Dress

silver choker necklace cocktail dress
As I have already mentioned, choker necklace can be both casual and elegant accessory. This girl decided to go with sparkly one, and she styled it with the black cocktail dress. The neckline is off the shoulder, so the necklace makes a statement – sparkly statement. This look is perfect for parties, birthday celebrations and of course for proms.

Bohemian Blue Opal

silver choker necklace boho
The festival season is officially open. Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals, where girls show off their bohemian looks. You can do that on city concrete as well. Make sure to wear something white, crochet or lace and add this lovely stacked choker necklace. It has lovely opal stone, which is signature of bohemian style and jewelry pieces.

Gold and Silver Combination

silver choker necklace white combination
Sun-kissed skin looks lovely in combination with white garments. Deep v-neck ruffle shirt styled with the matchy skirt looks stylish and chic. What more you need? Yes, nice jewelry. The silver choker is mixed with a gold pendant. Even though I am not a fan of combining silver and gold, I have to admit that in this case, it looks fantastic.

Massive Silver Choker Necklace

silver choker necklace massive
This necklace is very massive and attractive. If you like eye-catching looks and jewelry, then you should check out this look. You can style it with even the most basic staples that you can have, and the necklace will still look fantastic. This girl opted for the white strappy shirt.

Sparkly Choker

silver choker necklace sparkly
This choker is delicate but still very sparkly and eye-catching. If you choose this item, you won’t need any other piece of jewelry. This girl styled her black sexy cocktail dress with this accessory. This complete look is great for elegant occasions – birthday parties, cocktails, and weddings.

The Tudor Choker

silver choker necklace tudor
I saw the name of this necklace, and the first thing coming to my mind is royalty. And this necklace looks exactly like that. The massive silver choker necklace is layered with another one for even better and glamorous look. You can wear it with a black dress for elegant occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

Open Circle Choker

silver choker necklace open circle
Not every choker necklace is the same. This one is very minimal and delicate. It has an open circle in the middle. The rest of the necklace is kept simple. Other two necklaces look chic and perfect for everyday wear. One of them has a nice silver pendant. Whether you decide to style it with elegant or casual clothes, it will look perfect.

Open Silver Choker Necklace

silver choker necklace open
If you want to be unique, then you should definitely opt for a necklace like this. It is not like the previous ones I have shown you. This one has two ends with labradorite gemstones and two geometric metal shapes from each side. Along with that it is asymmetrical and has African vibe. You can pair it with a white dress for a summer look.

Navajo Style Choker

silver choker necklace navajo
If you like Navajo style, then you would probably like to try this look. This choker necklace has two chains of different styles. It goes perfectly with the deep v-neck white dress. If you are searching for super comfy and flowy summer look, then you should try this one.

Luxurious on Point!

silver choker necklace luxurious
Sparkly and luxurious – two words that describe this lovely and exciting necklace. If you like beautiful and head-turner outfits, then you should style your black dress with this piece of jewelry. Wearing it on weddings, birthday celebrations or night-outs will be appropriate.

Star Choker

silver choker necklace stars
Sparkly stars in silver choker necklace look chic and lovely. It might be a bit youngish, but you can actually style it with any garment. Casual or elegant, you can choose. This blogger opted for classy black crochet staple (dress or shirt). Don’t hesitate to buy this necklace for the decoration of your summer outfits.

Fishtail Choker

silver choker necklace fishnet
You might be surprised, but this kind of style is very appealing and chic. Fishnet and coin stacked choker necklaces look absolutely amazing. You can style them with a white sweater, blouses, and any other printed garments. With this necklaces, you will add a pop to any outfit combination you decide to go with!

Pendant Silver Choker Necklace

silver choker necklace pendants
These necklaces remind me of old Roman empire. Women in that period of time were wearing very massive necklaces, earring, and rings. This is a recreation of that style. I love it! Stacked pendant and ducats necklaces look absolutely stylish and great for summer attire.

Matchy Choker Necklace and Rings

silver choker necklace matchy
Matching your jewelry can be really practical and beautiful. You can pair details and stones on your pendants and rings. Stars choker make height and dept, combined with other three ones. It is delicate and romantic, perfect for everyday wear.

I hope you liked these outfit ideas!