Striped Cardigan: Amazing and Warm Outfit Ideas

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Spring is already here, but the weather is unpredictable. Rain, wind and unstable temperature – all this come with springtime and warmer weather. That is why it is good to have garments that will keep you warm and flattering in the transition part of the year. Striped cardigan might be the perfect solution to this problem.
Striped cardigan works perfectly with almost any other staple. It is casual, but it can be your best friend when it comes to elegant summer outfits. You can style it with jeans, shorts or dresses. Long or short, the cardigan is one of the essential pieces of your wardrobe.
In this post, we will see how to style perfect striped cardigans. I hope you will find something for yourself.

Long Striped Cardigan

striped cardigan long
This long striped cardigan is something anyone should have. The color, and cut works perfectly with any other garment. Boyfriend jeans are great for wearing. They are modern and very flattering at the same time. Combine them with a beige blouse and matchy long cardigan. Brown crossbody bag, along with black booties will complete this look in the best way possible.

Casual in Ripped Jeans

striped cardigan casual
The beige cardigan is combined with ripped jeans and basic white tee. This look is perfect for those don’t-know-what-to-wear days. For those days when you are not in the mood of standing in front of your closet for hours. It is great for going out and grabbing a cup of coffee to go. You can style this look with comfy brown suede booties and add round sunglasses.

Summer Jeans and Cardigan

striped cardigan summer
Summer is maybe not the right time to wear jeans, but if you love to wear it, no one can stop you. Personally, I like to wear jeans whenever I can. This girl apparently loves to style skinny jeans even in the hot weather. Long striped cardigan layered with a white tee. Lace-up sandals and checked bag are lovely details for this combination.

Over the Denim Shorts

striped cardigan denim shorts
Layered over the white tee and denim shorts, this cardigan will keep you warm during breezy summer nights. Sometimes, it is good to have a cardigan like this in your wardrobe, even during summer months. Wear this look with sandals or sneakers for a long night walk by the beach.

Leather Leggings

striped cardigan leather leggings
Leather leggings are modern and bit challenging to style. However, you can play safe and match them with long white and black striped cardigan and a white tee. For comfy look, round off this combination with navy-blue sneakers. Classy and casual, right? It is ideal for everyday wear.

Camel Striped Cardigan

striped cardigan camel
When you say stripes, most people think about black and white stripes. However, that doesn’t have to be quite right. This cardigan, for example, is made of camel color combined with black and white stripes. This fashion blogger combined this cardigan with cropped frayed hem jeans, black turtleneck top, and black mules. This can be your new workwear inspo.

Leopard Print Flats

striped cardigan leopard flats
Mixing prints is always a challenging and inspiring process. This girl decided to go with a grey tee, long striped cardigan, and jeans. She mixes stripes with leopard print, and she does it very discreet. The flats are an amazing way to spice up some combination, without making it look like out of fashion or demode. This look is great for everyday wear.

Floral Skirt

striped cardigan floral skirt
Along with mixing prints, comes mixing materials. Warm and bright colors look absolutely amazing in this outfit. Baby blue button-down is tucked in a floral mini skirt. Long knit cardigan gives a cozy vibe. This look might be your workwear. It seems super comfy, while it is very modern at the same time.

Neutral Tones Cardigan

striped cardigan neutral tones
Neutral tones were my favorites for a long time. Beige, camel, brown and white are shades that can make every outfit sophisticated and luxurious. And that is the case with this lovely striped cardigan. Black suede thigh high boots look great when combined with casual staples. Without the addition of white v-neck blouse, you get an amazing everyday outfit combination.

Black and Camel Combo

striped cardigan camel black
All black outfits are simply amazing. They look glamorous and very polished. If you were wondering with which color to pair your black outfit, to break this lovely combo, you should try it with a camel. This lovely oversized cardigan paired with black top, over-the-knee boots and black pants makes one wonderful combination. It is ideal for casual wear.

Striped Cardigan and Furry Mules

striped cardigan leather
Casual looks are the most important in my life. I am usually picking something that is comfortable, better than something elegant or expensive. Nothing can beat white tee-blue jeans combination, right? Cardigan is lovely and will make you warm. It is a casual and chic combination, ideal for everyday wear.

Knit Grey Cardigan

striped cardigan grey
Knit cardigan looks handmade and wonderful. You can combine it simply – with a white tee and ripped jeans, as this girl did. You can match your bag with a striped cardigan. For super comfy look wear ankle boots or sneakers.

Cardigan Over Dress

striped cardigan orange dress
I was usually showing you cardigan in combination with jeans, leggings or skirts. However, here is how you can style you beige cardigan with the orange dress. This combination is ideal for breezy summer days.
You can wear sandals or lace-up flats with this lovely outfit combo.

J Lo in Striped Cardigan

striped cardigan j lo
J Lo is one of the most famous stars ever. Her outfit combinations are sexy, but usually very chic and casual. She wears high waist chino pants, combined with black top and long wool cardigan. It is gorgeous for everyday and casual strolls or grabbing a cup of coffee. J Lo opted for heeled booties, but you can choose flats, instead of heels.

These were some of the best ideas that I have found for you. As you could see, cardigans are a great staple to have in your closet. They are casual but can be part of your elegant outfits as well.
Make sure to read all other style guides and outfit ideas that we have prepared for you. I hope that you have found something that you like!