How to Wear: Suspender Pants, Shorts & Skirts Outfit Ideas

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Suspender or braces are leather or fabric straps worn over the shoulders to hold up your pants, jeans, and skirts. The straps may be elastic, and most straps are made of woven, forming an X or Y shape at the back. Suspenders are attached to the garments with clips or buttons.

The suspenders have been in and out of fashion during the last century. They are mostly considered as a male fashion accessory, but according to various fashion trends around the world, women can wear them as well.

If you want to achieve a masculine look, but still look elegant, fancy, and sexy, you should try wearing suspenders. The most popular garment that you can combine suspenders with are pants, shorts, and skirts.

This guide is perfect for the girls that love to mix male and female clothes. You can use it to put your outfit together while maintaining a stylish look.

Suspender Pants Outfit Ideas

paste suspender pants
This is a great and simple pastel outfit. White and baby pink color are perfect mix for chilly summer days.
To achieve this look, you will need a button-shirt in some pastel color like beige, baby lilac, bright yellow or blue, and a pair of white pants with suspenders. Amazing and minimalistic outfit.

bright color suspender pants
On the other hand, if you like bright and strong color palette, this is an even better outfit for you.
The mustard pants with suspenders, paired with a navy-blue skirt. Perfect outfit to be worn every day. If you wish, you can also wear this during working hours.

crossed suspender pants
This chic outfit has crossed suspenders on the back. That makes it more interesting, but also elegant.
The patterned shirt is flowy so you are going to feel comfortable while wearing this outfit.
If you pair it with high heels, you will get a great fancy outfit for going out.

wide suspender pants
The cut of these wide pants is flowing around your legs, giving you the sense of wearing something really light and cozy. That is why you can incorporate this outfit into your everyday routine, wearing it for business meetings and for a drink in a bar. Pair it with heels or nice sandals like in the photo above.

striped suspender pants
Great example of how you can mix the garments and get the elegant-sporty look.
Suspender pants combined with the striped brown shirt and black sneakers! Ideal for the fall days and long walks in a park.

Suspender Shorts Outfit Ideas

striped suspender shorts
Leather suspenders on the shorts is an amazing summer outfit combination.
With the addition of striped crop top, you will be ready to spend the whole day outside and feel fancy and comfortable.
I can easily imagine myself in this outfit, rollerblading beside the beach and the sea.

pinup suspender pants
With the suspender high waist pants you can easily achieve the pin-up girl look. Taking this step will give the vintage sense to your outfit. High waist of the shorts is jeweled with the buttons and you can wear a simple-striped T-shirt below.
With a red lipstick, big hair and high heels, you are going to easily invoke the vintage pin-up girl look.

white suspender pants
In the photo above, you can see the complete white look with the suspender shorts. As you can see, it looks great! Easy to combine, easy to wear.
When you are dressing in one color, you shouldn’t worry too much, there is no big philosophy about it. Just pick your favorite color and make it consistent with your outfit.

bow tie suspender shorts
Black and white combination is great for every occasion. It is really easy to turn it into an elegant or casual combination, depending on your wishes.
With this outfit, you have the combination of suspender pants, white shirt with the black bow-tie around the neck, and the black oxford shoes. This is a perfectly balanced, male-borrowed look for every-day.
Adding a fedora to this mix is a big plus!

Suspender Skirts Outfit Ideas

suspender skirt rock n roll
If you would like to get a bit of a rock n roll look with the suspenders, you should definitely try out this outfit.
Grey and black combo of a skirt with the unusual cut and crop top in black color.
To make this outfit truly pop, you can wear long boots, and the high socks under, in combination with a leather jacket.

yellow suspender skirt
If you want to have an ideal fall combination, and you want to be in the leaf color shade, you will need to own a mustard-yellow sweater. In this outfit, it is paired with suspender skirt in black color.
Add a small bag in the color of the sweater and thigh-high socks.

You can read more about wearing thigh-high socks in this post.

maxi suspender skirt
Maxi button-down skirt spices up the suspenders, giving you the perfect outfit that can be worn during the day. If you wish to copy this outfit, you will need a striped turtleneck with short sleeves, and black ankle boots with high heels.
To give it a more sexy look, you can make a slit by unbuttoning your maxi skirt.

floral suspender skirt
If you like boho style, or you are headed to a music festival and you want to look perfect, try this outfit. Off-the-shoulders top with long sleeves, paired with the floral suspender skirt is going to give you both the bohemian and hippie look at the same time.
You can add a lot of jewelry if you want because, in boho, everything is allowed.

Besides, people talk that suspenders are men-borrowed clothes. You can clearly see from the post that you can rock them as well! You will show them that you have a lot of confidence, that you like to mix clothes, and most importantly, that you have style.