How To Style White Cut Out Dress: 16 Outfit Ideas

white cut out dress slited

Peek of a skin, neck bones or your waist. Officially the skin is in again. Showing off your skin is not necessarily provocative and over-the-line. If you wish, you can show off your skin by wearing the white cut out dress. It looks wonderful and definitely appropriate.
The cut out trend is on for some time now. Slits, cut out, or slashes have found their way back on many different garments. The high temperatures and summertime call us to dress more relaxed and to give our body more ventilation. You can definitely achieve that by wearing the cut out dress.
I have rounded up some of the best outfit ideas on how to wear the white cut out dress. Don’t be afraid to show off some skin!

White Classic

white cut out dress classic
One of those dresses that you can wear all the time is this one. White, classic cut, with delicate and barely seen cut out on both side of your hips make this dress appropriate for everyday wear.
You can pair it with sandals or flats. If you wish, put on some silver or gold jewelry.

Pleats On!

white cut out dress pleads
Another cut out dress, but this time for more elegant occasions. The bodice is black, while the rest of the dress is the combination of white pleated part and black material. It is really a lovely dress that you can style with some strappy sandals or pointy-toe shoes.

Off-The-Shoulders White Cut Out Dress

white cut out dress confetti
Confetti and linen material are the main features of this beautiful dress. It is really mini, so make sure to choose where and when you will wear it. It has a little cut out in the middle of the dress. This cut out looks very interesting, yet very chic.

White Bodycon Dress

white cut out dress bodycon
A new way to be sexy, but absolutely not provocative is by wearing the white cut out dress. It is exquisite, so you can consider styling this dress for your friend’s weddings, birthdays or cocktail parties.
If you want to stand out of the crowd, then wear the fluffy sandals. Which are, by the way on trend right now!

Slit and Cut Out

white cut out dress slited
This is an amazing summer dress that will make you feel so comfortable and chic. It has a high slit and one-shoulder neckline. The dress has beautiful white color, which is working fine with every other staple. It is also looking amazing on your sun-kissed skin.

Fine White Lace

white cut out dress lace
There is nothing nicer than fine and delicate lace. This white cut out dress is made of thin and wonderful lace. However, it is appropriate for both day and night events. You can equally wear it with sandals and with high heels. It is very versatile, which is the most important thing after all.

Corset Bodice and Side Cut Out

white cut out dress godess
If you like to look sexy and elegant even when you are wearing the day dress, you can try something like this. I admit it is pretty open, and there is a lot of skin showing off, but at the same time it looks very modern. Pair it with flat lace-up sandals for Greek goddess look.

Snakeskin Print

white cut out dress snakeskin
Flowy and modern, this dress is a great option for everyday wear. The V-neckline bodice and back stripes seem very relaxed and chic. This dress is so flattering, so you can wear it when you need a quick coffee or just a stroll in a city park.

Open Back Lace Dress

white cut out dress open back
When you need to look elegant and chic, you can wear this open back white cut out dress. It is made of very nice and sophisticated lace, and it has midi length. I have to admit; it looks wonderful when you pair this dress with lace-up sandals. Nice and easy to wear, is there anything better?

Long Sleeves Cut Outs

white cut out dress geometry
Geometric cut outs look very interesting and stylish. There is not much of a skin showing off, but it is a quite unusual dress. However, if you like to look unique and to stand out from the crowd, this is what you need to wear to achieve that.

Vintage Cut Outs

white cut out dress retro
If you are a fan of vintage clothing, then this white cut out dress is the perfect choice for you. It is pretty simple and has single breasted bodice with a collar. The hem of the dress is made of black thread. You can style this dress with retro shoes or flats.


white cut out dress seaside
Ruffles, lace, and cutouts – all in one dress! This white cut out dress is mini and very flowy. It is flattering to your body, so make sure to wear it on hot summer days. This dress is perfect for your vacation days and seaside. Pair it with lace-up sandals and beige shoulder bag.

Long and Special

white cut out dress elegant
This long gown looks very elegant, and it should be worn only for special occasions. It has a cut out in the middle, while the rest of this dress is really simple and chic. You can style it with a black clutch and pearl necklace.

Knot Cut Out Dress

white cut out dress knot
This dress is perfect for summertime. It has knot bodice, which looks very nice. Especially if you are heading to some tropic places, this dress is a right choice.
Wear it with a straw hat and funky sandals.

Denim Jacket

white cut out dress denim
Style your white cut out dress with a denim jacket for a cozy and stylish look. This combination is perfect for everyday wear, casual coffee or stroll with your friend.
You can pair this dress with sneakers or flats.

Bohemian Vibes

white cut out dress boho
I am a huge fan of the bohemian way of dressing. It is ideal for summer, and not only for that time of year. If you like it, you can style your boho staples for any occasion.
This white dress is perfect for wearing with black ankle boots and black fedora hat.

I hope that you have liked these outfit ideas on how to style white cut out dress.