Tweed Blazer: 20 Outfit Ideas on How to Look Like Chic Parisian

tweed blazer featured image

One of the pillars of the famous French style is tweed blazer. Along with trench coat, Breton shirt or black jeans, this blazer is mostly seen on chic Parisians. Let’s try to recreate their look, shall we?

Coco Chanel was the first designer who introduced tweed blazer to the fashion world. After that, everything else is history. This blazer is loved and worn by the most powerful women in the world. However, this staple is perfect to wear every day. The key is thought to style it in a modern way. Otherwise, you can look retro, and if that is not what you want, scroll down to see amazing outfits that I have chosen for you.

Colorful Boucle Tweed

tweed blazer colorful
Colorful tweed jackets are great to make your outfits sing. They are perfect for warmer days in spring when you can style them with jeans and black pointy-toe high heels.
When it comes to the bodice, layer this tweed blazer with something neutral like a white or black turtleneck.

tweed blazer colorful white tee
Beautiful colors make your outfit appear interesting and very stylish. Here is how it looks when you combine your tweed blazer with a simple white tee. The result is still very appealing.
If you want to stand out from the crowd, then style this outfit with red ankle boots.

tweed blazer colorful matchy
When you have friendship and business partner in one, like these two Italian fashionistas, then it is reasonable that you want to dress the same.
Matchy outfits are definitely cool, and you should absolutely try it with your girlfriends! Paste color tweed jackets are amazing to style with jeans and two-toned shoes.

tweed blazer colorful burgundy
When in Paris, look like a Parisian. Rolled up bright jeans and burgundy Chanel tweed blazer are one of the pillars of French style. If you like how these girls look, try to incorporate these chic staples into your wardrobe. Black stilettos are the must-have.

tweed blazer colorful red bag
If you think that tweed is only for special occasions, you were wrong. This blazer is great for wearing every day. With jeans, chino pants, dresses and skirts.
However, it is always interesting to have details that will make a statement. The red bag would be a great choice.

tweed blazer colorful vogue
As I have already mentioned few times, I love French style. Especially this madame.
Emmanuelle Alt is a Vogue editor-in-chief. She loves tweed, as you can see from her outfits. She wears tweed blazers all the time.
This time, she decided to pair it with bell bottoms and basic white tee.

Plaid Tweed

tweed blazer plaid velvet boots
Plaid as one of the main prints this fashion season took hearts of many fashion girls. It is versatile so that you can combine it with any other material and print.
Go for these lovely petrol blue ankle boots that are covered in velvet. Let the rest of the outfit black and casual.

tweed blazer plaid sparkly boots
Chanel introduced us with sparkly silver boots. The good thing is that you can find them in the retail stores like H&M and Zara.
For recreating this look, you will also need a lovely and oversized plaid blazer. It is combined with shorts for cool balance.

tweed blazer plaid bell sleeves
Bell sleeves appear very lovely and romantic. If you combine it with tweed, you get an amazing edgy look.
Cropped jeans with frayed hem were the must-have last year, but you can also try them for spring. Wear this look with patent-leather ankle boots. This is an excellent look for your work.

tweed blazer plaid beted
If you want to highlight your body figure while wearing your double-breasted blazer, then belt it! Put on a wide belt with big buckle. It should definitely look retro, with the modern twist.
Style your plaid blazer with a simple black turtleneck and black jeans. Choose between high heels and comfy Chelsea booties.

tweed blazer plaid leggings
Styling black leggings was only reserved for the gym, but it is not like that anymore. You can even wear your leggings to your office. But, how to style them? With plaid tweed blazer!
Put on a thin belt and wear a black turtleneck below. Ankle boots would be a fantastic idea.

tweed blazer plaid two tones jeans
Two-toned jeans with frayed hem are a huge trend at the moment. Wearing them with a grey plaid blazer and burgundy checkered button-down is a great idea for both every day or workwear.
Put on white flats for an ultimate chic look.

tweed blazer plaid red
Fall days are over, but you can always be ready for the next one. This tweed blazer looks amazing. It is made of red tweed, with yellow stripes. That is why this girl opted for the matchy yellow-mustard bag.
If you are in the mood for mixing, add a striped black-white top, and you will have a great workwear look.

tweed blazer plaid orange
Orange was color of the winter season. With spring almost in front of our doors, I wish to show you how to transfer winter orange to spring.
Style your plaid orange blazer with beige turtleneck and leather pants. Leather will give you edgy vibe, while the rest of your outfit will be classy.

tweed blazer plaid belt bag
Belt bag was one of the biggest surprises that fashion served us last year. However, the girls loved it.
You can style your belt bag with a plaid blazer and matchy checked skirt. Stay in neutral earth shades. In that way, you can combine them easier.

tweed blazer plaid skinny jeans
Classy skinny jeans are always a safe choice when it comes to long blazers. You need to make a balance between bodice and lower staples.
Pair everything with classy black loafers so that you can have perfect workwear look.

tweed blazer plaid printed tee
A printed tee is versatile. If you thought that you couldn’t style it with an elegant blazer, you were wrong. Of course, you can! Don’t forget to wear statement two-toned shoes with block heels.

Classic Tweed

tweed blazer grey pantsuit
Pantsuits are great for workwear. They look chic, elegant and very business-like. This great grey tweed pantsuit looks great even for the petite girls.
You can style it with strappy high heel sandals, and a black handbag.

tweed blazer classic velvet bell bottoms
Velvet bell bottoms are definitely not a staple that you see every day. It looks pretty comfortable, but also there is a question how to style them.
This It-girl opted for grey tweed blazer and white top with a high turtleneck.

tweed blazer classic layers
Layers are very challenging to wear. However, it is also very interesting and stylish when you see mixed patterns and materials in one outfit combination.
This girl opted for a mix of casual and chic garments. She combined plaid button-down around her waist with a grey blazer, sweater, and jeans.

I hope you like outfit ideas that I have prepared for you!