10 Stylish Ways How to Wear Gold Skirt

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The color of gold looks very luxurious and glamorous. It can easily seduce you to think it can only be worn for some super elegant occasions. Well, this is very far from the truth.

Thanks to designers that showcased clothes in gold color on the fashion weeks,  it became popular streetwear. All the bloggers had started wearing gold, and soon after that, the color became very popular for wearing.

The color goes well with other colors. So, if you want to try this golden skirt look, give your best not to put on many details. The color is pretty enough for drawing attention at your way.

If you ever wondered how to style golden skirt, I’ve prepared some ideas on how to do that.  Scroll down to see 10 ways to wear the gold skirt.


gold skirt blazer
If you want to make this outfit office-friendly, it won’t be hard. All you have to do is pair a blazer, white shirt, and gold skirt. This combination is perfect for those who are not sure how to wear a gold skirt. Often opting for a classic look. A navy blue or black blazer will give you the dose of elegant, and the gold skirt will just help you to maximise the majestic look. Adding some small details like a black bag and choker will help you achieve the complete gold look.

White Shirt

gold skirt white shirt
When I saw this look I was captivated. This outfit looks wonderful and chic! Honestly, I didn’t know how good a gold skirt can look in some casual occasions, especially with some pieces like a white shirt. But, this is fantastic. If you ask me, I will certainly try to pull off this combination on the next occasion!
Although it is a great outfit to wear during the day, you can also wear it when going to a nightclub or for a drink with friends. Put on black high-heel sandals, grab a clutch and you are ready to hit the club.

Oversized Sweater

gold skirt oversized sweater
As I mentioned at the beginning, Avoid putting too many details and colors on yourself. Well, this is a kind of exception. I mean, look at this orange sweater! It goes perfectly with this gold skirt.
The oversized sweater is perfect for colder days, and you can even wear black sneakers, to complete this whole look. It’s kind of a color-block look, so be careful. If you are not sure about the color that you will wear in the combination with gold, go with the classic ones, black or white.

Printed T-Shirt

gold skirt printed shirt
This look represents the best of how you can rock this outfit, feeling chic, but with the minimal effort to make this combination. Incorporating the super casual things like printed t-shirt and gold skirt was pretty impossible to imagine, right? But at the photo above you can see that it is now pretty simple thing to do. To make this outfit look maximally casual, you can also wear white Chuck Taylors.

Gold Sequins

gold skirt sequins
If you are headed to a more elegant event, this is the type of the gold skirt you can dress. This is especially true if you want to draw all the attention to yourself.
With this kind of a skirt, it is really important not to make a mistake, meaning that sequins can sometimes look a little bit too much and can add too much sparkle. You should carefully choose the cut of your skirt, the color that you are going to wear, and the details that you will put to complete the look. I suggest basic colors like white, black or gray. In the outfit in the photo, you can see the grey sweater combined with the A-line mini gold skirt.

Rose Gold

gold skirt rose gold
Rose Gold is a very popular shade of gold. It even appeared on the iPhone, so you can be sure it’s time to buy something in this color! In this photo, you can see how gold can also work out in the casual daily outfit. Paired with a simple striped shirt and nude sandals, it gives you the opportunity to wear this outfit for a casual city stroll. The red Gucci bag is something that will definitely draw attention because it looks perfect with the rest of the outfit.

High Waist Midi Skirt

gold skirt midi
If you like midi high waist skirts, don’t wait any longer. You have to try this outfit! At the photo above you can see perfectly paired outfit. A gold midi skirt, black leather jacket, and white t-shirt. This is truly a wonderful combination of classic and modern pieces. Add a black stiletto shoes, a clutch, and you are ready for a night out!

Maxi Skirt

gold skirt maxi
For the maximum comfort and chic garment try wearing a maxi gold skirt. If you pair it with the cashmere sweater, like in the photo above, you will surely feel elegant and casual at the same time. Whether you are heading to the hairdresser or you have to go out for a lunch, this outfit is all you need. If you want to make it more elegant, put more makeup on, add a nice clutch and good pair of high heels.

Embellished Skirt

gold skirt embellished
The embellished piece of clothes can be worn every day, without looking too extravagant or feeling like you’ve over-dressed. It can easily be paired with a nice white blouse. For a more peculiar look, you can try wearing an oversized blouse with big sleeves. The same like in the photo above. Also, you can try wearing this outfit with some nice black high heel sandals and clutch in the same color.

I hope that after sharing this ten outfit ideas, you will change your mind about wearing the gold skirt. As you could see, it can be worn for both casual daytime and the extravagant night events. It all depends on the pieces of cloth you are pairing it with.

I hope you will try some of these outfits!