Tunics with Leggings – Perfect Casual Outfit Formula

What is a tunic?

There are so many different items of clothing that could be considered ‘tunics’, so it can be hard to write a proper definition! Essentially, a tunic is somewhere in between a top and a dress, although everyone’s definition is a little different. A long, loose-fitting top that reaches the top of the thighs is a tunic, although sometimes tight-fitting garments, or garments of different lengths, are also described as tunics. With this wide range, it’s no surprise that some women aren’t sure which type of tunic would be best for them!

Leggings and tunics – the ultimate combination!

Leggings have been fashionable for quite a long time now, and don’t look like they will disappear from the fashion world any time soon. They are popular for the lovely sleek silhouette they create, but probably most of all for how incredibly comfortable they are. With both of these things in mind, it’s easy to see why tunics are so great to wear with leggings. They are just the right length to show off the great shape that leggings give your legs, without being so short that everyone can see too much! They are also very comfortable, so wearing tunics with leggings is one of the comfiest outfits you can wear. Leggings are not pants, so they aren’t great to wear with a shorter-length top, but they are thicker than tights, so can sometimes be too bulky for a dress. Tunics are the perfect compromise!


Which tunic to wear with your leggings

Casual tunics

Wearing a tunic with leggings is a great casual outfit, perfect for a shopping trip or for lounging around at home. Stick to tunics that are either nice and loose, or very stretchy. With a casual outfit, you can probably get away with a slightly shorter tunic. This is a type of outfit that really makes the best of how comfy leggings and tunics both are, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style!

Shirt dress tunics

One of the most popular styles of tunics to wear with leggings is the shirt dress – basically a shirt extended to make it tunic length. This is one of the best types of tunic to wear with leggings because it adds an extra touch of polish to leggings. The shirt is still super comfortable, but it looks a little smarter and makes it easy to wear a legging and tunic combination to all sorts of events.


Winter sweater dresses

One of the most comfortable tunics to wear with leggings is the sweater dress, or a nice long, over-sized sweater. Leggings and a sweater dress make one of the best winter outfits, because you’ll be warm as well as stylish! For an extra warm outfit, try knitted wool leggings rather than a plain black pair.


Layered tunics

If you have a gorgeous top that you’d love to wear with leggings, but feel that it’s just a little too short, then tunics could be your new best friend! Look for slim-fitting tunics that are easy to slip under a shorter top or sweater for a little more coverage. Alternatively, a lacy or frill-hemmed tunic is a gorgeous way to add a sprinkle of romance to your outfit.


Lightweight summer tunics

You don’t have to abandon your tunics with leggings in summer! Leggings are a great layering staple for those days when you aren’t quite sure what the weather will be like. With a lightweight tunic and a pair of sandals, they make a fantastic summer outfit! Bright prints and patterns are especially good for summery styles, and you can try an over-sized t-shirt tunic style to give you space to move.


Going out tunics

One of the best ways to combine tunics and leggings is for fancy evening outfits, perfect for visiting your favorite bar. Leather or liquid-look leggings are gorgeous worn with tunics, and can be perfect for a sexy look, or for a more grungy style. Leggings are also great paired with beautiful sequin, beaded or lace tunics that are a little too short to be worn as dresses, but would look a little too bulky with jeans.